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Ice skating is popular with many. But if you do it professionally, you will need the proper equipment. First and foremost, professional figure skates, which have to meet certain requirements. Before I talk about the most popular brands of this merchandise, provide an overview of the rules that you need to make a choice.

Design features: booties

professional figure skating

Any figure skates have two main parts – is figure boots and blades, are complemented by front teeth. This constructive solution on skates you jump, to make complex elements in tracks steps, for example. Choosing a professional figure skates, pay attention to the following settings:

  • Upper Material of the Shoe: the best solution – genuine leather with breathable structure, well stretchable and heat-trapping legs. Professional models leather can be used in two or even three layers, which gives the Shoe greater stiffness.
  • Lining for shoes also plays a big role, as it serves as a layer between the foot and the top of the Shoe. Lining provides wearing comfort of the Shoe. In cheap models it also insulates the top models while in the expensive braces shoes her task – depreciation.
  • The Sole of most models, or leather, or plastic – each material has its own characteristics.

Features blades

professional figure skates Ekaterinburg

Blade figure skates (professional) have teeth, and that is their difference. They are longer and wider, therefore, guarantee the stability and comfort of riding. The blade itself has structurally two ribs – inside and outside, and between them is a notch. Figure skating involves just slide on the ribs. The edges of the blades engage well with ice, so skating will be safe.


professional skates for figure skating

Experts advise when choosing skates for children to pay attention to quality materials and good landing gear leg. Kids figure skates professional offered by various companies. Many parents in the reviews about a particular model draw attention to the fact that the best skates are boots made of genuine leather, which repeats the shape of the feet. In addition, if the equipment is supplemented by special pads – they need to protect the ankle while riding. There are two models of skates, which are a lot of good reviews.

Jackson Freestyle DJ2190

These skates for figure skating children's professional approach to the study of jumps in one turn. The distinctive features of this model are moderate hardness of shoes created from genuine leather, and polyurethane top coat that makes caring for them simple. Anatomically shaped pad provides a stable support for the feet. Thermoforming is soft, and the inner gasket has thermoplate, which is a comfortable fit of the Shoe. The model features multi-Layered Cork sole Leather Sole, made of leather and cork. This combination allows to improve the cushioning properties of the sole, reducing its weight and increasing insulation.

Wifa Prima Set Mark IV YOUTH

ice skates for figure skating baby professional

The Skates for figure skating children's professional Wifa has always attracted the attention of buyers as high quality, smooth movement. Parents report that it is easy to choose the model for boys and girls because they feature a stylish design. Professional models are made of genuine leather with special breathable lining. The advantage of the shoes – to orthopedic insoles. Data figure skates suitable for beginners to skaters who are studying one or two years.

Adult skates for beginners

Novice skaters, offer to pay attention to the model set blades. Professional figure skates manufactured a number of brands. Consider the most popular:

  1. Graf (Switzerland). The brand offers a complete line of skates. The shoes are created of synthetic thermoformable material. Due to the rigid shaft provides reliable fixation of ankle in training and Catania, so the risk of injury is minimized. The sole of the Shoe is made of lightweight plastic.
  2. Edea (Italy). This brand offers to draw the attention ofskating with compensating and shock absorbing footbed, which compensates for the load in the vertical direction. Professional figure skates Edea is designed for skaters who have reached the third level of sport. Using these models it is possible to easily train jumps of different types, including a triple. Know-how of the brand – unique lacing system in the area of hooks that will not break under any circumstances. In the sports class figure skates of this brand are considered the easiest and the best, as evidenced by the feedback from specialists, and the athletes themselves.

For semi-professionals

kids figure skates professional

Today, in any city you can buy a professional figure skates. Ekaterinburg is a lot of sports shops, is ready to help both beginner and professional athlete. For a semi-Pro level fit tighter shoes, and high quality blades. They are sold without blades, so it is important to choose these items. Among the best models for semi-Catania buyers include:

  1. Risport RF3. These figure skates will help you to carry out any complex elements on the ice. Shoes made of genuine leather, resistant to various influences. Anatomical shape provides a tight fit to the ankle and foot, so the riding will be more confident and clear. Thanks to two-layer soles made of genuine leather providing good cushioning and insulating properties.
  2. Wifa Skatec Deluxe – professional ice skates for figure skating with comfortable and reliable shoes. Considered the most versatile model. Users report that the competition in the third or fourth level of data fit the model perfectly.

For professionals

When practicing professional in any sport requires a quality and reliable equipment. Figure skates for athletes who are skating professionally, must have the highest stiffness, blades, made from high quality metal for which they long retain a good sharpening.

blades for figure skates professional

Buyers who choose a high quality inventory, noted these professional skates for figure skating, as Graf Edmonton. They enable you to jump three or four turns, and any other complex elements on the ice. Shoes made of genuine leather, inner packing is soft due to the thermoforming, which provides an anatomical fit in the ankle. For reviews, skating around on the foot, providing maximum fit.

Well established model popular in Russia brand Graf. Figure skates are designed for the middle level and the coaching staff, therefore, allow not only to improve their skiing technique, but also to explore new items. Features models – in a comfortable Shoe, and a layered leather sole and a quality blade.

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