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Not all hockey fans are familiar with the meaning of the word enforcer. At one time every professional team was such a player. So, tough guy is a professional hockey player who is fluent in the technique of Boxing. Such players make hockey more interesting for the viewer. Fight Tagaev spectacular and make hockey more popular.

Who are these tough guys?

The Names - the players who do not put it to score goals. Quite often they take the field at just the right moment, and then removed the rest of the game. The presence of such players in the team makes it more secure. As soon as there comes a time when one of opponents playing hardball with the leader, the tough guy immediately comes in. Some of them have experience in different martial arts. Team with tough guys won, charged with energy and feels more relaxed. During the fisticuffs, they sometimes get terrible injuries like a broken nose and jaw, hand trauma, a split eyebrow and the bridge of the nose. This is only a small part of the damage that most of them have experienced in my career. Tough guys is a real war, who are not afraid of the pain.tough guy's


Every enforcer in hockey performs certain tasks. Such players can be divided into the following types:

  1. The Bodyguard or "policeman." Its main task is to protect the leaders of his team from the power players. The policeman looks for the player who plays the most rigidly against the leader and removes his brute force or provoke a fight. Due to this, the leader of his team feels more relaxed and confident.

  2. The Huntsman. the player must remove the game from the opposition leaders. Such an enforcer is called the goal before the game surnames. Thus, his team will have an advantage in the game.

Fight Tagaev

How to train tough guys?

As a rule, this role in hockey chosen by young people with a powerful physique and martial character. Not everyone can withstand such a difficult role in the team. Tough guys have to have the skills of Boxing and other martial arts. Enforcer in hockey needs during the game to hurt as many people. This is necessary in order to make the opposing team afraid to play hard hockey and leaders could show all their skills. Besides fighting tough guy also needs to be able to play hockey. In the history of the sport there have been cases when cops played as a striker and scored goals.tough guys in hockey


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Mandatory skills

Enforcer is a hockey player who should be able to fight on the ice. If "police" is uncertain stand on the ice during a fight he has no chance. Therefore, every enforcer was originally taught specialized hockey combat. Each fighter must be able this:

  1. To stand Confidently on the ice.

  2. Fighting in hockey form.

  3. Quickly throw off the opponent's helmet.

  4. To Apply precise and powerful shots from awkward positions.

the Allowed power moves in hockey

Obsesivos player

With the advent of the financial limit and large suspensions for fighting, the team began to abandon Tagaev. They have been replaced by power players that will be useful in the game. The player needs to be able to spend quality power reception. It is desirable that he has not violated the rules. Russian names

Conditional rules

Every enforcer during the game must observe the following mandatory rules:

  • Not to beat the opponent's stick. Before the fight each of the fighters have to throw it on the field.

  • Forbidden to attack an opponent that initially traumatized.

  • The Attack on the goalie is forbidden and will cause great anger in the opposing team.

  • You Cannot attack from the back.

And the soldiers on the ice should observe the following unwritten rules:

  1. It is Undesirable to attack the player without warning. As a rule, the enforcer first, causing the opponent to fight through a strong push with a stick or throw on the ice.

  2. Self-Respecting enforcer should not attack a player who does not want to fight. If only he offended the guardian "policeman."

  3. Not to engage in battle with an opponent that much weaker physically. Usually tough guys in such cases put the player on the ice, not allowing to move.

  4. If an opponent surrendered, then beat it undesirable.Enforcer of the national team of Russia

Fighting Technique

The Fight on the ice is very different from fighting in the ring. Tough guys before the battle on the ice throws a stick and hockey gloves. In this case they are usually cast aside, so you do not stumble. Skating is very difficult to keep the balance in a Boxing stance. Tough guys usually grasping with one hand for the shirt of the opponent. Due to this, they're poised and in control. A fighter on the ice must be removed from the opponent's helmet. Best of all, if he can do it in one attempt. Otherwise the unit may damage the fist strong blow to the helmet or the glass of the opponent.

Tagaev, there is one very popular technique. It consists in the fact that one of the men grabbed Mike from behind, pulls her to the head of the other. If he managed to do it, the opponent is completely neutralized. Because of tight on the head of Mikey he can't and won't be able to strike. The opponent this time, as a rule, continues to fight a number of powerful strikes. The judges, seeing the beating, starting to step in and end the fight.Enforcer meaning

The Difference between tough guy and force the player

In today's hockey clubs are already usually no Tagaev. They replaced the power players who know how to play hockey at a high level. Tough guys, usually out on the field just before the fight and removed the rest of the game, eliminating the target. Power players for the game doing a large amount of force, but some of them do not participate in fights. In modern hockey valued hard players who make the allowed power moves in ice hockey, as the removal from the field often leads to a goal conceded. If necessary, power the player can join the battle and there he will feel comfortable. But this is not their main purpose. Among the power players often strikers that have a powerful physique.tough guys of the NHL

Popular names of our time

In today's hockey, not much is known of these Tagaev, who organized the ice. The most striking men on the ice include the following players:

  1. Chris Simon. Chris is originally from Canada. He has long been one of the main Tagaev NHL. Now already finished their professional career and raising four children. But in his youth he was one of the most dangerous players in the League. Simon was selected in the NHL draft the club "Philadelphia Flyers" in 1990. Already in the first season of this player participated in several bloody battles. Chris Simon in his long career managed to play in Russia. The club “knight” at the same time were collected a few strong Tagaev, who kept in awe the entire League. A couple of years, Chris moved to Novokuznetsk "metallurg". There he completed his professional career.

  2. Andrei Nazarov. This player has already completed his professional career and became a coach. Andrew friendly and respectably dressed, but even to the coaching staff he has come into conflict with the audience. This player played as a striker. He began his speech in Moscow "Dynamo", and then went overseas to play for the team “San Jose sharks". In the hockey arena he regularly performed power moves and fought with the strongest tagami. Nazarov, thanks to his strong character and skills of martial arts, played in the NHL for 12 years. He was the first Russian enforcer in the NHL.

  3. Jeremy Yablonski. This enforcer hails from Canada, but he is very well known to the Russian fans of hockey. In 2003 he was awarded the informal title of most fearsome enforcer of the NHL. Jeremy has conducted many professional fights. In 2011, the NHL refused the services of the fighters on the ice and Jablonski came to Russia to play for the club “knight”. In the debut meeting, he received 56 penalty minutes. In Russia, Jablonski participated in many fights. For this he was regularly disqualified. Jeremy Yablonski their use of force has caused to the opponents heavy injury. In 2013, the enforcer left Russia, to the delight of many teams.

  4. John Mirasty. This canadian hockey player was a member of the scandalous club “knight”. Prior to this, he played some American teams. Mirasty gained notoriety after a fight with Jablonski. These fighters had one of the brightest and most long fights in the history of hockey. Then Mirasty went to Russia, the club “knight”. It was there that he played with his main rival. Mirasty and Jablonski was feared rivals of the club “knight”. This canadian hockey player managed to hold one fight in martial arts. In it, John lost in the first round.

  5. <...

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