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Rubens Goncalves Barrichello-the Brazilian racing driver, who previously played in Formula 1. Ranked second in 2002 and 2004. Is the champion of the “Stoke Kar Brasil” 2014.

Early career

Rubens Barrichello was involved in karting since childhood. By the age of seventeen on account of the young rider had five victories in the Brazilian championship. In 1989, the “Formula Ford 1600” the young man finished fourth, and in 1990 he moved to Europe, where he won the race series are “Formula Opel”. After that, the Brazilian's career took off.

Future Formula 1 driver participated in a number of races, improving their skills. It has borne fruit. Rubens was invited to the British Formula 3 where he became a champion. The following season, Barrichello has played “the Baron Rampant”, participating in the championship of Formula 3000. At the end of the year, he took third place in the rating.

Rubens Barrichello

Jordan (1993-1996)

In 1993, a talented young racer noticed Eddie Jordan. He decided that Rubens is ready to participate in Formula 1. The contract was signed, when Barrichello was not yet 21 years of age. At that time, the team «Jordan» in crisis, and the team is constantly updated. Rubens was very close to his first podium in the European Grand Prix, but for 6 laps before the finish he ran out of fuel. Many years later, Barrichello admits that the gathering was the biggest setback in his career because it was the only chance to get on the podium together with his idol – by Ayrton Senna.

The Race «Formula 1" became increasingly popular and attracted new fans who are actively rooting for the Brazilian racer. But, despite the support of the fans, Rubens acted not so successfully. In the third race of the season, 1994, he was involved in a severe accident in Friday practice. His car at the speed of 225 km/h hit the curb when turning, and flew into the air. The car struck the top of the barrier of the tire and rolled over several times after a fall, staying up wheels. Barrichello unconscious, was immediately sent to the hospital. Streak chased by Rubens for the entire period of cooperation with this command.


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formula 1

Stewart (1997-1999)

In 1997, Barrichello moved to the team owned by former Formula 1 driver – Jackie Stewart, three times becoming champion of the world. In the car «Stewart» used motors "Cosworth" and «Ford». They were fast but very unreliable. For this reason, the seasons of 1997-1998 became a failure for Barrichello.

The year 1999 was successful. Modified car "Stewart SF-3” do not lag behind the leaders. At the end of the season Rubens finished in seventh place three times visited on the podium and scored 21 points.

Ferrari (2000-2005)

In 2000, Barrichello has offered to join the «Ferrari». Partner racer for the team was the legendary Michael Schumacher.

In the team «Ferrari» actively used team orders when a driver does not claim to the title should help the pilot, fighting for the championship title. And so many times Rubens passed Michael forward, for the required number of points. This tactic has been criticized in the media who claimed that the true Champions of Formula 1 do not resort to such tricks. The scandal ended the rule changes, and in 2003 it was impossible to give the pilots such orders. Since that time, the team's results began to decline. For the year Rubens was fourth. Be more successful for the Brazilian was in 2004. He brought the racer title of Vice-champion. In 2005, “Ferrari” were no longer in leadership positions. Last year in this team, Barrichello finished on eighth place.

formula 1

Honda (2006-2008)

In 2006, Rubens signed a contract with “Honda", becoming the new partner of Jenson Button. The season for Barrichello started badly, as he could not get used to the new machine. In the first 4 races, the racer with difficulty scored two points. However, by the end of the championship points gained to them regularly. However, Rubens finished the season already in seventh place, twice losing out to Button by the number of points. Best achievement Barrichello was fourth in Hungary and Monaco.

The 2007 Season was the “black” in the career of the Brazilian. He scored no points and ranked pilots only 20-e a place. Over the 15 years Barrichello it was the first such case. This partly explains the failure of the latest modification of the car “Honda RA107”. Winter tests confirmed that the machine is a “raw” and unfinished.

Champions of formula 1

Brown JP (2009)

It was Assumed that in 2008 the career of the Brazilian driver will be finished. The contract with “Honda" has expired and the team was in no hurry to sign a new agreement. The situation for Barrichello became catastrophic after the head of the company about the withdrawal from Formula 1. Throughout the off-season, there was no clarity about the future of the pilot. However, in March, the former“Honda» headed by Ross Brawn and Rubens was offered a one-year contract with a new team – “brown JP”.

In the first Grand Prix of the season Rubens with a partner occupied a dominant position. Barrichello was in the lead during qualifying, but in the final lost Jenson Button.And the start of the Brazilian pilot was a failure. Only a collision between Kubica and Vettel allowed Barrichello to take second place.

During the season were victories and defeats. In the end, Rubens took in the overall standings 3rd place. In the offseason the team was sold «Mercedes», and all the pilots are completely changed. Barrichello was interested in «McLaren». But by the time Rubens had already signed a contract with the «Williams».

Brazilian racing driver

Williams (2010-2011)

At the end of 2009 «Williams» did Nico Hulkenberg and Rubens Barrichello the main pilots of the team for the new season. According to the results, Greece is significantly ahead of the young partner and signed a contract for next year. Niko had become a test pilot. The highlight of the season was Barrichello overtaking Schumacher at the Grand Prix of Hungary. For the season 2010-2011 Rubens set a record – he became the first pilot who participated in three hundred Grand Prix. He also scored 51 points, ahead of his mentor Ayrton Senna, and becoming the best Brazilian on this indicator. In 2012, Rubens Barrichello until the last moment to claim a place in the team «Williams». In the end he got Bruno Senna-the nephew of the coach of the Brazilian, who offered a more lucrative sponsorship contract.

Indy (2012)

Joining this team, Rubens apparently decided to follow in the footsteps of Nigel Mansell. While Barrichello from anybody did not hide, that at any moment ready to get back in the race «Formula 1» if he gets a proposal. At the end of 2012, the pilot took the 12th place in the standings. The most successful performance was in the race “Indy 500”. There Rubens finished 10th. However, to stay in the team he couldn't, as I couldn't find good sponsors.


Stoke Kar Brazil (2013-2014)

In 2013 Rubens Barrichello joined the team «Full Time sports”, exposed the Brazilian analogue of "NASCAR". The first season was a racer, not very successfully – 8th place in the overall standings. But 2014 brought the pilot to the title.

Personal life and Hobbies

Married to Silvana Giaffone. The couple has two children: Eduardo (2001) and Fernando (2005).

Rubens Barrichello has a reputation as a strong family man. All his spare time, he pays close people and children. In the number of racer Hobbies include Golf, karting and tennis. Also Rubens aches for «Corinthians».

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