Laptop average price range of Sony Vaio PCG-71211V. Characteristics, parameters, reviews


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A Combination of great functionality and affordable price boasts laptop model Sony Vaio PCG-71211V. Its characteristics, basic parameters, feedback that will be considered in detail in this material. This is an excellent processing unit for mobile computers average.

sony vaio pcg 71211v characteristics

Niche laptop

A Very productive, functional, and mobile computing complex is a Sony Vaio PCG-71211V. Specifications it all continue to be relevant and allow you to run software code of any complexity. Even the most complex. Also the presence of four logical threads removes any restrictions on the launch of the modern toys. The result is an affordable laptop that has enough performance and can solve any software problem, and even those that are most demanding on the hardware.

sony vaio pcg 71211v specifications

Key features

Processor model Core i3 2130 with the index is the basis of the considered mobile device Sony Vaio PCG-71211V. Characteristics of this chip indicates that he belongs to a generation of CPU from “Intel" Sandy Bridge. He has two actual compute modules and four logical cores. The clock frequency is 3.4 GHz. Produced is a processing unit for a 32 nm technology.

Of Course, at the moment this technology is not used in the new chips, but in 2011 with the start of sales of the considered laptop this workflow was really relevant. The amount of RAM in the original configuration is 4 GB and the type is DDR3 with a rated frequency of 1066 MHz. The memory controller is part of the motherboard chipset and can address up to 32 GB. Again, the number of RAM slots is 2, and this means that part of this mobile PC max can be installed up to 16 GB (2 8GB).


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Also, this computer is equipped with discrete graphics system Radeon HD5470 from the company "AMD" with a nominal volume of video buffer 512 MB. The display is 15.5 inches and its resolution is HD (1366x768). Type of matrix TN+Film, which is the basis of the liquid-crystal display, and expect phenomenal quality of the displayed image in this case is not necessary. The presence of the drive in 320 GB boasts Sony Vaio laptop PCG-71211V. The characteristics of this component indicate the presence of 8MB of cache and rotation speed of 5400 rpm. As the software environment in this case is "Windows 7" version of the Home Edition.

sony vaio laptop pcg 71211v characteristics

Reviews and actuality

By the standards of modern computer industry, for a long time was released on the Sony Vaio PCG-71211V. Features it continue to be relevant. Since the beginning of its sales it's been 6 years, and this is a big time interval. But even the modern equivalents of this computer system have similar technical parameters. Therefore, a significant difference in terms of performance and speed compared to his current counterparts are not. The only difference, according to users, this increased power consumption and reduced battery life. So this mobile device is characterized by the owners.

sony vaio pcg 71211v characteristics


Really great combination of price and parameters of the technical plan boasts Sony Vaio PCG 71211V. Characteristics of this computing machine is still relevant and allow you to run tasks at different levels of complexity. In the latter case, the necessary disclaimer that some of the toys on this hardware will not go with maximum performance. The rest of this laptop will allow to work with an impressive list of software. Even now, this mobile PC can still be attributed to the decisions of the average, and this fact alone speaks volumes.

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