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In place of traditional construction equipment comes more sophisticated and efficient devices. Category of measuring devices in the sense of technological progress the most significant. Developers create easy to use and accurate protractors, cameras and self-leveling devices. But the most popular and at the same time simple device in this series is the rangefinder. Bosch DLE 40 Professional shows an example of high-precision and ergonomic digital roulette, which can be used to perform the measurements and in a small construction site and the construction of large-scale industrial facilities.

bosch dle 40

General information about the model

Despite the high demand for versatile and multifunctional measuring instruments, the German manufacturer decided to go the classic way and created a pretty interesting model of rangefinder. The device is positioned as a professional and this is an unusual approach. The fact that the device is the Bosch DLE 40 has limited range, but at the same time provides high accuracy of calculations of distance and area. That is, on the one hand, the device can be treated as a domestic model, and on the other – he has enough opportunities for exploitation in professional needs.

As for limits, the limit for the measurements marked in the title – up to 40 m. But the calculations are accompanied by a modest error component of 1.5 mm. the End result is a laser range finder Bosch DLE 40 provides a different metric system, including meters, inches, and feet. Interesting and a housing device which has a rubber coating that protects the electronics from damage. In General, the compact rangefinder, equipped with raised buttons and LCD display.


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The Main purpose of the device – measuring the distance from one object to another. In fact, high-quality implementation of this task and focused specifications Bosch DLE 40, which are presented below:

  • The Number of points – 2.
  • Measuring Range – 40 m.
  • Class laser element – 2.
  • Error – 1.5 mm.
  • Dimensions & ndash; 100 mm in height, 58 mm in width and 32 mm in thickness.
  • Weight – 180 grams.
  • Wavelength-635 nm.
  • Diet – is provided by four batteries of 1.5 V.

electronic roulette

If the meter selected is for a professional task that should be taken into account that the model is the youngest in a family of measuring equipment Bosch. This means not only a relatively modest maximum in length measurement, but the lack of additional features. For example, the electronic roulette in this modification is devoid of the built-in scope and does not include a function check of the results.


Like all the Bosch tools are in some way at the junction of the household of the rulers and of the professional series, this model combines the best qualities from both segments. For example, as expected from the high-end devices, the device has a reliable outer protection. The wizard can use the device in any conditions without fear that the slightest bump will negatively affect measurement accuracy.

Professional skills Bosch DLE 40 can be attributed to the high speed of measurement. Depending on the complexity of the operation and in particular range of distances, the time for data processing is from 0.5 to 4 seconds. And again, the results will be of high accuracy. At the same time, the model was developed based on ergonomic needs of the modern Builder. The device has simple and convenient interface for management that allows you to successfully use the tool not only to specialists but also to house masters.

laser roulette bosch dle 40

Optional equipment Bosch DLE 40

As a complement the company provides supply device rechargeable batteries, their charge / tripods for easy positioning of the laser and reflectors. The greatest interest among the many calls the last accessory. Reflecting plates are used to expand the operating range. By equipping such a component of an electronic roulette, could calculate, already a few meters ahead and, most importantly, do not depend on the quality of lighting. Also worth noting is the security. Because the laser beam of the device can damage the retina of the eye, preferably in the process of working activities to use special protective glasses.

laser range finder bosch dle 40

The roulette

The Main performance cause a lot of good reviews about this model. First and foremost is accuracy. Even compared to other professional devices described, the meter produces correct calculations regardless of the conditions of use. In addition, many users have noted the universality that demonstrates laser roulette Bosch DLE 40 in the solution of different tasks. It has been noted that a 40-meter distance for the professional unit is an average value. But even models that operate at 70 and 100 m, are not always able to maintain the same quality when processing the results on small distances. According to the owners of this phone, it effectively copes with calculating distances less than 10 m.

bosch dle 40 professional

Negative feedback

In the first place in the list of shortcomings you can put all the same stripped-down functionality but again, when compared with the leaders of the segment. In particular, users complain about lack of lighting and lack of sight. However, it is the lack of these supplements explains compact dimensions and easy handling with Bosch DLE 40. Price model is around 7 thousand rubles in the Russian market, many also puzzling. Similar capabilities in the denomination have many Chinese devices cost about 3-4 thousand But, on the other hand, to compare these proposals on data accuracy and reliability with the German production still is not necessary.

bosch dle 40 price


A Model shows a rare example of when a manufacturer seeks to develop not a very popular segment, offering a truly high-quality device with a narrow specialization. Balanced technical parameters make the laser range finder Bosch DLE 40 the optimal solution for builders and installers. The device can be used in the premises, and in the air. In the first case, the user can expect to maintain the high precision even though non-standard for the rangefinder nature of computing – at a short distance. With regard to the natural environment application of the device (in the air) there is the accuracy of the measurements and in the sunlight, and in conditions of poor visibility. However, experienced Staicele not recommend the use of rangefinders in conditions of severe frost or high temperature.


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