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Good radio - quality sound in the car. No matter how good the dynamics are. If "head" is not the level, then hope for a quality reproduction is not necessary. On the domestic spaces are the most popular audio players from Sony and Pioneer. Anyone who wants to save even more, buy Chinese "bobalki" unknown companies. And only a few are happy owners of high-quality devices from Alpine. This brand is widely known in the West. However its products are not very popular. Affects the high price. However, it makes sense to consider the "budget" option is a car stereo Alpine CDE-9880R. It has affordable price (compared to other models).

About us

Alpine Electronics is a Japanese company which is engaged in production of audio equipment for cars since 1967. During this time do not have any complaints in terms of quality for the products of this manufacturer. The main branch of production - head units (car radios). Players from the Japanese is just a fount of new technologies and a pleasant "chips" for motorists. At the time, this company has developed the first remote control receiver for mounting on the steering wheel. Alpine CDE-9880R continues the tradition of the legendary Japanese manufacturer and can boast of quality and advanced technology.

alpine cde 9880r

The only Trouble is that the products of this company is not has gained immense popularity in Russia and CIS countries. Affects the high cost of the final product. But the high quality is worth it. In Russia, only one official distributor of equipment "Alpin". And it's not very good, because, in addition to radios, the company produces sound systems, LCD screens, amps, receivers, DVD players (for vehicles), navigation and much more. Worldwide the company Alpine considered a leader in the field of production of audio equipment for cars. The radio Alpine CDE-9880R - a clear confirmation.


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Appearance and design

The Designers of "Alpin" approached the design of the car with Japanese thoroughness. The device looks impressive. It is somewhat larger than a standard "heads" from other manufacturers. Car radio Alpine CDE9880R made of plastic, stylized metal. This gives the image even more impressive. On the left side is the volume control and set the buttons to switch radio stations stored in the memory device. There are the power button, select the playback source and other necessary elements. Under the display are buttons for setting the order of playback. On the right side, button sound settings. All of the items colored lights.

car audio system alpine cde 9880r

Alpine CDE-9880R is equipped with a high-quality LCD screen with white led backlight. It displays all the necessary information (including Cyrillic tags of the songs). The screen is covered with glossy glass with anti-reflective coating. So read the tags comfortably even in direct sunlight. When using the radio at night turns on a dimmer, which dims the screen to a comfortable brightness. To do this, use the light sensor. But it is not always working correctly. This is a problem of all sensors. Nothing extraordinary in this. Now, on to the boring numbers and look at the technical characteristics of the device.


Alpine CDE-9880R has the following specifications. Frequency response - 5 to 20,000 Hz. It's a very good result for the car. Power rating - 50 Watts. That is, the radio could easily be used without amplifier. Number of channels - 4. Amplifier mode stereo. There are separate inputs for connecting to receiver, subwoofer and DVD player. Connectors connected to the car - the standard DIN. This makes it compatible. But because of the dimensions of the device will have to expand the port for audio on some cars (especially domestic). The ratio of "signal to noise" - 105 Decibels. This is a good result.

radio alpine cde 9880r

Features of the CD player the standard for such devices. He is able to read audio formats MP3, WMA, AAC. Standards read discs, CD - R, CD-RW. There is nothing supernatural. For that kind of money could add the ability to read DVD. But it's just Alpine CDE-9880R. Setting separately for each channel also is the place to be. Which is good, because not always on the channels fed the same signal. As for other features, there is "Alpin" is very similar to similar products from pioneer. Though is much more expensive.

The Circuit

Sometimes you need a diagram of the receiver in order to deal with some malfunction, or just right to connect the radio. And if we consider the unwillingness of our citizens in case of failure to contact the service centers, just need the scheme Alpine CDE-9880R. Unfortunately, the package is nothing like that. So look for this information will have. The image can also be found in the article.

alpine cde 9880r diagram

But poking around in the innards of this receiver is not recommended. Not only that, in this case, lost official warranty, so you can still such casesto do that radio and will refuse to work. It's the Japanese. They are all designed to the millimeter and assembled using high-precision equipment. Alpine CDE-9880R - a very Moody product. So it is better to turn to professionals.


To the untrained user the important role played by the manual. Need to know how to install the radio and connect it. No exception and Alpine CDE-9880R. The manual is available in the package. It is written entirely in Russian. The text is clear and simple. There are necessary illustrations. Since the "Alpin" very serious company, it would be foolish to assume that it will leave potential buyers without quality manual.

alpine cde 9880r instruction

In Addition, guidelines are also recommendations for the safe use of a product such as radio Alpine CDE-9880R. The instruction also informs the client about the risks associated with attempts of unauthorized repair of the product. But also it has very useful information about the correct connection of external devices (iPods, smartphones and other things). This is very useful for the unprepared motorist.

Positive feedback

Strangely enough, but positive and negative reviews about this unit about the same amount. People are all happy, celebrating the unreal level of quality after using the Chinese "sockets". Many admire the unsurpassed quality of sound (especially with good speakers). There is a very thoughtful and convenient location of controls. Advantage also considered support for the multimedia buttons of the steering wheel and the ability to connect a separate remote control with the possibility of fixing on the same wheel. In General, the owners described the many benefits. Just to name a few.

alpine cde 9880r

Negative feedback

However, there are those for whom this product did not like at all. The main drawback, in their opinion, a high price given the meagre functions. There is no support for the format without losing quality FLAC, the radio reception bad reception, can't use the smartphone on "Android" via Bluetooth (only Apple products). This is the most common complaint. Yes, the functionality for the price is a little bit poor. But somehow nobody takes into account the sound quality and overall performance of the car. And it's too expensive. However, most need rich functionality. They are even willing to sacrifice sound quality. Then they do not need the products of Alpine. There are more suitable "head" of the "pioneer." The "Alpin" evokes more trust. Although both are made in Japan.

radio alpine cde 9880r instruction

In conclusion

So, to sum up. Car radio Alpine CDE-9880R refers to the budget devices (though, like gadget premium) and boasts all the features necessary for the modern motorist. But the main thing is that the "head" provides the highest quality sound (in tandem with good speakers). For those who appreciate quality, not terrible and the price.

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