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by phone number to know the city

Many of us have received a call from an unknown caller that does not have time to answer. Then we blasted ourselves with conjectures, who would it be and where called. Often we don't even know if by phone number to know the city. In fact, such information is accessible to many, and absolutely for free.


In order to know the city by cell phone number, you will need a computer with Internet access and the phone itself. For starters, you can just call your mobile provider and find out from him the information that interests you. Of course, representative of cellular communication will not tell you who registered the number, but the region from where the call was made, he will call. Reason to hide such information it has no.

How does cellular?

The Entire country is divided into cells. With the help of repeaters in them is to secure seamless communication. The distance between transmitters depends on the actual location of the repeater. They have a certain capacity, i.e. the number of mobile phones that can operate simultaneously. In urban areas it is much higher than in rural areas. Of course, the subscriber moves through the area, so the network keeps track of it in a certain way and switches from one transmitter to another. If the phone is on, it sends a signal to the repeater, even if it is not used for conversation.

know the city

Mobile operators

In fact, to determine city by phone number nearly impossible. The operators themselves provide such a service. They have very sensitive equipment that gives you the opportunity to learn the location of the phone very precisely. For these purposes, the method of direction finding. A similar service offered by mobile companies. They have very highly-tuned instrument, which allows to determine the location of a cell phone to a few tens of meters. These devices have an excellent opportunity to calculate a location, receiving a signal from three different points. The operator catches it on your computer. The repeater emits a benchmark – the long digital signal. It takes a mobile phone and a small part of pereslushal. After the signal was received with a repeater is compared with a reference determines the time delay, and after you can visit the city by phone number.


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Accuracy of information

get to know the city by cell phone numberDuring operation, each telephone periodically sends a request to determine its location. The operator has the information about where the caller a few minutes ago. The more calls, the more accurate information. By phone number, the city you can know for sure, but you need to pay attention to a number of factors. First of all, it's just static, which reflect the radio signal. Also significant is the role of topography. Attention should be paid to the size of a cell and the number of phones that work in it, and where the base station. After all the data arrive at the computer will be examined, you will not only know the city by cell phone number, but also movement of the subscriber at a specific time. This information is in the database, which contains all that is necessary for mobile stations.

city by the cell phone number


The phone number to know the city you can use the virtual network. To do this, the phone code must be loaded into the search system. Own code is not only the city but the region and the country. To the appropriate resources there is a special background more fully. If the call is alleged to have taken place from Russia, then simply enter the code into the special window and I don't have to fill in the remaining fields. The system will display all the information about the range of numbers that was entered. You can also use these resources to select the line “long-distance and international codes” and find out the location of the subscriber. The Russian website has the latest information. However, in order to find it, you need to write in the search box “extract from the register of the Russian system and numbering plan”.

What you need to pay attention?

It is Important to note that to obtain information about the region in which the registered subscriber, you still can. And here is the phone number to know the city and exact location of the subscriber ordinary person cannot. Such data are confidential and accessible only to those people who are law enforcement

Helpful tips

There is an alternative option for obtaining information. For cell phones developed a special program that is able to identify the region and city automatically. The most important thing - correctly to pick up it to your phone model. Russia cares about the safety of their own subscribers and does not provide such information to individuals. It is necessary to obtain the consent of the owner of the phone to recognize its location. However, foreign countries such a positioning system are already long enough. It was developed because in 1996 a quarter of the calls that came from cell phones have been addressed in “911" of the rescue service. Quite often people were in a panic and was not able to pinpoint its location. That is why mobile operators, it was decided to organize such a system that would very accurately determine the location from which the call was carried out. This helped to save many lives of those people who were in danger. Never forget that your mobile phone – is not only a convenient device that provides the service of communication, but also a real opportunity for other people to know about us more information. When we buy this accessory, we attach ourselves to a kind of beacon that informs us about where we are at this time. So do not about it never forget.


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