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Many people say that push-button phone with the advent of touchscreen smartphones has long gone by the wayside. Met and such forecasts, they will completely disappear from sale. However, this did not happen, as the demand for them is still there. A direct proof of this is the model Samsung GT-C3322. In the sale it received in 2011. What is surprising is that even now, this phone can meet users. What is his feature? Let's deal.

samsung gt c3322


Samsung GT-C3322 – monoblock, made in classic style. The body is made of metal. Looks pretty stylish, I noticed that all the buyers. Acute angles are absent, this significantly mitigates the General perception. On the front panel is display, a button keypad, is divided visually into two sections: the soft keys (black or lilac) and digital (silver). The joystick has a chrome finish. Because of this, he stands out brightly against a dark background. Button numeric keypad individually. Click them easily, not afraid to offend nearby. On the rear panel displayed the camera lens. In line with it is the stereo speaker. At the bottom of the cover there is the name of the manufacturer. At the ends the user will see the headphone Jack (mini-Jack) and cable (microUSB).

samsung gt c3322 customer reviews


Getting to know your phone Samsung GT-C3322 is incomplete without a review of the characteristics.

  • Dimensions: height – 113,79 mm, width – 47,9 mm, thickness – 13,99 mm.
  • Weight with battery – 89
  • SIM cards – two. Working principle – alternate.
  • Screen: diagonal-2.2 inches, resolution – 320×240 px. Manufactured by TFT technology.
  • OS – SGP.
  • Battery: removable, Li-ion. Capacity – 1,000 mAh battery.
  • Communications: GPRS, “Bluetooth”, EDGE.
  • Type of keyboard-keypad.
  • Camera: resolution-2 megapixels (1600x1200 px), 2-fold zoom. Video mode, photo effects.
  • Audio: polyphonic 64-tone. Reproduced mp3 files, it supports 3D sound.
  • Memory: built-in – 45 MB. There is a slot for external storage up to 8 GB.

samsung gt c3322 duos games


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At first glance, it seems that this model – the simple “true”. But it is not. It is enough to look at the software installed by the developers. The user is offered in Samsung GT-C3322 Duos games, social networking, weather and other software. If desired, the owner will be able to download the phone different application-office, entertainment. For installation you will need the Internet. If for some reason it is missing, you can upload from your PC. To connect and transfer data using a USB cable.

Samsung GT-C3322: customer reviews

In order to put the machine a fair assessment, it is necessary to refer to the user reviews. It is worth noting that more than 90% of them laudatory. Most of the buyers claims that the phone is used for a long time without any breakdowns. With careful handling you can even keep the body in its original form. Good speaker volume and microphone makes this machine a great device for calls. The interface is clear and simple, the keyboard is comfortable, has a back light. You can often see this phone in older people who, because of their capabilities can't or don't want to learn complex operating systems modern gadgets.

Of Course, not without its flaws. First of all, in this model, the acute problem is the Internet connection. Its speed and signal quality, to put it mildly, not at height. Also most owners have noticed that after installing the additional software often software failures occur. As a rule, such impact of unlicensed applications downloaded directly from the Internet. If the machine becomes stuck, self-saturated, it is recommended to change the firmware. It helps to fix all errors in the system. How to do it, read to flash samsung gt c3322

How to flash Samsung GT-C3322?

Often a change in the firmware helps to solve many problems that arose on a mobile device. If your phone began to show minor problems, you can try to rehabilitate it. For this you need to download on PC from the official website of the firmware file, prepare USB cable, fully charge the battery. If all this done you can proceed to firmware upgrade. You will need to connect the phone to PC and start installing the downloaded file.

It is Important to remember that such actions can lead to the fact that the device will turn into “brick”. The risk, though small, but still there. Those who have doubts, better ask for qualified help.

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