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The Headphones have long been the constant companion of music lovers and mobile electronics. Usually these devices are equipped with a long cord, which can interfere with movement. Much easier was to use them with the advent of Bluetooth technology, which allows you to refuse wires. For example, you can answer the phone without removing it from pocket or bag the phone.


wireless headsetFor sport wireless headset fits like no other. Headphones are very light, well fitting, well protected from the surrounding sounds. The device is compatible with any brand of electronics: it can be connected to smartphone, tablet, computer, phone. For example, the model “Logitech H800” is able to give high quality stereo sound and battery can work for 6 hours. The buttons on the earcup make it easy to select recording to adjust the sound volume, and switch to modes mute or receiving calls. Even at a distance of 12 meters from the electronic device (smartphone, computer), wireless headset provides excellent sound transmission, as it is inserted the nano receiver. Membrane headphone have laser configuration, there is an equalizer. The device is useful on the road. This contributes to the foldable design of the headset. If you will interfere with the microphone, for example, while watching a movie on the computer, its position can be adjusted by sliding over the headband. For recharging and PC connection, the set of device includes a USB cable.

Convenience headsets

wireless mini headsetFor smartphone wireless headset has become the essential thing. It allows you to listen to music of good quality even in a noisy metro: there is no “sajnani" and crackles in the signal transmission. Very good isolation from extraneous noise. Device to quickly establish a connection with the electronic apparatus, and the operation consumes only a few seconds. The handy wireless headset that allows you to leave your hands free, not to be distracted from driving and at the same time receive calls. Such a device can be provided with one earphone. The device has several functions. For example, the production model of Sony company provides its owner the opportunity to take calls and listen to music and built-in radio. When a call wireless headset displays the caller's name. On the display, you can view track names, e-mail and SMS. Surely users will appreciate this feature as the device's ability to convert text to recorded speech. The device runs on Bluetooth version 3.0. Attached USB cable, which serves for connection with a computer. The kit includes the charger.

wireless headset for samsung

Customer Reviews

Stereo Headphones allow very clean to transmit sound. Deserves good reviews from buyers Samsung wireless headset that call quality and affordable price. Model HM1700 is suitable for office and for the street. Have the multi-function device has voice prompts that tell about its modes. It works for a long time. The battery charge according to the led indicator.

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