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Among the key technical characteristics of computer displays and television monitors - refresh rate. In some cases, this option allowed? When it is desirable to adjust manually? In what situations this kind of procedure is not expediency?

What is the refresh rate of the screen?

The computer Monitor or TV screen works on the principle of a sequence of frames. That is something like a film projector. Frame rate for reproduction of film - about 25-30. In the case of a PC monitor or TV screen, the figure should be higher, since the build picture is much more complicated than video on a tape. As a General rule, the larger the rate, the sharper the image and the more pleasant to watch on screen.a screen refresh rate which is better

Frequency and screen type

There are several technological types of implementation of screens and monitors. The most advanced is LCD, LCD and LED. Considered relatively old CRT television. The refresh rate of the LCD TV or monitor (same technology) is determined based on other principles than in the case of devices which have a cathode-ray projectors. In the case of LCD display the picture is drawn on the screen at once.

If we are talking about CRT displays, line by line. Therefore, if the refresh rate of LCD TV and CRT unit are the same, the quality with high probability will be different in favor of the device of the first type. Moreover, if the corresponding figure is about 60 HZ (the number of display updates per second) in the case of CRT-monitors will be a very noticeable flicker.


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Setting the frequency for CRT displays

So we take the configuration cathode ray tube displays special attention. How to change the refresh rate of the CRT screen-like in Windows for example XP? Very simple. You need to enter the "control Panel". Then select "Screen". Opening the window, you would find the "Settings" tab. Further - More. There is likely to be a list of several options.

a screen refresh rate of the LCD-TV

What is the screen refresh rate set? For CRT monitors, the recommended value is 85 HZ. If this number is not listed, then it is most likely due to the fact that the PC is not a factory installed graphics driver. You need to download it online or look on the disks that came with the PC when you sell. You can also try to contact the service center with the request to help with the driver.

CRT-displays: nuances

Note that almost all operating systems have the ability to change parameter such as the refresh rate of the screen. Windows 7 as the most modern and seemingly do not require significant intervention in the setting by the user, is no exception. In this version of the OS algorithm settings the required settings are almost the same. Through the "control Panel" is set desired refresh rate. What better operating system is adapted to apply settings? Almost all versions of Windows that do the job equally. However, with regard to the most recent versions of Windows (same Windows 7), there may be some problems with drivers for legacy devices. But they can be solved - as a rule, any appropriate type can be found on the Internet.

Also in Windows 7 the algorithm output to the desired configuration is somewhat different from the scenario in XP. You need to enter the "control Panel" then click on "Screen", then select change settings. Then "advanced settings". Next, go to the Monitor tab, where we find the frequency settings.

Best screen refresh rate

Also Note - when placing Windows in all versions of the corresponding parameters do not remove the check mark near the item "to Hide modes which the monitor does not use". The fact that technologically the screen, of course, be able to work with the settings beyond the recommended. But in practice it can create problems with stability of PC. So if the user asks how to change the refresh rate of the screen, if the option is there, and available values are lower than desirable for CRT screens, the first thing we will recommend is to install the latest drivers for the video card.

Factor resolution

In some cases, the image quality on the CRT display depends on the resolution. At higher values displayed on the screen is simply more elements. And in the case of, for example, photos or videos, it is possible to view them in more detail. The optimal resolution settings depend primarily on the size of the screen in inches. But, in principle, the user can experiment with setting different values. Note that you can change the resolution using the same algorithm as when changing screen refresh rate - using the "control Panel" and "Display".

How to increase screen refresh rate

Note also that if too large a resolution to set 85 HZ does not always work. And this, incidentally, is one of the possible reasons why a number may not appear in the frequency list. Therefore, if the drivers are the latest, and 85 HZ is not present in the list, you can try to slightly reducethe resolution of the monitor.

Frequency LCD displays

It Should be noted, the refresh rate of images on the screen of the LCD displays in most cases a parameter with no special meaning. Just because more or less modern monitors still in the factory set so that the correction frequency is simply not required. Even if it is 60 HZ, which can be critical for CRT displays, a noticeable flicker will be due to technological specifics, about which we said above. However, with regard to LCD displays, is more important the other parameter is the update rate of the pixels. In many cases, by the way, identified with the "frequency" screen - even among IT professionals. This is not, strictly speaking, entirely true. Though, because the update rate of the pixels is not expressed in Hertz, and the other unit is milliseconds. But if the term to use in the context of "frequency", one perhaps do not accuse us of lack of technical literacy. Therefore we, using the term "frequency" in relation to LCD displays, we understand it as "update rate of pixels".

Frequency of update of the TV screen

So, what is the best screen refresh rate in LCD monitors? The most important thing is to provide the best match of this parameter to the stream of frames generated by the computer video card. That is, if, for example, the chip will issue a picture at a frequency of 60 Hz, but LCD monitor doesn't have a sufficient refresh rate of the pixels (so we can assume the rate is approximately 30-40 milliseconds), the image on the screen will appear "floating". The less the corresponding parameter on the display, the better. Ideally, if it does not exceed 15 milliseconds. As a rule, the question of how to increase the refresh rate of the LCD type, not worth it. In turn, the update rate of the pixels is the parameter in most cases factory. To change it at home problematic. So you should pay attention to it directly when buying a screen.

Technological aspects

Almost the same regularities are also typical of other digital devices that use LCD display. That is, for example, the refresh rate of the laptop screen - option as "closed" to adjust, as in the case of monitors for the PC.

screen refresh rate Windows 7

The Possible difference in image quality on the LCD in extremely rare cases is dependent on the preset frequency values. Almost always the key factor is the level of technology that determine, mainly, the update rate of the pixels. Least, what set the refresh rate of the screen. What is the best technology for constructing images from the point of view of "pixelation" and color rendering for specific models of monitor - determines primarily the brand-manufacturer. The screens are older types, of course, can "give" is not quite a high-quality image. But for innovative products, significant problems with them, as a rule, does not arise. Also note that in addition to the "frequency" factor, the picture quality is affected by a large number of other settings that are specific to PC and laptop screens. This permission matrix type, the characteristics of the graphics card.

Frequency screen LCD TVs

What are the features of the functioning of the displays on the LCD TVs? As for the key patterns - they are, in principle, the same as on computer screens. That is, on most modern TV displays a refresh rate sufficient that the image does not "jump". Regarding the speed of updates of a pixel, typically brands TV manufacturers are trying to optimize all specifications screen. So any problems associated with "floating" image on a modern TV not observed.

However, the refresh rate of the TV screen is the parameter characterized by a number of features. What, for example? Again, we note a certain duality of the use of technical terms. The fact that there is, as such, the refresh rate of the display pictures in relation to her work on the same principles as for the corresponding types of computer monitors. Is, in turn, the other parameter frame rate of the video, which is typical for TVs.

How to change the refresh rate of the screen

Regarding the second characteristic - we can draw an analogy with film. This parameter characterizes how many frames per second passes through the screen space. In most modern LCD TVs is 50 HZ. Obviously, this is more than enough for the production of films - there is a frame rate, as we have said above, usually within 30 units per second.

Thus, the refresh rate of the TV screen - setting is important but, as in the case of computers, additional adjustments are generally not demanding, and not to be her default. Similarly - with the frame rate of the video. This parameter is also typically factory.

TV: features matrix

It may also be noted that the specifications of the TV include a number of additional parameters. Such as, for example, the response time of the matrix. How to operate LCD displays? The crystal, which is the "grain" of the picture on the display, it gets an electric pulse, whereby the pixellit. However, due to the technological features off it immediately. Because on the screen even after it launched a new frame, maybe a fraction of a second to remain not yet had time to fade the previous image. As a result, the image, like it happens on PC screen, you may appear to be "floating". But it is worth noting - modern models of LCD TVs are usually equipped with hardware components that can adjust this behavior of the display. In addition, the response matrix on the TV screens that are now produced, as a rule, minimal. That is, in the case of an LCD TV the question of how to increase the refresh rate of the screen is almost not worth it. In fact, the possibility to adjust the corresponding parameter from the owners of the TV in most cases do not exist.

Frequency of PC displays and TV: insights

So we know what the screen refresh rate, which is better for CRT displays, where the relevant parameter in some cases requires manual adjustments in the settings Windows. What conclusions regarding the studied characteristics displays different types can we do?

An Equivalent refresh rate in CRT monitor and LCD doesn't mean anything in terms of a comparison of image quality. At least because the principles of constructing images in each case is different. The second reason is the LCD displays frequency - rather, a secondary factor in image quality. Another more important parameter is the refresh rate of the pixels.

The quality of the picture, as is the case with LCD computer screens and CRT displays, is largely determined by the characteristics of the graphics card. Often happens so that the appropriate type chip is technologically behind the monitor. That is, for example, the display has a minimum update rate of the pixels, and the video card can not use this resource in full. In practice, it may be that when you run computer games with high frequency sequence some elements of the picture drawn clearly. Although, again, note - problems like this are rare today. As for the movies, the objective reasons make the quality of video for their reproduction depended on the frequency (and in most cases, the update rate of pixels) to not be, simply because movies are generally video stream up to 30 frames. Likewise for LCD TVs, especially in the modern versions. They set the optimal refresh rate. What better model to cope with optimal reproduction of the video - the question, in answering which it is legitimate to pay attention primarily on the level of technology used by the brand. Frequency - aspect in this case is secondary.

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