Robot vacuum cleaner IRobot Roomba 780: review, specifications and owner reviews


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IRobot developing a robotic vacuum cleaner since 2000. A model of the IRobot Roomba 780 is one of the most innovative of them. Worldwide sold over 8 million units of "smart" technology, but much of what is inside 780-Ki, is totally new.

IRobot 780


Not all used robotic vacuum cleaners, but many have heard of them. People are impressed by the idea of “free” of an employee who is unobtrusive day and night takes care of the cleanliness in the house. IRobot 780 one of the most advanced devices. Although it appeared 800 series, the model enjoys a high demand and has not lost its relevance.

Externally, the device resembles a large hockey puck. Like all Roombas, the 780-th maintains an extremely low profile of less than 10 cm Wide rounded squat silhouette allows little workaholic to get to the dust and debris in the most secluded corners of the apartment or house, under beds, coffee tables and even open drawers. Flexible “soft” touch bumpers prevent damage to objects with which automated vacuum cleaner can encounter. Although on the surface the robot looks Spartan, it is stuffed with all kinds of sensors, vigilantly watching the surrounding situation.

On Top of the device there is a neon button “Clean” (“Cleaning”), that release the electronic pet from the accumulated dirt. Around the buttons are a dark paste, which is semi-transparent protective screen. When activated in the display appear information display (top) and touch led control buttons (bottom).


Modulation... pulse width modulation

Modulation... pulse width modulation

Faced in everyday life with new concepts, many try to find answers to their questions. For this it is necessary to describe any phenomenon. One of these is such a thing as modulation. About it and speech will go further.General descriptionModulation ...

robot vacuum cleaner IRobot Roomba 780


This is an important part of the robotic complex. Rectangular box with rounded edges and a kickstand is a device, which is parked to recharge the vacuum cleaner. The power supply is external, allowing to reduce the weight and size of the base. The cable leading from the PSU to the base, and if you want to detach. Its length is 1 meter. The cable leading from the PSU to the wall socket a bit shorter (95 cm), it is removable.

Although the ground is made of porous plastic and equipped with rubber inserts in base for light weight easy to flip or move. Users are recommended to fix it reliably, for example, using double-sided tape. If this is not possible, the device can be put into a corner, making sure that the robot is able to get in front of. As an option the manufacturer offers Standard Home Base – a more stable structure, which will have to buy extra.

IRobot Roomba 780

Navigation devices

An Important element of the dust-navigation of the complex are blocks that are in the amount of two pieces included in the basic package, but can if necessary be dokopatsya separately. They help the robot sensors for navigation. These devices are either light, or so-called virtual wall.

Function tracker allows you to set the sequence of cleaning. That is, IRobot 780 goes to the room marked with a beacon, and will not leave him until you collect all the dust and dirt. The device also allows you to protect specific working area of several square meters. For example, when the room is clean enough, but needed to clean any nook and cranny.

At least a useful feature called "Virtual wall". According to the manual IRobot Roomba 780, the navigation device creates an invisible barrier, over which a vacuum cleaner to not pick up will be. That is, marks the area where the position of the robot is undesirable (for example, in the area where the children play).

The system configuration is quite simple. The navigation units are activated automatically when you turn on the robot cleaner. Changing modes as the length of the barrier is done using special switches on the case.

IRobot 780 manual

Package contents

The Robot vacuum cleaner IRobot Roomba 780 is sold in a large colourful cardboard box, equipped with a plastic handle for transportation. The kit consists of:

  • Apparatus.
  • Navigation devices.
  • Base station.
  • Power supply.
  • Remote control.
  • Two filters.
  • Set of tools for cleaning brushes.
  • Comes with spare brushes (except the vacuum cleaner).
  • DVD-ROM with video tutorials and PDF manual.
  • Booklets and warranty card.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Vacuum Cleaner IRobot Roomba 780 is the flagship of the line 700 series and the core of this intellectual apparatus is the upgraded iAdapt navigation system. It controls the surrounding space, making 64 checks per second to track the path around objects. Moreover, self-learning AI gradually exploring the area of cleaning, creating in memory the layout of the premises.

As a result, IRobot 780 selects the most suitable path and circuit cleaning for each room:

  • “linear” routine cleaning;
  • Circular (translational) motion upon detection of strongly polluted areas (feature “Persistent Pass Cleaning");
  • Impromptu free movement in places with heavy traffic of people and Pets.

IRobot 780 battery


Chinese Engineersthe company emphasize technology Dirt Detect Series 2 sold at the 780-th model. To improve garbage selection, the apparatus employs an acoustic sensor to detect excessive amounts of small and hard debris (such as sand, pebbles) and an optical sensor for fixing large and soft objects (e.g., popcorn, lumps of dust).

Also new is the garbage container AeroVac Series 2 with the led filling system and easy extraction of content – the dirt is simply ejected after removal. Dual HEPA filters capture dirt, dust and pollen from the air.

780-ke introduced a new software for power management which, according to developers, will provide 50% longer battery life IRobot 780 compared with the previous 600-m generation. According to the reviews, in real terms, this figure is 35-40%. The cleanup session lasts for about 90 minutes.

IRobot Roomba manual 780


On top of the Roomba is a touch button, allowing you to program the device. The user is able to set the options of cleaning: will IRobot 780 to work every day, or only at certain times. You can specify the hours of silence when turning on the machine is not desirable. On the panel there are buttons: “Day”, “Hour”, “Minute”, “Confirmation” and “Clean”. The internal clock of smart cleaner keep the situation under control. For the lazy owners provide management with the help of miniature remote control.


IRobot – the machine is sociable. With the owners he “talking” by the light indicators. For example, the color of the button “Clean” can be understood, filled the filter with debris (solid red), or even there is free space (green). The same colors lights up battery icon on the display.

The state transitions indicate the appropriate sound signals. In case of errors the device speaks about the problems in the language of the owner (how to change the language, described in the instructions IRobot 780). Russian language is present. By the way, disable the sound notification is not provided, as it would anyone not annoyed by.

vacuum cleaner IRobot Roomba 780

Schema cleaning

The device is based on several key movement algorithm:

  • When moving between rooms, the robot vacuum cleaner IRobot 780 Roomba moves in a straight line from one obstacle to another, if necessary, changing direction. The same algorithm of the displacement observed in the original study unfamiliar areas (for example, when first turned on after purchase).
  • When cleaning heavily contaminated areas, the robot moves the fan, returning to the starting point.
  • If you want to clean the floor around the legs of tables, chairs, furniture, the cleaner moves in a clockwise direction around obstacles.
  • When moving along the walls of the device is guided by means of an infrared proximity sensor, making a strong progressive movement.
  • In the device even laid mode «wypalania of the wires" that is useful when cleaning the area under the computer table, the TV or home cinema system.


As expected, user ratings regarding Roomba 780 diametrically different. The majority appreciates the efforts of the electronic assistant, however, the perfect model can not be called.

Of Course, the most important component-the quality of cleaning. Most owners note that, despite its diminutive size and apparent low power output, vacuum cleaner copes with cleaning rossodisera of debris, whether it's grit or larger particles. The device is frees carpets from the wool of animals. But the long hair for the machine are a problem: naratiwas on the brush, they cause wear and tear, loss of bristles.

Admittedly, the IRobot Roomba 780 battery-the weak link of the device. If the warranty of the vacuum cleaner is 1 year for the battery this period is 6 months. Is “aging” of the battery leads to subsequent errors smart technique: premature end of cleaning (despite the fact that the floor is still dirty), ignoring the work of the beacons, a Parking base, etc. And no wonder: the amount of work 780-Ki is large enough, but in such a petite body a larger battery will not hold. However, when it is replaced, many software failures disappear.

A Number of owners believes that Roomba in comparison with other models of famous brands noisy. Not quite comfortable cleaning process built-in filters. But this is minor compared to performance. If the apparatus is to monitor regularly cleaned from accumulating in the crevices of dust, time to change the batteries – he faithfully worked with for years. In just 2 hours he is able to clean the apartment with an area of 60 m2, stuffed furniture, wires from electronic devices, in which live people and Pets.


It May seem that robot vacuum cleaner – some fashionable toy, designed to emphasize the status of the owner as a person holding a finger on the pulse of time. Meanwhile, the device really is a good addition to the MOP and hand cleaner. It perfectly removes solids (sand, sugar, salt, cereals, seeds, popcorn, etc.) and animal dander. Many e-friend becomes almost a family member, symbol of a tireless worker, without whining and smoke breaks performshard work.

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