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Stylish and efficient smartphone from domestic companies — this Highscreen Hercules. Reviews about this gadget, its hardware and software components will be discussed in this article.

highscreen hercules reviews

Niche phone

Initially as the flagship device was positioned Highscreen Hercules. The price of it compared to other was significantly lower. This contributed to a substantial increase in sales of this device in 2015. Now this gadget can still be bought. Since the start of sales of the smartphone has been a substantial upgrade of model range of this class of digital devices. This led to the fact that the hero of this review has already become the midrange solution. But this does not mean that its performance will not be enough to solve some tasks. It with any program under “Android” cope.

This smartphone 2 color options corps. One of them — black, which is more practical (it is not so much the visible fingerprints and scratches). But Highscreen Hercules White Requires a more careful attitude and better suited for the weak half of humanity.

Package contents

A Typical configuration, as for most the ‘smart" phones the hero of this review, which includes this:

  • The gadget with battery.

  • Wired headphones and microphone.

  • Battery Charger with USB output port.

  • The Interface cord.

  • Warranty.

  • The user Manual for gadget.

In the preceding list is lacking the protective film for the front of the device. Though she is protected high impact glass “Gorillagras” the 3rd generation, but this does not mean that under certain unfavorable circumstances, the surface will appear scratches or any other unwanted damage.


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The case of the device is made from calcium carbonate. Even though it is a fairly durable material, but damage it also can. Therefore, to maintain the initial state of the gadget must be made immediately when buying the device to purchase an additional case for Highscreen Hercules. Another accessory not included in initial delivery — it's a memory card. In principle, without it can be quite comfortable working on this unit, but some of the most advanced users of the integrated storage capacity of 16 GB will not be enough. In this case, without such accessories will simply not do.

highscreen hercules white

The design of the device, its ergonomics

Most of the front panel, like many similar devices, is touch screen. Beneath it is the control panel of the 3 touch buttons. Above the display is displayed on the front eye of the camera, earpiece and a number of sensors. On the top face of the device placed lock button (it is also used to turn off and disable device) and a wired audio Jack. On the opposite side is the micro USB and the microphone. On the left, two slots for SIM cards, and the right — a slot for a flash drive, and volume controls.

On the back is the main camera with a led loud speaker. Here is another microphone, which provides the talk time suppression of ambient noise. As noted earlier, this gadget can be purchased in 2 color options. One of them - Highscreen Hercules Black is more practical. It is not so much attracts dirt, and possible damage on it is almost imperceptible. But Highscreen Hercules White This is not exactly boasts. In this case, the owner of the digital devices must be more carefully to use their digital friend.

Semiconductor heart of the smartphone

A Very powerful CPU is used in the decision Highscreen Hercules. Reviews add to this the fact that this smartphone without any problems to cope with almost any task, including the most complex. This is not surprising. In the gadget uses CPU МТ6592 developed by "multimedia libraries". It consists of 8 compute modules. On the one hand, they are based on the A7 architecture. Its distinctive feature is the high degree of efficiency. But, on the other hand, the frequency of each module can reach under the maximum loads of 2 GHz. It turns out that this processor is harmoniously combined between energy efficiency and performance. Therefore, even the most demanding software of today, this device goes without the slightest hitch (including the most recent three-dimensional toys).

highscreen hercules review

Graphics accelerator gadget

The Smartphone Highscreen Hercules Equipped with graphics accelerator “Mali-450МП”. This chip has four graphics cores, clock frequency of each of which can reach 700 MHz. All this allows to process the image in FULL HD. Also the presence of such a powerful graphics solution allows you to completely release from the processing of the displayed images to the Central processing unit. Also, this chip without any problems deal with any existing at the moment the software platform for “Android”.

Display parameters

Of Course, the strength of this mobile solution is a touchdisplay. Its diagonal equal to 5 inches and a resolution of 1080 pixels (in width) and 1920 pixels (height). That is, in this case the screen displays an image in FULL HD. Matrix display is made by the most popular to date, IPS technology. This caveat ensures high color quality and wide viewing angles.

highscreen hercules price

Memory Subsystem of the device

The Amount of RAM in this device is 2 GB. After download the system software about half of it will be used by the system flows and applications. And the second half is designed to run software of the device owner. This is enough for any program. And if you use a simple application, you can run 2-3. The gadget is not affected.

A large capacity of built-in storage Highscreen Hercules is 16 GB. About 4 GB initially filled with a pre-installed system software. The user to store the personal data and installation of application software can use the remaining 12 GB. In most cases this is quite enough for comfortable work. But when 12 GB of integrated space for any reason is not enough, you can use an external flash card. Its capacity can be equal to the maximum of 32 GB. In the event of failure or loss of “smart” the phone it is recommended to make copies of the most valuable information 1 every 2 weeks on some cloud service. In this regard, the most profitable to use domestic “Mail.Ru.Cloud” or “Yandex.Drive”. This decision will surely allow you to avoid data loss.

Autonomy and battery

Average performance from the perspective of autonomy can boast Highscreen Hercules. Review Technical specifications of this device indicates the presence of a battery at 2200 mAh. The body of this “smart” the phone is sealed, and put another battery yourself will not work.

Now, take into account the fact that the CPU in this case, 8-core and the screen combines FULL HD resolution and a diagonal of 5 inches. Therefore, even in the most economical mode of using the device the owners of this device can count on a 2 day battery life. On average, this value is exactly reduced to 1 day. Well, when you run some demanding toys you can count on 4-6 hours of work. To improve the autonomy of this gadget, it is recommended to purchase an external battery with increased capacity. Of course, it's not really economical solution, but the presence of this accessory will allow you not to worry that your smartphone will stop working at the most inopportune time.

smartphone highscreen hercules


The Smartphone Highscreen Hercules features very high quality main camera. She has a sensor of 13 MP. There is led backlighting and autofocus. At normal light level photo, obtained it, faultlessly. But the shortage of the luminous flux by the quality of pictures is greatly reduced. But the same disadvantage is also inherent in the majority of similar devices, and this domestic cell phone in this regard, nothing unusual stands out. Video can be recorded in FULL HD quality (30 fps). At the front camera sensor is more modest - only 5MP. But its capacity is sufficient for video calls and selfie.

Software component

The Most popular and most common software platform is the basis Highscreen Hercules. Review System software indicates the presence of “Android”. Except that his version, in this case a little outdated — 4.4. But, on the other hand, the presence of this operating system is enough to run any existing software on this device for this platform. Update, apparently, is not expected. Since the advent of version 5.0, it took a long time, and the manufacturer never released a new firmware update.

phone highscreen hercules

The Opinion of direct user reviews

There are certain disadvantages in Highscreen Hercules. Reviews in the first place there are the following ones:

  • The Small battery capacity and, as a consequence, small time of Autonomous work. As mentioned earlier, the only solution to this problem is to buy additional external battery with increased capacity.

  • The Second important disadvantage — an outdated version of the system software. For most users this is not so important: any software this software platform run without any problems on this smartphone. So it should not be a problem.

But the relatively low price and the best technical specifications do Highscreen Hercules Black an absolute hit of sales in the solutions segment average. But about the device in white it is impossible to say. Not so practical and the colour of everyday life. Especially for the smart phone that many times a day can get it out of the case and actively used to solve various kinds of problems.

The Cost of the device to date

Initially, 19 000 were estimated Highscreen Hercules. The price made it most affordable offer in the segment of flagship devices in early 2015. Now its costdropped and become the proud owner of this gadget you can have less than 10 000. At the same software and hardware features of the device will be enough to solve any problem within the next 2 years.

highscreen hercules 16 GB


Excellent parameters and an affordable price boasts Highscreen Hercules. Reviews also allocate its versatility. It is perfect for running any existing software. Even the most demanding gaming applications on this gadget go without any problems. All of this makes the phone Highscreen Hercules one of the best choices in the niche of devices of the middle class.

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