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"Reader" PocketBook 624 Basic Touch is one of the world's first devices of its class which has implemented screen technology Film Touch. Its main feature - the use of ultra-thin films of durable plastic. The main effect here is to minimize the impact on the key properties screen matrix (brightness, contrast, visibility at large angles, etc.). In addition, according to many experts, this film weighs very little, making, in fact, the device itself has become easier.

PocketBook 624 reviews

Are the people who have left upon receipt of operating experience feedback PocketBook 624? Some of the capabilities of the device impressed him most?


The Front side of the case "reader" has a matte surface. It is made of plastic: depending on the modification of gadget - white (PocketBook 624 White - reviews on this model describe it as very good) or gray.

Back of the case is black. Material the manufacture of glossy plastic. Despite the apparent lack of design frills, experts and users find the device a stylish, comfortable, designed in a modern minimalistic style. Regardless of what color range of a specific model of gadget - White or PocketBook 624 Grey, reviews about designs that leave the users is very positive.

E-book PocketBook 624 reviews


Managed device by using the four main buttons located just below the display. Turn on the gadget button, located in the lower end of the device. Four buttons have many different functions: they can be used to "turning" virtual pages for the menu and to move between different Windows of the interface.


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Also operate the device using the touch screen. Despite the fact that this option is standard for devices of this type, the experts and the people who have left upon learning PocketBook 624 reviews say about the quality of the on-screen control exclusively in a positive way.

According to experts, the display is very sensitive to touch, multi-touch works fine. In particular, you can easily change the font size in the book, making the appropriate "pinching" gesture on the screen. The owners PocketBook 624, reviews of which can be found on many specialized websites, generally share a positive evaluation of experts about the quality of the screen.

PocketBook Touch 624 reviews


Positive responses in the user and the expert community also received and technical characteristics of the display. The screen size of the gadget 6in. The resolution is relatively small - 800 x 600 pixels. However, no practical difficulties in the work, as noted by owners of the device and experts, this nuance does not predetermine. In their opinion, these indices are optimal for this gadget as an e-book PocketBook 624. User reviews and experts characterize the resolution of the screen is sufficient for comfortable reading virtual books.

In addition to the coating Film Touch, which we have already said in the beginning, the screen has implemented a number of other high-tech solutions (e.g. the concept of E-Ink Pearl, providing the highest quality of colors and detail pictures). Both experts and users say about the screen of the device very positively. The font in the virtual books is estimated as a smooth, nice looking, neat.


"Reader" is equipped with a battery, has a capacity of 1.3 thousand mAh, which for devices of this type is a great indicator. Battery, according to the experts, who have tested the device, capable of providing Autonomous operation (with average use) for about a week. If you operate the gadget is not very active - the battery can last for a month and a half. Many users that left in fact explore the possibilities of PocketBook 624 reviews, failed to achieve similar results as in the mode of intensive operation of the device, and monitoring without active use. Experts also note that the performance of the battery is largely dependent on the intensity of Wi-Fi.


Download the virtual in literature "reader" in several ways. First, you can connect your device to PC via USB cable. "Reader" is determined as an external flash drive. Many users PocketBook Touch 624, reviews which are found on specialized websites, note that the directory structure of the disk device is built logically, and it is convenient to use. Reader, they note, is endowed with a useful feature in the automatic recognition of file types, which usually produced virtual books.

PocketBook 624 Basic Touch reviews

Another option - you can download books through the Internet in specialized directories out in online via Wi-Fi-module. Both channel, as noted by users, studied the features, which are vested in the e-book PocketBook 624 (reviews on specialized resources), work reliably.


The Main element of the software interface "reading room" menu on the main page. It displays books that have just loaded, as well as those that have recently been opened.There is the opportunity to structure their show that is most convenient for the user. Displays the names of books, authors, and cover (if available). There's a handy search function need works. Among other useful apps preinstalled in the "reader" interface for photo browsing, dictionary, Internet browser, scheduler, notes, calculator, a few games. Users PocketBook 624 Basic Touch, the reviews which we have studied, called a large number of preset programs is extremely positive feature of the device.

The owners of the reader have the opportunity to work with popular cloud service Dropbox. All you need to do is enter your username and password, and then "reader" will create a disk space designed to sync files with the cloud via the Internet.PocketBook 624 grey reviews

User Feedback

What are the sentiments of users who have operating experience of the reader? What are the nature left by the owners PocketBook Touch 624 reviews? Overall mood positive. Very much impressed by the affordable price of the device (5-6 thousand rubles, depending on the dealer).

Owners praise the device for a great quality screen, nice design, convenient control mechanism, a large number of pre-installed applications. Many users speak positively about the communication capabilities of the device, noting in particular the usefulness of the sync readings with the Dropbox service.

Resume expert

As well as many owners of the gadget, experts say that the higher the quality of the display device, the functionality, the equipment of a large number of useful applications. Experts also praised the gadget for good handling via "touchscreen", the stability of the communication interfaces - wired and Wi-Fi.

PocketBook 624 White reviews

Particularly positive response from the experts was linked to the ability of "reader" to recognize a very large number of file types. Many professionals and users appreciate the quality of the device housing and an elegant, concise, stylish design of the device.

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