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The cost of the phone Sony Xperia M Dual, an overview of which is presented in more detail next, is about eleven thousand. Laying out that sum, the buyer gets a device with a rather stylish design, support work with two cards of mobile operators. Moreover, the phone may not boast the worst technical characteristics, as well as the presence of interesting pieces.Sony Xperia M Dual

General description

Overall, the design of the device can be called a premium and modern. The casing is made from plastic of high strength. Build quality is one of the most important advantages of this model of Sony Xperia M Dual. Reviews the majority of phone owners have become superfluous proof that even with time for it not becoming a characteristic squeaks and backlash. The device weighs about 115 grams with dimensions, components 124х62х9,3 mm. The model is available in white, black and purple. Thus, we can say that the device is pretty stylish, ergonomic and compact.

Performance and main features

Used for the model Sony Xperia M Dual stuffing is pretty high quality and apply its strengths. In particular, the apparatus operates on the basis of asynchronous dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor. Optimum power is achieved through alternate, independent startup, and disabling one of the cores (clock frequency of each of them is 1 GHz). It depends on the number of running programs and usage of the smartphone. The device has 1 GB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. The last of the indicators, the user can be improved by installing additional memory cards. They are supported in size, up to 64 GB. In General, filling enough for operational work and support of most modern applications, including games.Sony Xperia M Dual reviews

Some features

Phone Sony Xperia M Dual boasts support for NFC, which is the ability to transfer information with one touch. The function also provides for the connection of devices and accessories without wires and the advanced settings. As practice shows, it can simply be displayed on a large TV screen made images and videos. Another interesting feature of the device was easy to switch between SIM cards. This significantly saves money, because one of them can be used for talking and another – for the web. In addition, the model boasts a range of pre-installed applications that positively affect the quality of sound (in the headphones). At a high level here is the quality of the phone connection. It is achieved largely due to the HD Voice, the main purpose of which was the elimination of extraneous noise.


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The modification is a four-inch touchscreen TFT display that is able to simultaneously reproduce up to 16 million colors. Screen resolution of Sony Xperia M Dual is of 480x854 pixels, and the density of the image – 245 points in one inch. The picture that is displayed on the display are quite clear and bright. In combination with its large size it allows you to conveniently browse through not only pictures but also videos. It should be noted that to protect the screen from scratches and damage, use protective glass.Sony Xperia M Dual review


The Smartphone is equipped with a camera of five megapixels with led backlight, and is able to bring the objects to be shot four times. To create a photo, even from the lock display by button direct launch. Not to mention the function of panoramic shooting, auto and touch focus. Contributes to obtaining high-quality images (even in low-light conditions) and also the use of the technology called HDR. Videos are produced in HD quality.


One of the most problematic sides of the smartphone Sony Xperia M Dual, as well as other modifications of the line, was not the highest level of autonomy. Used in the device battery has a capacity of 1750 mAh. A full charge is sufficient for about ten hours with continuous talk time and five hundred hours in standby mode. Along with this, not to mention saving mode energy consumption, which we discussed earlier. It automatically disables applications that are not in use, thereby prolonging the service life of the device without recharging.Phone Sony Xperia M Dual


Chances to gain huge popularity or become the flagship model of the smartphone Sony Xperia M Dual there are no. Anyway, this handset has strengths that make you pay attention to it. First of all, this assumes relatively low cost and support for two SIM cards. Throughout the rest of the special, outstanding parameters for the model are not typical-filling, performance and camera are average.

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