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So, today we will discuss with you the situation in which the iPhone will not connect to WiFi. This problem became quite relevant in recent times. The reason a lot of the reasons with which we are now acquainted. The main thing - do not panic and do not think that the gadget we have to throw them away and buy new. Let's find out why iPhone won't connect to Wi-Fi.iPhone not connected to wifi

Out of range

Let's Start with the most common causes of problems. It is not that other, as finding the gadget outside of the coverage area. Because all Wi-Fi has its own radius of "defeat." It should deviate from it and you can lose the Internet. Therefore, users report that the iPhone will not connect to Wi-Fi.

Fortunately, there can be easy and simple to fix. Let's start with the fact that we get to the source of Wi-Fi closer. And so we were with you in the area of "defeat". After that you need to turn Wi-Fi on the iPhone and then find the network to which you connect. Remember: if you are in range, you will soon find an appropriate name Wi-Fi. Click on it and wait for a while. That's it, problem solved. Now you know what to do if iPhone won't connect to WiFi. But that's not all possible variants of development of events. There are a number of more complex situations. And now we will get acquainted with all of them.

Invalid data

Your iPhone will not connect to home WiFi? Then it makes sense to check how accurately you have entered the password to connect. This scenario, as you might guess, applies only to protected "Wi-Fi"networks. After all, for joining them have to enter your secret combination, or simply the password.why iPhone won't connect to wifi


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Here you can get into two positions. The first is when you are the owner of a Wi-Fi. In this case, it is sufficient to double-check the accuracy of the data entered, correct any errors and retry the connection. After elimination of typos, all will work fine. Well and good. Second scenario - you connect to a foreign network. In cases where the owner gave you permission, you can ask again for the password, and then resume attempts to work with the Internet. In cases where you are trying to secretly connect to a foreign network, you will have to keep trying. Anyway, the correct password to guess is very, very difficult. That's it, problem solved. Thus, if the iPhone 4S won't connect to WiFi (or any other model) can work with input data when connecting. Very often, this option works fine.

But not always, the situation depends on the user name and password. More often people face more serious problems when you try to connect any gadget to "Wi-Fi". What? Let's try to understand this fact.


For example, if the iPhone not connected to WiFi, you can try to restart both the gadget and the phone and modem options. Sometimes the cause of such behavior may become the most common system crashing. This is not the most dangerous, but very unpleasant situation.iPhone 5 not connecting to wifi

Fortunately, it's pretty easy to resolve, quickly and simply. The truth is, if you have problems connecting to the Internet, then from that point you can start dealing with the situation. Most of the users usually do not attach importance to system failures and restarts. And for good reason. Sometimes only this course can help you to fix a situation where the iPhone 4 won't connect to WiFi (or any other model of the gadget).

But do not think that all problems will be over. On the contrary, the more acute and widespread causes of this kind of behavior is just beginning. And now we get to know them and learn how to deal with the lack of Internet connection.


If the iPhone 5 does not connect to WiFi (or another gadget), try to figure out what specific model this is the original or not. Very often all problems with equipment arise because the most common fakes. This scenario, frankly, is very common in the modern world.

Here you have two moves. The first is when you, unknowingly, bought a "pirated" version of the gadget in the usual store. Then simply come there with all the documents confirming the bogus purchase, and transaction with the store. Announce your intentions to change the gadget on the original. That's why the iPhone is not connected to WiFi. Generally you are required to replace the gadget. Only sometimes workers refuse to do it. In this case, you will have to threaten them with court, and sue.what to do if the iPhone cannot connect to wifi

The Second scenario is when you knowingly bought a fake. Most of these shops do not provide any guarantees on their equipment. So you have or take the iPhone in for repair, or replace it with a new one. In this case, you buy original merchandise. Because only they can give you a real guarantee on their work. But don't stop at this point. We have another variant in which the iPhone is not connected to Wi-Fi.


Of Course, with the development of technology began to develop so-called viruses. Now they apply not only to computers but also to smartphones. And it is this kind of infection becomes a source of many problems with gadgets. Of course, this applies to those models who work with networks, and have downloaded from sites documents.

Even now to diagnose the virus is very simple. For this purpose, as a rule, there are special antivirus phone programs. To attempt to repair this scenario is possible, but it is very difficult. Sometimes these steps are not justified. If you have a suspicion that the iPhone will not connect to WiFi because of virus attacks, it is better to take your gadget to the professionals and explain the situation. They are usually faster and better to cope with your problem.iPhone won't connect to home wifi


So today we learned with you the reasons why the iPhone may not connect to the Internet via "Wi-Fi". As you can see, the possible variants of development of events very, very much. And most of them are eliminated it is much easier than it might seem at first glance.

To be honest, if you suspect a serious problem with an iPhone it is best to contact the experts at service centers. Only there you will be able to provide full assistance.

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