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Modern smartphones surprised by its performance and capabilities. However, sometimes for a comfortable performance of the required tasks is enough time-tested model that can not be attributed to novelty. This gadget is the "Lenovo С650", the characteristics of which we will consider in more detail.

Package contents

The Smartphone is packaged by the manufacturer in a cardboard box on which there is virtually no information. Most likely, this is expressed in the minimalist style Lenovo, emphasizing that this device is "younger brother" of the flagship at the time of the smartphone Lenovo Vibe X.

For most buyers may be important is the fact that in addition to the charger, USB cable and documents the manufacturer has taken care of the available in the starter set wired headset. Although it looks simple and, frankly, cheap, sound pretty nice and can please the most undemanding fans of music.


The Smartphone has a display of 4.7 inches, but it looks pretty big. The reason for this broad frame around the screen, which cannot accurately be called a downside, but some users might not like them. Despite these dimensions, the gadget is nice in the hand and does not slip off.

The Case is plastic, sometimes Matt, and sometimes with a metallic coating. The case color is bright, pleasant, and in the right light and still creates the effect of a Golden Shine. The apparatus is assembled efficiently, backlash and no squeaks. In General, the smartphone gives the impression of a well-established model, though the budget segment. This characteristic can boast many smartphones "Lenovo", the prices of which remain in the range of 7-8 thousand rubles.


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The Back cover is removable, under it are slots for SIM and memory card. Battery Lenovo S650 removable, in recent time, most smartphones are already becoming a rarity.

According to some reviews, the fatigue strength of hull elements is quite high, and even with careless use will lose an attractive appearance soon. Appears on the display oleophobic coating providing protection from fingerprints, which could appear during operation and interfere with the comfortable viewing of photos and videos.

Lenovo с650 characteristics


We touched upon the issue of coverage, let's talk about the matrix. It, perhaps, can be called a weakness of this device because it has low for a modern device resolution, namely 960h540 pixels. With these parameters, with a diagonal of 4.7 inches, the pixelation becomes noticeable even to the naked eye, and the picture gets a nasty ragged "ladder" structure, and "Lenovo С650" the screen becomes more a minus than a plus.

But otherwise the display showed good results. Good color, without underlining a specific color, rather large viewing angles, plenty of brightness to use the device even in Sunny weather – all this may partly compensate for the low display resolution.

The Sensor had the opportunity to take up to 5 touches simultaneously, which is an ordinary figure for the public sector. But it is completely missing any errors and sticking, so it can be confidently called good and high quality.

lenovo s650 4pda

"Iron" features

As the main processor performs the SoC-platform MediaTek MT6582, known for the most of the budget models 2014-2015. It is a single chip containing a processor with four cores, capable of developing speeds up to 1.3 GHz and accelerator Mali-450MP2. Crystal made according to the process 28 nanometers, which allows for relatively low power consumption and low heating of the device when working with resource-intensive processes.

The processor Works in conjunction with RAM 1 GB. It is a bit by modern standards, but quite enough for comfortable work with two or three lightweight apps at the same time. In order to unload the RAM, the system is optimized by the manufacturer, with the result that the user is always around 500 MB, the remaining volume is used by system apps. It is worth noting that some Lenovo models with the same memory problem occurs during operation, because the user can visit only a fifth of the RAM. Here "Lenovo С650", the characteristics of which often differ from the problem models, indisputably wins.

Benchmark-Antutu test shows the result in 17 000 units rating, which is comparable with such flagships of yesteryear, like HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3, although "Lenovo С650" features seem less significant at first glance.

Lenovo smartphones prices

Communication capabilities of your smartphone

At present the smartphone without 4G support is sometimes considered to be already too outdated, but it is not necessary to forget that the higher the standard, the greater the battery consumption. In this model, the 4G is missing, but fully realized mode of all frequencies and 3G standards, including HSUPA and HSDPA.

SIM cardsuse standard size, they don't need to crop or change to start using a smartphone. For calls according to tradition one of them becomes inactive because the device is equipped with just one radio.

In addition to the radio cell network, the phone "Lenovo С650" equipped with modules Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi with support of protocols b/g/n. If necessary, the smartphone in several stages can be turned into a portable Wi-Fi router. Check in advance with your carrier, will not be charged an additional funds, since in recent times some companies have a similar practice.

Can Not do without a smartphone and GPS module. The signal level of the satellites is quite confident even in cloudy weather. When testing in most cases, the cold start took about 1 minute, hot to occupy less than half a minute if not few seconds.

Lenovo с650 screen


The Internal nonvolatile memory of the smartphone is not particularly pleased with its size. It is a built-in flash drive 8 GB. Of him about 3 GB occupied by system files. Total user available out of the box a little less than 5 GB of disk space.

For expansion you can use memory cards of the format microSD up to 32 GB, preferably 10 class, to ensure maximum performance. According to the reviews of users who tried to use a memory card with larger capacity smartphone they simply refuse to see, so when buying you should expect it to according to the manufacturer's limits. However, when comparing smartphones, "Lenovo" rates, this model wins in terms of price/quality, and you should consider – perhaps this memory would be sufficient.

phone Lenovo с650


The Regular battery that came with the phone, got a fairly mediocre amount of 2000 mAh. This is a small figure in the modern world is demanding on the battery of the gadgets, however, for his humble characteristics of the battery is more than enough.

In the box with the phone comes the charger can give power up to 1 A. for these indicators on a full charge the battery takes about 2 hours.

According to reviews, one charge is enough for active use of the smartphone the whole day, this notice users commenting on the subject of Lenovo S650 4PDA. However, to connect it to the power supply will have every night, which means that the resource cycles of charging/discharging of the battery will be consumed in approximately 2.5 years.

battery lenovo s650

Main and front camera

The Lenovo Smartphone S650 4PDA was developed in a time when software interpolation of the image was still not in Vogue, therefore, the stated photo resolution corresponds to a resolution of the matrix camera. For the main camera is 8 MP, with front facing the situation is more tragic – its rate is only 0.3 Megapixel, so the selfie can be forgotten. Considering the "Lenovo С650", the characteristics of the cameras is quite acceptable for its price segment.

Camera is quite decent for its level, in good light the pictures are vivid and clear. However, using the automatic settings when shooting, watch for the final result. Sometimes the software is wrong step, whereby the color can be distorted, and photos appear in highlights or too dark areas.

Front camera can only be used for conversations with the use of videomessenger, but no more. You should not do it pictures: quality not exactly call them.

repair Lenovo с650


Out of the box, the smartphone should be configured. In this this model is no different from other Android devices. With her on Board there is a set of service applications from Google, so it is advisable to immediately get yourself an account for comfortable use a smartphone and data synchronization. The rest of the setup "Lenovo С650" user-friendly. The smartphone has tips on features of the interface.


The Smartphone was good and enjoyable to use. It is suitable for those for whom the first place is communication, not entertainment. Of the minuses can be noted only overheating of the CPU for very long, heavy loads, not intended for the iron, poor display resolution, and is already beginning to become out of date version of Android. If you find this irrelevant, you can safely buy this model – otherwise it will not fail. In addition, repair as necessary "Lenovo С650" is relatively cheap due to low prices for components, so accidentally broken display will not be a tragedy.

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