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Great mid-range smartphone with an efficient 8-module processor is the HTC Desire 620G. The reviews about this phone, its technical specifications and capabilities — that's what will be in phases and is described in detail in this small review material.

htc desire 620g reviews

Equipment of the apparatus in the basic configuration

Reviews on HTC Desire 620G indicate a fairly good level of equipment. In the delivery list, in addition to the smartphone also includes:

  • Impressive Battery with a nominal capacity of 2100 mAh.

  • Charger.

  • Stereo.

  • The Interface cord.

Documentation Kit

  • The Short user manual.

  • Guide to security and standards compliance.

  • Warranty.

  • Advertising bukletik offer to join social groups HTC.

Design smartphone

Reviews on HTC Desire 620G DUAL SIM indicate that he has much in common with its predecessor — the Desire 610. As the first gadget and the second casing are made of the usual plastic with a nice matte finish. The only difference is in size. At 620G the screen size is the most common 5 inches, and the 610 — 4.7 inches. Hence the difference in the dimensions of smartphones. More new device length and width respectively and 72.7 150,1 mm with a thickness of 9.6 mm and weight 145 grams. And here at 610 these parameters, several other length and width respectively of 143.1 and 70.5 mm, the thickness is all the same to 9.6 mm, and weighs 144 grams. Above the display are at 620G front camera and a number of sensor elements. Also located here is one of the speakers. The second one is on the lower side of the device. Here the manufacturer's logo and the usual three touch buttons that control the device. On the bottom edge removed with a small round microphone hole and microUSB port. On the upper side to be a 3.5 mm port to connect a wired speaker system. On the back cover, except the manufacturer's logo, a main chamber, an auxiliary microphone that dampens external noise during a call, and led lighting.

htc desire 620g dual sim reviews

CPU solution

One of the greatest strengths is considered CPU in the HTC Desire 620G. Reviews Highlight this feature. It has a real 8-core МТ6592, which developed the second largest producer of arm-processors - company "multimedia libraries". Each of its modules, operates in the mode of peak loads at a frequency of 1.7 GHz and is based on the most energy efficient architecture to date - the A7. Increased clock speed in comparison with the base models (1.7 GHz vs 1.3 GHz) provides a normal level of performance in single-threaded applications. Well, in multithreaded software МТ6592 feels just fine. Still 8 cores are felt. As a result, any, including the most demanding app will run on this smartphone.


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The Perfect addition to CPU in HTC Desire 620G DUAL SIM Is a graphics adapter. It is equipped with a video accelerator "Mali-450 MP4”. Its computing resources as well as МТ6592 allow you to solve any, even the most complicated hardware problem. The display of this device, as noted earlier, is the most widespread to date, the diagonal of 5 inches. However, his resolution - 720h1280 px, that is, the image is displayed in HD. The pixel density is sufficient, and the individual pixels in the picture are quite difficult to distinguish. Display quality is high, the image at angles close to 180 degrees, is not distorted. Color reproduction, contrast and brightness too much faultlessly. But what can really be attributed to the shortcomings of this device, so it only support 2 touches the surface. That is, if any toy should be from touch display 3 or more fingers, the device “unnecessary” of them simply will not handle.

htc desire 620g

Cameras and their capabilities

The Main camera based on the sensor at 8 MP. Also has autofocus and led backlight system. There are multiple modes that allow even in the least favorable conditions to achieve an acceptable quality photo. Actually the pictures are very good on HTC Desire 620G DUAL SIM. Well, the video in this case is written as px 1920x1080, ie Full HD quality. Front camera is based on the sensor at 5 MP. Its technical capacity is sufficient for high-quality selfies and making video calls.


Bad things with the memory of the HTC Desire 620G. Operational it has 1 GB, of which about 600 MB will be occupied by system processes, and everything else (that is about 400 MB) the user can use for their needs. Capacity built-in memory is 8 GB. 3 GB of them — it's system software, and 5 GB is the space for the installation of user programs and store personal data. If this is not enough, you can install an external flash card with a capacity up to 128 GB.

htc desire 620g dual sim

Device independence

The Average on the background of competitors, the level of autonomy in HTC Desire 620G DUAL SIM. Reviews This feature point. Nominal capacity of the complete battery, as noted earlier, is equal to 2100 mAh. If we consider the 5-inch display and, though energy efficient, but an 8-core CPU, it turns out, what sort of things are not very good. But the real experience of operating this device says that it's not so bad as it seems at first glance. In reality, a single charge of the battery suffices for 2 days of work at an average load level of the device. At the maximum specified value will be reduced to one day. Well, the maximum this figure expected to increase to 3 days.


HTC Desire 620G Operates under the control of the most common to date OS for mobile gadgets, “Android”. The current version of the firmware — 4.4. On top of system software has been installed Sense from the company-developer of the device HTC. Unlike previous versions of this modification is substantially simplified and maximally close to the usual “Android”. This device is mid-range and boast some unusual set of applications unlike the flagship can not. Here is preinstalled clients are international social networks, a set of software from Google and the usual mini-app.

reviews on htc desire 620g


A Rich set of communications from HTC Desire 620G DUAL SIM. The reviews characterize this gadget only with the best hand in this regard. Among wireless data transmission methods can highlight Wi-Fi, “Bluetooth”, GPS and support for mobile networks of the 2nd and 3rd generations. In turn, a wired data transfer can be performed using MicroUSB and 3.5 mm audio port. This is enough for a normal and comfortable data exchange with similar mobile devices or the global web in any amount.

reviews on htc desire 620g dual sim

The opinions of owners and experts

Quite a balanced phone with a screen of 5 inches and a productive 8-core processor with enough memory and a good battery life is the HTC Desire 620G. Reviews exactly characterize this device. The price is only $ 300 that are very happy users. Experts say that the segment of the phones of the middle level for all options include the HTC Desire 620G. Reviews meanwhile, it experts leave very positive: the device copes well with its tasks. It turns out that this is one of the best devices in its niche, which virtually has no weaknesses, and the price is quite democratic for a device of this level.

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