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In 2009, the telecommunications company “MegaFon” proposed a new for the Russian market – a multifunctional service “Even”. Now people have the opportunity to significantly save on communication, because the application allows you to make both voice and video calls over the Internet at competitive prices.

Unique opportunities

To understand that provides a service from the company “MegaFon” - “Even”, it is necessary to understand why it is needed. This can be done only in the presence of the Internet, because it works via the web. Subscriber, go online via your ISP connection, can download a special application from the official website «MegaFon” and activate it.

MegaFon MultifonService “Even” allows you to make and receive calls in all directions, including long-distance and international, to chat or video, send messages, create contacts, set status and mood. The most important thing to use the application, subscribers can anywhere in the world, additional roaming charges will not be charged.


To begin using the service, you must visit the official website «MegaFon” and to download a special program. It should be noted that subscribers of this operator can use a different version that does not require installing the application, simply from a browser. After downloading the program, you will need to register by creating a new account. To enable communication, the operator will allocate you an IP number that may look like an ordinary mobile, or any login. With this end he will be on @multifon.ru.


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Immediately after registration, subscribers get access to a test version of the program, the so-called “the Tifon-Lite”. This is a limited free version, to access all the features you need from a mobile this operator, specified at registration, dial *137#. To subscribe to the service and in your account on the page of “MegaFon”. “Even” works with various operating systems, including Windows (7, XP, Vista), Linux, iOS, Android, Mac OS.

Test version

Megaphone connected servicesAll Internet users, including subscribers of other mobile operators available demonstration version of the service. You won't be able to enjoy all the benefits of the service, but it helps to understand how it works “Even”-“MegaFon”. What this is becomes clear from the first minute. After installing the program, you need to add any contact. This will allow you to call the selected caller and details to deal with all the features of the service.

In demo mode, the application allows you to chat, manage statuses, set an avatar and, of course, calls to other users “Even”. The payment for the use of the service will be charged and the connection or disconnection of the services is also absolutely free. But if you use this version, subscribers can't communicate with this service to customers of other mobile operators, calls to landline numbers.

Call setup

Adding contacts to the address book, you can start communicating. The program allows you to enter the required number manually, select them from the list by entering the phone number of the desired subscriber “Even” or his nickname. Contacts can be grouped, or insert list. Before making a call ensure that the desired subscriber in the network – this will be proved by the green circle next to the name.

During the conversation are available to all users additional features – is a recording of the conversation, the use of different sound effects, the ability to insert video. After completion of the communication, you can listen to what you said.

“the Tifon-plus”

MegaFon Multifon it

The company's Subscribers in “MegaFon” can afford to install full version of application. But the customers of other operators who want to use these services will be forced to buy a SIM card. But this acquisition will quickly pay for itself, because of “MegaFon” - “Even” allows significant savings.

By Dialing *137# or activating the service in the dashboard, subscribers get access to all features. From this point, users can make calls to other mobile networks, send MMS and SMS. But it is not necessary to forget, that multimedia messages will be charged according to the tariffs that are set by the mobile operator. But given the fact that incoming calls are free and outgoing are applied preferential tariffs, these costs can not afford many.

In addition, users can view their call history, messages, to change the mood, change the status. Also, everyone can receive incoming calls – they can go separately to your mobile phone or “Even” and to do both at the same time.


Tifon isTo fully understand what does the operator need to figure out how much it will cost you the use of the service. “Even”not be attributed to the section "Paid services “MegaFon”, because the operator does not charge using this app. On the contrary, with its help subscribers not only get access to high-quality audio and video, but can significantly reduce the amount that is spent monthly to talk. Track and monitor the money spent simply. After all calls through the application or through a normal phone SIM card “MegaFon” is used.

Currently, the service is provided without fee. In the implementation of voice and videosview within the network “Even” from the accounts of users absolutely nothing is removed. For calls to subscribers of “MegaFon” users will pay to 0.8 rubles, for calls to numbers of other operators-1,5 roubles for international calls, costs will depend on the country of the subscriber. For example, every 60 seconds of communication with Canada will cost 0.6, Israel, USA - 0,9, Turkey - RB 2.9 Full list of countries and the cost of calls in each of them can be found on the official website «MegaFon”.

Sending SMS will cost “Even” 1.5 rubles, the cost of MMS will depend only on the used tariff plan.


Service MegaFon MultifonThe Ability to use IP-telephony from “MegaFon” is not only private customers but also corporate. For these customers the company offers the opportunity to organize communication in the office and beyond, using the IP PBX, a regular smartphone or computer. To connect this service on a “MegaFon” enough to leave a request on the official website or contact us by phone 8 800 5500555 intended for corporate customers.

As a result, you will be able to organize the communication via IP PBX or download the app on your computers or smartphones. The tariffs for corporate subscribers do not differ from those established for individual users.

Additional savings

Service MultifonAfter Reviewing the prices on the link, subscribers are beginning to understand that “Even” is primarily saving their money. But the company continues to take care of their customers, paying special attention to those who communicate a lot. Thus, the operator offers so-called “packages” on calls in various directions. For example, people who communicate with subscribers of “MegaFon” within the home area, for 500 rubles you can buy 1000 minutes for calls, 800 – 2000, 3000 – 10 000.

The same opportunity available to those who often make calls to fixed or mobile communication. The cost of 2000 minutes of calls to subscribers anywhere in Russia is set at 2900 and with the inhabitants of Moscow and Moscow region – 2000 RUB. Order and use “packages” are only those who use the application from the company “MegaFon” “Even”. It is necessary to send SMS-message to short number 1117. In the text of the message indicates the ID of the connection you are interested in services. For example, to buy 1000 minutes of outgoing calls to all networks operator specified it will be “MF1000”. Each purchased package is valid for 30 days from the moment of its activation.

Potential problems

Sometimes there are situations when it becomes unavailable the service is “Even”. “MegaFon” can block access to it in several cases:

  • There was a lock on the balance, the subscriber has not funded your account during the month;
  • The contract was terminated with the specified telecommunications company.

In addition, if you manually turned off “Even” and after this event has passed more than a month, log in to the app under the old password will not work. Also unavailable maybe due to the fact that the Internet provider blocks it.

Connection and disable the "Multiphone" of the fee for the application

Services for MegaFonMany subscribers of “MegaFon” refuse to use the offered services for fear that their accounts will be debited. But the facilities provided “Even” is available without a subscription fee, the money will be taken only to make calls and sent messages. Therefore, to assume that “MegaFon” connected services make pay, not worth it. Of course, in 2011, as soon as the service was commissioned, the statement said that “Even” will be provided on chargeable basis. It was planned that the monthly fee will be 50 rubles/month. But at this time “MegaFon” has refused this idea.

If you decided to join “Even”, then it can be done absolutely for free. Also will not be charged any fees for disconnecting from the system, to abandon the use of the service, you will be able at any time.

The Only downside, which users say is debited with a delay. As a result, if you check the balance immediately after the conversation, it can be unchanged, the money can be removed after a few minutes. Because of this many, unexpectedly for them, is a negative account balance. Because of this situation, some subscribersstarting to think they hooked a paid service. Others believe that the use of ‘Even” introduced the monthly fee and trying to disconnect from the service.

Paid services

If you feel that your balance is reset to zero too quickly, check is there a fee for all services “MegaFon” you use. To make it simple enough, and each subscriber is available several ways. So, this operator's customers can log into the system “Service guide" on the Internet. To receive the password, you will need to send a message to the number 000105, by typing in the text box "41". In response, the operator will send a password that must be entered in the designated field. After login, subscribers become visible to all of their services and subscriptions. If some of them withdraw money, they can easily be disabled.

"Service guide" also available with mobile. For information you will need to send following USSD-request *105# to the operator “MegaFon”. Connected services is displayed on the screen of the mobile, there will be visible and their value.

If you're not afraid to deal with the system, or miss something, then you can go to the nearest salon, where the consultants will help you figure out what removable means, and disable all unnecessary services.

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