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51 Serger class with certainty can be called one of the most widespread varieties of sewing machines that you can use not only on large-scale production, but also in everyday life and in the small Studio. Despite the fact that this technique is already very tired, it is very nice to work with thick and coarse fabrics. However, with modern materials this unit efficiently can not handle.

Overlock 51 class specifications

This type of sewing machine designed for serging slices, knitted clothes and dress fabrics two-line or thread overlock seam, chain-type. The standard stitch length is usually from three to six millimeters, while the thickness of the material in atom should not exceed two and one-half millimeters.

serger class 51

51 Serger class is equipped with a mechanism of the needle and two loopers. If you want to replace the right of them on sericel, then this sewing machine will only use two of the three threads.

There is also this model, as the serger 51-A class. It is a more advanced variation of this type of sewing machines. Its main difference is the presence of the differential movement mechanism of the tissues. Such a mechanism usually consists of two parts, which occurs due to the stretching of the materials during the working process. This mechanism will be very good to deal with knitted fabrics, so be sure to mention it before will make a purchase. After all overlock stitches are very loose and elastic, which is very important for the Jersey.


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Lubrication mechanisms

Overlock 51 class – sewing machine industrial type. Is characterized by centralized wick lubrication mechanisms, which are under the platform of the product. In order to carry out the lubrication process, you need at the bottom of articles to find the crankcase and fill it with oil. But do not forget about lubrication of the upper parts, which are located above the platform. This should be done using a special lubricator.

serger price

Serger thread should be lubricated at least once a month subject to very intensive use of the product. Be sure to lubricate all parts of the machine that RUB against each other during the working process. Try smudging constantly to rotate the shaft. Experts recommend to carry out this process using an ordinary medical syringe. With it, this is done very simply, quickly and conveniently.

Note that this type of sewing machine equipped with a mechanism for adjusting the tension of the yarn and the degree of pressure the pressure of the presser foot on your material. Also you will be able to adjust the width and length of the stitches.

To the Correct filling needle threads

Filling the serger 51 class – this is a very important process. It was from him will depend on the correct operation of the unit. If you plan to use to work my almatyaudit stitch, then perform several actions in the order shown:

  1. Take the thread from the bobbin or from a coil located on the coil rack, and first guide it through the two rear holes in a special plate for threads.
  2. Now take it on the same plate, but of the washer controller.
  3. Then guide the thread through the eye of the rear horn on the same plate.
  4. Now start to work on the left side. Guide the thread to the eye of the second cone from noteattributes.
  5. Swipe the thread to the left to osloboditelov.
  6. Insert the needle and thread right in front of me, leaving about five inches below the foot.

The Correct interaction pellicelli

In fact, to set this sewing machine is not so easy. Often the beginner to do not. Usually a single statement is not enough, knowledge comes with experience. For proper operation of the sewing machine is very important to set the correct mutual operation of the needles and loopers. Pay attention to the main principle of the setup: when meeting all the loopers and the needle should have the smallest possible gap.

looper for overlock

While the looper enters the loop which is formed above the needle eye, the needle should gently go into the loop formed by the looper.

The Important guideline when setting up the serger 51 class

The Left looper is the most important reference when setting up this sewing machine. While the needle will sink to the lowest position, the looper must be in the leftmost position at a distance of about five millimeters from the correct. Now, when the needle will rise a couple of inches upwards, will form a loop that should grab the looper. At the same time must pay attention to the gap between it and the needle. It needs to be not more than 0.05 mm. This clearance can be set independently. To do this you need to weaken the screw to the left of the looper, and very carefully turning it to the needle. Not always possible to establish the necessary clearance on the first attempt. Don't worry, these skills will come to you very soon, along with experience. After you have installed the necessary clearance, don't forget about the screw. It is necessary to tighten.

Right looper

Now, when the left looper grabs the noose, he begins to pull its blade. At the same time moving to meet him, right looper, which must be included in the loop of the left. For a properly adjusted work the only thing left is the needle to shoot it out of the loop.

Pay attention to the distance between the tip of the needle and eye of the right looper. When they are on the same horizontal line, the distance between them should be about 0.3-0.5 mm.

serger thread

Set the right looper is actually a lot easier than the left. He has no screw to adjust, which means adjust it is very simple. It is enough just gently bend it in the desired direction. Don't forget that this rule applies only to the right looper. In any case, do not make such a mess of the left, otherwise you risk to break the sewing machine.

Main causes of admissions

Needles for overlock machine may have just the right location together with the loopers. Only in this case the entire unit will provide you qualitative and productive work. All the above numbers are in millimeters – this is only the reference indicators. In fact, all of the products may be slightly different from each other, and therefore the numerical parameters are a bit different. However, in any case, all the error will be negligible.

Numeric parameters Also depend on the Cam. If you turn it even one or two degrees, the position of both loopers will be slightly changed. However, in no case do not perform this procedure independently. It may engage only trained to master.

The Most basic and common cause of misfire may be a simultaneous upward shift of the needle bar with a sewing needle. Be sure to check this option. Very often it happens that even slightly lowering the needle bar (only 0.1-0.2 mm), you will be able to eliminate the cause of absences.

strap for overlock

By the Way, another common reason for gaps may be the wrong thread for your serger. Take responsibly their choice, and you won't have problems with skipped stitches.

How to adjust stitch length

To adjust the stitch length on the sewing machine need to find a rake, which moves due to the effect of eccentric. This item is adjustable with a few screws that can be found in the body most sewing machines. However, again, it is not recommended to carry out this procedure for the beginner. Better ask the master and follow his actions. And then try to do it yourself.

Knives for overlock

Very often blunt knives sewing machines cause the formation of defects in the lines. Therefore, you should promptly and properly sharpened. At home to do it will not work.

refill serger class 51

For this purpose, you can apply to the masters involved in the manufacture of keys. After all, they are available in such machines.

A Few words about the straps

Normally, the seat belt 51 for the serger class is very long, up to several decades. However, the duration of its use primarily depends on the frequency of use of sewing machines. Maybe to change it you don't have very often, but to regulate its tension to be able to.

Current models of belts usually have a special teeth, so to get them be very rare. But the models without them are in need of more frequent tension. This files most often on the serger 51 class to meet a smooth type belt. However, if you have the opportunity, better replace it with gear.

How to....

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