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From high-quality appliances in the kitchen are dependent not only the convenience, the taste of cooked food, but also the mood of the hostess. A special place in cooking appliances is the stove. She is able to get rid of many troubles and routine actions can turn the magic of cooking.

gas stove Zanussi reviews

This helper would be quite a gas hob "Zanussi", which is always very flattering. Among the models the manufacturer offers the option of gas, electric and combined.

Features plates Zanussi

Consumers appreciate not only the quality of home plate, but also its safety. Zanussi cooker eliminates the problem of finding lighters and storage in the home matches. Young parents always prefer when choosing a model where the gas supply occurs by turning the switch, and for safety's sake, it is necessary first to press. For consumers that do not have Central pipeline, you can always choose from a wide range of slabs "Zanussi" electric option. Lovers comfort and lovers of multifunctional equipment will appreciate the glass-ceramic plate. They are easy to care and easy to perform all the functions of a full home appliances.

zanussi cooker

Despite the presence of many features, all of the plate Zanussi, which provides opportunities when cooking, it is easy to operate even for elderly people and completely versed in the complex technologies. To begin cooking on the stove programmable enough to put the pan on the burner and select the corresponding mode. About the end of cooking alert signal.

Models of gas stoves Zanussi

Gas cooker < / span>"AEG" with gas oven is the most familiar option for the layman. The model range is presented by such species as:

  • Zanussi ZCG 565 GX;
  • Zanussi ZCG 55 KGW;
  • Zanussi ZCG 56;
  • Zanussi ZCG 664 GW;
  • Zanussi ZCG 55 IGW.

If necessary, the budget, but reliable and safe option is fine model with mechanical switching. In this case, the gas supply takes place by a simple turning of the handle, but just to be safe, it must first be deepened.


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Selecting economical housewife

The Gas hob "Zanussi", reviews of which are examined carefully before purchasing, can satisfy the needs of any consumer. But if you need an economical option, stovetop brand ZCG 55 MGX successfully to justify the trust of the mistress. The model has a mechanical control, which is convenient for people with traditional views. The gas oven has a capacity 51 litres, which is sufficient for domestic needs of an ordinary family.

gas stove with electric ovens

For convenience and embodiments of culinary delights stove Zanussi ZCG 55 MGX is equipped with a gas grill, which, according to the instructions, easy to use. After the end of cooking buzzer will sound. For the convenience of Housewives who have a large family, a stove equipped with the standard four burners. Each has a different power for faster cooking of large volumes and save gas with a saucepan of a smaller diameter.


When you need a gas hob "Zanussi", reviews will help you make the right choice. It is important to consider not only its size, color or General appearance. An important element for many is oven. For Housewives, preferable is a gas stove with electric oven. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice, having considered all of the intended functions and to assess their feasibility in a particular case.

As gas and electric cookers modes the oven can be completely independent or combined with each other. For Housewives, who often bake fancy bread, it is better to choose a model where you can program the execution of the recipe. To monitor the preparation of confectionery masterpieces is to get into the oven with LCD display. So it is possible to fully control the entire cooking process. Useful is the availability of grill. But keep in mind that gas stove with electric ovens can be either electric grill and a gas version.

gas stove Zanussi gas oven

The Grill has a different power level:

  • High;
  • Medium;
  • Low.

However, please note that the quality of food depends on the uniformity of the heat. This is achieved by the distribution and configuration of the grill. For convenience and safety important is a timer, and delayed start. This is especially true for the elderly, and busy young mothers. So you can be sure that carefully prepared dish will not burn, but the delayed start will allow you to obtain hot food at the appointed time.

Advantages of the combined plates

The Combined models combine a gas counterpart and the safety of electric oven. Thanks to the gas burners is a rapid heating of food, at the same time, the electric oven has the ability to install a variety of modes. If the house is equipped with gas hob "Zanussi", manual should be on hand. This is especially true of combined options, because the possibility is quite wide due to the different power sources. Due to the fact that in combined plates oven electric heating elements located uniformly throughout the chamber. The cakes are well baked through, without requiring additional turning baking sheet.

Consumer Reviews of Zanussi cookers

Before the house will be a gas hob "Zanussi", reviews should be read very carefully to find the optimal for all parameters of the model. So, users have reported that plate Zanussi are working properly, the burners have different capacities, allowing you to use different types of pots. Before you turn the handle, it is necessary with effort to deepen. This should please the young parents. For many this is important because in the house live little children.

gas stove Zanussi instruction

Of the drawbacks distinguish the presence of complete only one grid. You often need to buy another pan. Reviews of electric cookers Zanussi show that many impressive large cast iron surface under the pots and pans. Conveniently, there is a light sensor and you can see what the ring is currently working. Oven evenly baked through. But many of them lack built-in fan. However, the presence of included pan is very good.


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