How to choose a hand pallet truck. Stackers hydraulic hand: price and reviews


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Previously, the manufacturers of storage equipment focused mainly on the queries of large enterprises, today this market covers small firms. The availability of convenient, compact and maneuverable equipment frees staff from routine work everyday with the movement of goods. Not necessarily for the needs of a small shop to buy a load lifting wheel Assembly. Transport small batches of products can handle manual hydraulic stacker in the proper modification. This is an example of optimized design, which allows not only to move goods and materials corresponding to the dimensions of the working platform, but also to raise them to a certain height.

manual stacker

Design Features

Hydraulic model – the basic version of equipment of this type. The basis of such machines is truck, provided with small rollers or wheels. The other functional part is a directly hydraulic strut, which carries out the lifting. In some versions it also assumes the existence of devices, contributing to a soft and safe descent. In terms of operation manual hydraulic stacker has many advantages. First, it is completely devoid of elements that require power supply. That is, the maintenance costs are limited to only the purchase of spare parts. Secondly, the compact and ergonomic design allows you to conveniently use the unit even in close small shops. But there are significant design fault – the fact that the lack of drive mechanisms necessitated the use of muscular power, so the operator must have the proper physical training.


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Basic selection

hydraulic hand stacker

Initially you should calculate the parameters of the workflow, in which will participate the stacker. Key operational characteristics of such models are the load capacity and lifting height. In the initial segment of hand stacker models that cope with 500 kg Is the minimum weight, which can be this technique. As for the upper limit, it can be 2 t. But such models have more massive construction designed for heavy loads.

Quite a variety of patterns and from the point of view of the possibilities of recovery. It is considered that these machines are only designed for the stowage of cargo in a single-tier racks. But this is not true. The maximum height, which can lift hand stacker is 3 m. the Modification with such potential is suitable for warehouses and hangars. In terms of the store usually use models with the rise of the order of 1.5-2 m.

What to consider in the suspension?

hydraulic manual stackers price

The Carrier part is a truck, which, in turn, is based on 2-4 roller or wheel. In some versions there are and brakes. Before choosing, you should evaluate the quality of the coating, which will be used stacker. Depends on the choice of set of wheels. According to experts, is not so much the size as the material of manufacture of the movable elements. For a smooth floor, for example, suitable hand pallet truck polyurethane wheels with aluminum rims. This combination will provide good stability and optimal rolling resistance. For oily coatings should prefer the rubber rollers or wheels which will allow damping of the error floor. However, the rubber material low resistance to rolling and weak ability to withstand heavy loads.

How much is a manual stacker?

The Cost of equipment depends on performance. Models of the budget segment it is possible to acquire 30-35 thousand RUB It aggregates with small power potential, therefore, to move the massive weight of over 1 ton will not do it. In the middle category you can find a more productive and functional hand stacker, the price of which will amount to about 50 thousand of such modifications include European and American models, allowing for a rise of 2.5 m lifting Capacity can reach 1.5 T. the Upper price level are aggregates with maximum technical and operational capabilities, including 2-ton load capacity. Such models are available for 60-70 thousand

Reviews about manufacturers

manual stacker price

Despite the dominance of the market by Chinese products in the segment of storage equipment are increasingly high-quality vehicles German, Japanese and Polish production. In particular, hand stacker Lema of the model line LM from Polish developer features with an ergonomic design, high performance and long service life. Model from the German company Pfaff Silberblau owners appreciate the quality of the materials used and the small size that it does not reduce performance.

Also many workers of warehouses praised products manufacturers Stocklift, Grost and Eoslift. Under these brands out functional and easy to control hydraulic manual stackers, price of which varies from 40 to 70 thousand In the same lines can be found polielettronica aggregates, which have higher performance capabilities and require a minimum application of muscular strength.


manual stacker lema

For many start-up firms and entrepreneurs saving are quite acute. But, as practice shows, the cost of optimization of logistics processes fairly quickly pay off. For example, hydraulic hand stackers, the price of which averages 40-50 thousand, replaced the work of several movers. Of course, it requires a special person who will manage this equipment, but its function will eliminate a variety of troubles with the movement of goods. Moreover, the tasks of recovery can always be implemented by loaders without special tools.


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