6x4 country house with attic and terrace with your own hands


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Summer house 6x4 with loft can be built on the technology frame-panel construction. You do not have to invest excessive funds, as the methodology involves the use of budget materials, and operations do not need to involve professional builders. The entire process will take only a few weeks, and the building will be of high durability and reliability, in addition, it will look very attractive.

Selecting a place for construction

country house by loft 6x4Summer house 6x4 with loft can be built only after you manage to find a suitable place for work. It is not necessary to place the building in wetlands, despite the strength of the structure, elements and details of the house will be exposed to moisture, which will worsen their appearance and quality characteristics. Should not be placed in the house where the grow spreading old trees, as their roots can damage the Foundation of light. After all, nezaglublennom base will be built for such a home. 6x4 country house with a loft is preferable to place on the hills, the soil in advance of need to check on the availability of groundwater, they can be placed close that will cause deformation and the subsequent destruction of the Foundation of the instability of the soil.

Select the basis for the house

a summer house 6x4 with a loft with his own handsFor the reason that frame and panel construction would have little weight, too complex and deep Foundation to build would be required. The base may be a belt, screw pile-or pier. Screw the Foundation is one of the most simple among all the others, make it your own is quite simple, all items will need to purchased at the store and then use during construction. To install the piles will be using special equipment, however, it is possible to cope on their own, the number of piles will depend on the dimensions and area of the building.


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Country house 6x4 with a loft on a pile Foundation can settle in any type of soil. Seasonality will not affect the technology of the work. If the pile was screwed into the ground to get her out not to be. If the support would be twisted, it will not be able to perform its functions, it will cause misalignment of the element. In order to build the pier base, you need to purchase asbestos cement pillars that go deep into the soil on the meter. In the middle of these supports should be filled with cement mortar, in order to strengthen the design. The more used such posts, the more durable will be the base. If you decide to use a strip Foundation, it will be necessary to dig a trench along the outside walls, after tamping the bottom and sides, put a pillow of sand and gravel, and then install the formwork. Only now the trench is filled with cement mortar, after hardening of which the surface of the Foundation should be waterproofed.

Preparation of materials for the erection of a box at home

country house by loft 6x4 photo6x4 Country house with attic with their hands will be erected with the timber, a section of which is equal to 150 x 150 mm. With the help of this material will be collected horizontal lintel and vertical posts. Need more plywood or Board, which will hold the casing frame. The walls will need to insulate. But waterproofing should be done using roofing material that fits between the base of the buildings and timber. Prepare the foam, and fasteners, among the latter can distinguish the screws, anchors and nails.

The installation of lag

shield country house with a loft 6x4If you built a summer house 6x4 with a loft, photo should consider in advance to understand how to make the construction. The next step is to carry out waterproofing of the premises, which on the surface support pillars laid roofing felt. The layers in between need to seal with asphalt mastic, and only then carried out the installation of the Arab League. The timber, which will act as the lag ends mounted on a plinth base. The Central part of the elements should fall on the perimeter of the building fundamental supports. The surface of the timber, which is supposed to make laying the floor should be smooth. To do this, the wood needs to be cleared with a chainsaw. To be sure that the design has the desired quality, it is necessary to use a level.

Make a floor covering

a summer house 6x4 with a loft and terraceIf you build a country house shield 6x4 with a loft, the next step will be the installation of the floor, which is preferable to do duplex. The first level will represent the rough floor, while the second - finishing. To the point, how will the walls, you can install rough Board. Insulation and laying of the finished floor is carried out after the erection of walls and roof. For the sub-floor will need a Board thathas dimensions of 35 cm but not less. Put it on fixed at the base of the building joists.

Assembling the frame of the house

cottage house with a loft 6x46x4 Country house with attic and terrace involves the use of a particular technology. It provides for the next stage, the pairing of horizontal and vertical support beams, which should apply not only accessories. At the end of the support of the Arab League needs to cut the grooves, which should be equal to 1/2 the thickness of the rod. The pair of data slots is performed by means of wooden pins, which are called pins. The grooves should be prepared hole, which should have a smaller diameter than the pegs, it will provide fairly a strong connection of support elements. The base frame should be mounted on two levels. The bars on the perimeter of the base should be mounted on top of each other. The top bar is used for fixing the uprights of the frame. It should make a number of grooves which corresponds to the number of racks in the design.

The Rack must be installed into the grooves, and then fixed by nails and reinforced with special boards, called yosenabe. These elements eliminate the bias construction. After all racks are in place, should be the top rail of the Arab League. The rods, which are mounted on them must be done the slots. They installed top of the rack. Before you secure the rack in the piping from the top of the lag, you must ensure that frame is correctly installed.

The construction of the attic

6x4 cabin with loft cottage type

If you decide to build a summer house 6x4 with a loft, then you can use the following technology. The rafters in the amount of two pieces must be mounted on opposite walls from below and from above to lean on each other. Rafter feet will rest against the ends of the beams which act as ceiling. Thus, the design will form a rigid system in the form of a triangle, which is most preferable.

Features manufacturer terraces

If you decide to build a house with a loft 6x4 country type, it can have a terrace. This element must be built on a Foundation that can be installed directly on the ground or on wooden poles. The rack can be accomplished with concrete mortar. You should not choose a stone design that will become conduits of moisture, over time moisture will ruin the wooden elements of the main building. Therefore, even if you are using wooden elements, they must be carefully treated with antifungal components that will significantly extend the life of the buildings and terraces.

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