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Modern furniture produces a number of brands, based not only on the territory of Russia, but also Belarus. These two countries supply most of the interior items for Russian customers. Some furniture manufacturers have received more good reviews and for what? Try to understand.

furniture manufacturers

Segment of cheap furniture: choose the best

The Companies offering to buy cheap furniture, a lot. But inexpensive does not mean bad, so even the cheapest products can not be less reliable than premium products. Feature budget furniture in simple design and use the most expensive fabrics for upholstery. But even if you decide to buy furniture from the manufacturer inexpensive, can not worry: it will be no less durable, qualitative and beautiful. Consider the most popular factories that produce economical furniture.


This woodworking holding conducts its activity since the distant 1880, and initially it made plywood boxes. Today the holding includes 44 enterprises, which engaged in the production of:

  • Leather and fabric sofas in different styles;
  • Chairs;
  • Sets for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens.

furniture from the manufacturer in St. Petersburg

Belarusian furniture manufacturers have always been very special approach to the production of accessories and “Pinskdrev” is no exception. The products of this brand, according to buyers, highlighted environmentally friendly materials, having high resistance to thermal impact and moisture. It is remarkable, but the range can be found as furniture economy class and expensive sofas and sets. Buyers who choose this brand's products, note the wide range of furniture, where you can find options to fit your financial capabilities. Moreover, according to the reviews, even cheap attributes look stylish and fashionable thanks to high-quality and reliable upholstery sewing.


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Upholstered furniture from the manufacturer Rival popular already not the first decade. She won the love of buyers through the use of removable covers, which greatly facilitates the care of furniture. In addition, all models are made using hypoallergenic materials. The factory is constantly increasing its range and offers plenty of sales, which positively affects the demand of buyers. As noted by the producers themselves, their main task – to create a product that will outshine for the Russian buyer products of foreign companies.

upholstered furniture manufacturer

Upholstered furniture from the manufacturer-it is always a profitable investment, because the production is conducted in strict adherence to rules and regulations. The Rival brand offers stylish sofas that are equipped with quality fittings. The advantage of the company – manufacturer of sofas in different designs, so in the customer reviews often found the emphasis on this point. So, according to buyers, the sofas of this brand a nice neat appearance, hypoallergenic fillings and durability. A big plus – removable covers. In one of the reviews says that sofa for a year of operation has about 350 transformations from one position to another, and the mechanism during this time has never failed.

Middle segment

The Best furniture manufacturers in this price segment offer models cost an average of 15 000 to 30 000 rubles (talking about the sofa). In this category we offer two brands – “Laguna” and “Furniture-holding”. Factory "Laguna" proposes to assess a wide range of furniture: from soft to corps and office. Customers say that the products of the Belarusian brand attractive nice design, clear and smooth lines, reliability and practical upholstery. And shoppers are advised to safely take upholstered furniture, which is simply impossible to break.

A well-Known manufacturer of furniture in Russia is the factory “Furniture-holding”. It proposes to evaluate a wide range of attributes of high quality in a wide price range. Furniture from the manufacturer (Moscow - city, where customers do not feel the lack of range) is created from high quality materials that will last a long time. The advantages of the products of this brand, the customers, are reliability and durability, a variety of design and use of high quality materials. Among the advantages noted also roomy drawers, easy Assembly and perfect harmony with the interior.

Luxury furniture

Luxury furniture will decorate any apartment or spacious country manor. It is different in that the production uses only natural materials and expensive upholstery. The individuality of the different elements lend a hand or accessories of the highest quality. Furniture manufacturers premium focus not only on the stylish appearance of its products, but also its absolute safety to others. Tell you about the best brands that offer luxury furniture.

nursery furniture manufacturer


This brand has established itself with the best hand, so it can be included in the rating of producers of furniture of luxury. What buyers like the products of this brand? First, the lack of any complaints about the quality. Second, the sofas of the brand are distinguished by ergonomics, in addition to put it without much effort.

Chic and children's furniture from the manufacturer Anderssen, as buyers have the opportunity to pick up a stylish seat in the children's room and a Suite. And available any colors. Transforming furniture is not equipped with springs, rails, and moving parts not so much, so problems with the build and layout does not occur. The advantages of Anderssen furniture customers include stylish and elegant design, the use of soft-touch materials, quiet operation of all machinery and wide variety of color and texture solutions. The factory itself has positioned itself as a furniture manufacturer which introduces advanced technology that improves wear resistance.

furniture from the manufacturer prices

According to the reviews, any piece of furniture including children's furniture manufacturer, convenience, ease of layout, the quiet operation of each mechanism. And the sofas, which do not always handle even a man, easy to arrange and develop applications without much effort.


Furniture factory “Shatura” well-known throughout Russia, and initially it was engaged in the creation of wardrobes. Today the range has grown considerably, and buyers have the opportunity to find everything from furniture to bedrooms and living rooms to office furniture. In the catalog you can choose furniture made of qualitative wood of different colors. This furniture from the manufacturer the prices are different. The range you can find both cheap and expensive. The advantages of the furniture of this brand users include reliability and durability, and high quality fittings and upholstery. In the reviews it is noted that each item of furniture is handsome and sturdy, and bedroom sets are just gorgeous and will fit perfectly in the room in any style.

furniture from the manufacturer inexpensive

Who couches the best?

In the line of most furniture factories have sofas. Someone prices are lower, someone above, there are differences in design and construction solutions. Consider the most popular brands that offer furniture from manufacturers, sofas including:

  1. ‘Smart sofas” is a unique factory that could make their products unique technology, the options, versatility and ergonomics. Over production of this furniture employs the best engineers and designers. Thanks to clever options, functionality and comfort are higher.
  2. Anderssen. About the products of this brand we have already said, but not said that buyers often choose the sofas of this brand. They are created from quality materials and equipped with reliable components, so are perfect for a healthy and comfortable sleep.
  3. «Allegro Classic». This factory offers a wide variety of straight, angular and folding sofas.

furniture manufacturers sofas

St. Petersburg factory

Demand from buyers from the Northern capital furniture from the manufacturer. In St. Petersburg the company “classic”, for example, offers models that combine quality, style and adaptability. In stock you can find not only kitchen or living room headset, but the closets or nooks in the nursery. It is possible to manufacture furniture according to individual order. By the way, buyers often mention this moment: with factory a pleasure to work with, as there will listen to all the wishes of customers and can fully exercise them.

furniture from the manufacturer Moscow BE:








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