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Tomatoes can be confidently called the most popular vegetables. They can be found in almost any garden! By the way, experienced gardeners can buy aromatic fresh fruit in may. What is the secret? They choose for growing early varieties of tomatoes. About them and offer to talk about today!

Tomatoes in a greenhouse

This method of growing has several advantages, the main of which is that the harvest for the entire year. Most often, that is why vegetable growers is the selection of varieties. Many of them purposefully opt for the early varieties of tomatoes. In the greenhouse, they ripen quickly and allow you to get a good profit, because, as you know, the first tomatoes appearing on the markets, very expensive. From germination to harvest will be no more than 3 months, making farming more profitable. We offer a small overview of the most popular varieties.

Blagovest F1

Well-proven variety, is particularly popular among growers. This kind of tomatoes is characterized by a high degree of productivity. Claimed as one of the best varieties are early maturing. The fruit is beautiful and the right shape, rich red color and great taste. The period from emergence of shoots to the beginning of ripening the average is 95 days. With a single Bush with proper care the yield will be about six pounds. It requires careful maintenance. Blagovest F1 can grow up to 170 cm and a weight of a vegetable varies from 110 to 120 grams. Sowing seeds is done in the middle of March, and the seedlings grown in the greenhouse are planted a month later. Among the many advantages of this variety, without a doubt, it can be noted a strong immunity to various diseases and pests.


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an Early variety of tomatoes "Blagovest F1"

Volgograd precocious 323

One of the earliest varieties of tomatoes we offer for growing in the greenhouse. Refers to determinate crops. The plant is compact in size and, unlike Blagovest F1, unpretentious to conditions of cultivation. Fruits ribbed, flat-round shape, red colour, weighing up to hundred grams. On each brush tied about 5-9 tomatoes. Yield - 8 kg of fruit per Bush. Tomatoes are resistant to transportation. Suitable for various preparations for the winter, but especially good fresh.

Friend F1

Refers to the early variety of tomatoes for greenhouses is ideal. Grows in height to 70 see fruits begin to ripen at 95-100 day. Tomatoes ploskookrugloy, differ little ribbing, red, weighing 100 grams. Characterized by high rates of productivity: one plant is getting up to 7 kg strong healthy fruit. Resistant to extremes of temperatures and also has high immunity to pests and diseases. Due to the fact that the fruit of exquisite flavor, is used for salads. Tomatoes of this variety are suitable for winter preparations.

Hurricane F1

An Early variety of tomatoes (in the photo below you can see how to look like ripe tomatoes), which is characterized by early appearance of fruit - after only 90-110 days after the seeds germinate. The variety is indeterminate, most often the shrub grows to five feet, so needs tying. It should be noted that the plant needs to remove side shoots, number of inflorescences per plant should not exceed 6-8 pieces. Tomatoes red color, inside can be both two-and three-compartment weigh 45-90 g. the Yield per 1 m2 area ranges from 8 to 10 kg.

an Early variety of tomatoes "Hurricane F1"

Varieties for greenhouses from.

For the cultivation of tomatoes in greenhouses need to choose those varieties that have the ability to self-pollination. Only in this case it is possible to achieve high yields. In polycarbonate greenhouses for tomatoes, early varieties are the optimum optimum conditions: will not occur overheating during daylight hours, supported by moderate humidity, not happening too sharp fluctuations in day and night temperatures. Consider the varieties most suitable for this kind of cultivation.

One of the best, judging by the reviews, considered tall tomatoes, because they come quite early in the fruiting period, form buds after every two sheets. An experienced gardener will be able to create on one Bush to 14 fruiting brush.

Sweet sorrow

Early Tomato varieties, according to experienced gardeners, one of the best for growing. Harvesting can be practiced 85-90 day. Sweet sadness is grown only in greenhouse conditions. The Bush grows up to 200 cm in height, so you need to tie it to the trellis. On the one hand are formed up to 50 tomatoes of medium size and weight 40 g. it is Noteworthy that throughout the growing period, the grade is not subject to any, even the most common diseases. Vegetables can be used for canning or making tomato juice.


One of the early varieties, the fruits he has a beautiful amber color. Due to the large content of carotene is considered the most useful. Grows to a height of 75 cm, the weight of one tomato is equal to 100 grams. Variety has a strong immune system, but may be subject to decay. Therefore, it is necessary to control irrigation.

an Early variety of tomatoes "Dean"


This variety belongs to early maturing. Can be harvested on the hundredth day. Since the height of the plant is small, does not need tying. Tomatoes of large size, round shape, red color. The weight of one fruit is not more than 60 g per 1 m2 should be placed no more than 5 hives. The most favorable month for planting in the greenhouse is April. When planting under every Bush to make nitrogen fertilizers, but in small quantities. Harvesting is done when the tomatoes acquire a pink color.

Andromeda F1

The Variety should be attributed to early hybrids. The period until full fruit ripening is 90 days. The Bush grows up to 0.7 m in height. Per plant yield is about 10 kg of tomato with the weight of one tomato 120 g. Planting plants, you should observe the following normal landing: 1 m2 is placed no more than 4 bushes. Sowing seeds is closer to the middle of March or early April.


A Compact Bush, is early maturing. The stem is sturdy, reaches a height of 55 cm Excellent are grown in greenhouses without heating. The color of tomatoes orange-red, the flesh is medium density, is characterized by minimum number of seeds. The tomatoes have time to ripen fully before the spread of various diseases.

an Early variety of tomatoes "alpha"

Low-growing varieties

These sorts of tomatoes are considered leaders in the gardens and suburban areas. The popularity is due to the fact that they do not need any special fixtures during landing. Low-growing early varieties of tomatoes are less demanding to care, meanwhile, are notable for high productivity. The advantages also include the fact that they do not need to remove side shoots, quickly come into fruition, ripening occurs at the same time. An equally important factor is that the bulk of the crop is removed before the onset of the active phase of late blight. Among the low-growing early varieties of tomatoes for open ground, we note the following.


Hardy and very productive variety, with fruits of universal use. Belongs to determinantal varieties, Bush height often not exceeding 50 cm Grows quite compact. By the way, on productivity of Watercolors is affected neither by weather conditions or growing region. The tomatoes in their shape resemble elongated plum bright red hue. The tomatoes themselves are small - from 40 to 120 g, have firm flesh and the skins. Great for winter preparations. The average yield of the Bush is up to eight kg per running meter.

Benito F1

Extra-Early determinate hybrid: fruits begin to ripen 70 days after sowing. Ideal for growing in the open ground and landing under the cover film. The plants are small - only 40-50 cm on average, one tomato weighs 140 grams, the fruits are plum shaped, meaty, bright red color. Have a universal use. The plant is resistant to verticillately wilt, and Fusarium.

an Early variety of tomatoes "Benito F1"

Cupid F1

Determinate hybrid, is maturity: from emergence of seedlings to the removal of the fruit is 90 days. Has large yields. Growth point, ends at 60 cm, Bush requires moderate side-shoot removing. Fruit red color, very dense, flat-round shape, weighing 75-100 grams. Are resistant to tra...

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