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Plastic accessories for shoes appeared in our country about the middle of 90-ies of the last century, after which they are almost instantly replaced iron and steel counterparts. This is especially true of water pipes. It would seem that for a time the pipe is HDPE (the characteristics of which we describe below) had a great showing, but some of us and to this day refer to plastics with a certain degree of skepticism. Let's talk about this product in more detail.

What are these tubes?

HDPE pipe specificationsProduction Technology is such that the cross-linking of molecules of ethylene occurs at a pressure of 5 kg/cm2. Formed material with a density 0,941 g/cm, with good rigidity. Due to the crystal structure, it is opaque. Given that ethylene is connected in a compact molecules with little branching, strength of the resulting material is very high. HDPE is melted at a temperature of about 130 degrees, so that under normal operation of the products to be wary of their failure due to the temperature factor you should not. Thus, the HDPE pipe, the characteristics of which are so good, great for organization of water supply systems of private houses.

In addition, it has excellent resistance to fats and acids, making these tubes the best candidate for the installation of not only water but also sanitation. It should be noted that in certain circumstances it can also crack, but when using high molecular weight grades that won't happen. In principle, HDPE pipe, specifications of which are high enough, applied at temperatures down to -50 degrees Celsius.

In addition, HDPE is made of packaging film, pipes and insulation for high voltage cables, nets for fences, furniture, and the furniture, as well as a huge list of other products.HDPE pipe specifications

Product Key features

However, we are interested in the technical properties are not so many grids and accessories, how many of these pipes. Let's look at them in more detail.

First, their life – at least half a century. Chemists in the 50-ies of the last century established a sustainability in their design. As we have said, they are not exposed to aggressive chemical environments. Moreover, the polyethylene pipe does not act stray currents, whereas the metal pipe can be destroyed in just a few seasons. Even the cost of their packing below almost in order: in the end, if necessary, with such work to handle even by one person. And all of this – HDPE pipe. Technical practice has demonstrated that even the scum they are not formed, so that the necessity of punching or damage to the equipment can be easily forgotten.


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HDPE pipe technicalNote that even at very low ambient temperatures, which lead to tears of standard metal products, polyethylene remains completely unharmed. This is due to the fact that the conductivity of this material is extremely low. That is why the HDPE pipe (which we considered) can be equally well used not only in temperate climates, but also in the far North. By the way, even at extremely low temperatures, when water still freezes in the product, nothing terrible will happen: polyethylene is just to expand by 5-7%, so that the ice will not be able to break.

These properties provide excellent resistance to water hammer, so that even pranks of municipal services does not threaten you. If something happens, the repair will not take much time. In addition, HDPE pipe, characteristics which also allow it to weld over time will not lose strength even at weld seams.

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