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Chipboard is widely spread in the modern world, and in particular in construction. It remains an essential ingredient for the production of doors and window sills, is the basis for the walls, ceiling and floor coverings. Wood particle Board

Chipboard is a pressed leaf from wood chips and glue. The connection of the sawdust mass occurs as a result of the hot pressing process. This provides a reliable interconnect components in a single unit. The glue used for these purposes, has a specialized composition based on formaldehyde and other additives.

Each chipboard refers to a group in the General classification. Distinguish CPDs according to the method of manufacture and the nature of the pressing, the composition of the adhesive agent, the type of wood from which the chips are obtained, according to the type of lining and some other parameters.chipboard

The quality of the chips directly affect the quality and characteristics which are to be assigned to Board. For example, out of raw wood having the shape of a flower petal, it turns out chipboard with greater strength and resistance to impacts. But the shape of a square, on the contrary, makes it quite fragile and poorly resist bending stress. When using such raw materials, the manufacturer is forced to increase the amount of resin to provide the necessary quality characteristics. However, this significantly increases the negative impact on the environment by removing toxic formaldehyde.


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The Modern firm-manufacturer is able to produce particleboard in two grades: P-A and P-B. Wood-shaving plate of the first type is characterized by considerable strength, including tensile and bending effects, as well as minor figures in the following values: deformation, roughness and a tendency to swelling. At the same time plate grade P-B have a slightly worse performance compared to the particleboard of grade P-A.Board

At the present time are made of chipboard of I and II grades, as well as non-conforming. Chipboard is considered to be one of these groups depending on the quality of the characteristics possessed by the surface layer. To meet all requirements of class I, DSP should have almost a completely flat surface, there should not be any scratches and stains. There are no chips on the edges. Class II allows for the presence of small defects such as insufficiently thorough sanding (allowed 10%), the various chips on the edge width and length. In the manufacture of plate II grade possible a large percentage of bark and large chips in the mass of the feedstock.

Chipboard can be used in high humidity areas. However, for this the raw materials it is necessary to add melted paraffin, or paraffin solution, which will increase the material's resistance to moisture. Otherwise, it will be the accumulation that subsequently lead to the swelling and deformation of the plate.

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