The pressure in the expansion tank of the heating of the closed type: the user, the principle of


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As we know from school physics course, liquid when heated, expands in volume. As in heating systems, the elasticity of the pipes is not high enough to accommodate the increased volume, the pressure increases. This often leads to rupture of the radiators and mains. If you do not find a way to withdraw the excess volume of water, the whole system can easily break down in just a few hours. To do this, mount the additional communication that allows to accumulate the pressure in the expansion tank of the heating of the closed type.

setting the heating

Working Principle

Without this accessory the impossible normal operation of any system of heating. The simplest devices have the ability to compensate for expansion of the heated liquid and to avoid water hammer. For this reason, during use be sure to observe the safety rules. To choose the desired unit and to carry out the installation is quite simple. With the right choice of equipment prolonged stable operation of the entire heating system will be guaranteed.

Recruitment reservoir

When designing a reliable heating system everyone will have reasonable to choose this tank and mount it in the heating system. Characteristics of the device will depend on the functions performed and the type of installed designs. On the market available for just three possible options.

Expansion tank for heating of the closed type. The price for these units in the domestic market can vary from 2,500 to 75,000 rubles, depending on the required amount. Common hermetic tank is filled with air. When the pressure in the system space of the tank is filled by means of compressed air. In the inner part of the tank is established a special membrane. It is necessary to protect the unit from rust after the increase of corrosive activity of water by mixing with oxygen.


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Open the tank has sealed cover. The average price in the domestic market - about 3000 rubles. Such devices are used not only to compensate for the expansion, but also for the withdrawal of air pockets from the system. The design using this tank to add coolant to compensate for gradual evaporation.

Water home heating can be monitored using the tank with the top filling. This hermetic container, fitted with a valve. With such a tank might be best off water home heating system.

Expansion tank for heating gated price

Installation instructions

The Installation of surge tanks must be performed in strict accordance with the technology for the highest quality of work of heating devices. The device must be installed above the boiler, and water pipes should be directed down for ease of draining coolant in the event of failure of the membrane.

This system is based on forced circulation of energy, so it must be compensated by circulating pumps. Flat expansion tank for heating of the closed type to choose and set much more difficult when compared with other types of devices because they are intended to compensate for thermal expansion. Stable functioning of the entire system will depend on the quality of the installation.

These tanks are installed in areas where there is no turbulence within the coolant. For this reason, the correct version of the arrangement on the straight sections of piping before the circulating pumps. Will have to read some General rules for the selection and installation of toilets that must be followed when designing and assembling the system.

Membrane tank for heating gated

Volume Calculation

The container should fit the tenth part of the coolant passing through the system. A smaller size can not be selected in any case, because the pressure in the expansion tank of the closed type heating becomes too high, and to prevent fracturing will not succeed. This calculation is only suitable in cases where water is used as coolant. You need to choose a larger capacity if the system circulates a glycol.

This expansion tank should be provided with special safety valve. Almost always it is included in the factory kit. If the valve at the tank is not provided, it is necessary to buy it and install it. The pressure in the expansion tank of the closed type heating can be reduced thanks to this device.

If the calculation was wrong, and was the unit purchased with insufficient volume, you can buy another one. The frequent increase of pressure in heating systems will provide a clear symptom of errors in the choice of the tank.


The height of the tank mounting from the floor will not play absolutely any role. Tightness will persist and the air will be removed through a special valve. During installation it is desirable to consider that the flow of coolant from the top will be the best option. This gives you the opportunity to get rid of the air entering the reservoir.

When you select expansion tank for heating of the closed type, the price of the entire system may be higher when compared with the option of buying electric or gas Combi boilers, which already provides a mechanism to relieve the pressure.

Expansion tank for heating of the closed type malfunction

A Suitable amount of water

In heating the necessary amount of water is determined depending on the size of the room, the boiler power and number of heating elements. In conventional systems, at 1 kW the voltage is calculated 14 liters. This amount should be enough for good circulation and normal heat transfer.

Methods of computation

Not always easy to choose the right expansion tank for heating of the closed type. Installation instructions of the heating system of the room can sometimes only be performed through assistance. Each owner can use several ways available to select the appropriate tank. The easiest way to find in the Internet a special program calculator that facilitates the calculation of these parameters and gives the possibility to determine the size for a full compensation of the excess pressure in the system.

You can Also refer the matter to the experts working in the project office. It is the most reliable and most expensive option. Thanks to this method, it is possible to avoid design errors and to prepare it for stable continuous operation.

Some try to calculate the required tank volume formula independently. Should be considered as it can change the pressure in the expansion tank of the heating of the closed type. The ratio of increase in the coolant temperature of 95 degrees 0.04, and at 85 O– 0,034. Specialized programs provide an opportunity to carry out calculations on the basis of the total water volume in the system, calculated with power boilers.

Accurate calculations determine the overall heating efficiency, ensuring a smooth functioning, excluding possible faults during interruption in the operation of the equipment.

Expansion tank for heating enclosed type instruction

Expert Advice

The Maximum allowable pressure in the expansion tank of the heating of the closed type is determined by the thresholds of the safety valves. It is desirable that they could be adjusted. The volumes of the tanks are selected initially with a margin that they can perform all the necessary functions when uncertainties in calculations without creating the threat of accidents. To save when buying should not, and installation of all equipment is preferable to trust only professionals.

Do Not forget that the reliability of the heating system will depend on the level of protection of housing from the cold, as any malfunction can leave the building without heat completely. Correct installation helps to avoid many problems, and any home will be protected during the most severe cold. Naturally, over time, can damage each expansion tank for heating of the closed type. Malfunction of the heating system from time to time arise. Fix any problems it is better to seek the assistance of qualified professionals.

Water heating

Membrane tank for heating of the closed type

This type of equipment is divided into rubber septa. In the upper part of their pumped air flow initial pressure. In the lower part of the coolant is supplied, and the heating system starts. With increasing temperature the amount of water increases and the excess is allocated to the tank. When returning the coolant to its original volume in the heating system there is an automatic pressure adjustment. The membrane thus takes its normal position.

Tanks with the installation of the container

This equipment enables to adjust the pressure more accurately. The air chamber is placed around the perimeter of the tank. Rubber compartment expands for admission of coolant. The main feature of these membranes is...

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