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The Inhabitants of large cities do not often pay attention to the roof, since the roofs are too high. In private homes of their shape and characteristics have a more compelling value, so many people are paying with their selection a lot of time. People do not limit themselves to the forms and colors of the roofs, make them elegant, simplistic, complex or slant to the antique. Everyone chooses the type suitable for a specific building and meets personal preferences.

types of roofs

Flat roof

In Russia and the CIS are very rare, although they have a simple form. They can be called popular in the Baltic States, because there the climate allows the use of this type of structures. Often people do not give preference to flat roofs due to the fact that they generally are more expensive than the usual gable. Also have to give a lot of attention giving strength lean-to roofs, because under heavy load of snow or accumulations of melt water there is a risk of breakage of poor-quality design. This is not the most popular varieties of roof of a private house.

Frame buildings in Russia is not popular, therefore, for modern buildings it is necessary to use a coating of reinforced concrete, which, when greater strength is very expensive. Choose a truss system of wood, as its construction takes a lot of time and effort, and the whole structure is much cheaper. So are the rooftops. Varieties, photos of which reflect the numerous design features include a large number of ideas, so everyone can choose the appropriate options.


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rooftops varieties

It Should be remembered that the durability of reinforced concrete is much higher than the tree, moreover, this material is completely safe, as it does not support combustion. A flat roof can also be used as sports grounds, balcony, garden or Solarium. In many countries this type of roof is the most popular as it is convenient to create a variety of additional objects in the room.

Pitched roof

If the roof slope is greater than 12°, officially it is inclined, i.e., sloped. This type of roof has a large variety of variations, and the execution and the presence of additional elements is limited only by the imagination of the developer and the funds allocated for the installation of the roof. The more improved form of construction, the more expensive it will cost. There are many types of sloped roofs, which require more careful consideration. These designs represent a wide range of options that identify types of roofs.

types of roofs of private houses photo

Shed roof

In Russia are very rarely buildings with pent roof. Recently, it was determined that they fit perfectly not to design a house, and other buildings inside the courtyard. In Scandinavia and Germany, i.e. the countries, climatic features of which are similar to Russia, this type of roofs is practiced for the main buildings, as is budget and convenient option, featuring durability and simplicity of form.

Higher overhang usually put on the side where there is more sun. If necessary, do the opposite, then you can restrict the room from excess light. Usually living rooms are placed at the top, since that is where the sun shines most brightly. Below, you can put the bathrooms, stairs and other elements. This helps to make the building volume more optimized, accurately distribute the distance between the rooms and their situation to add more light into the room. In the design of the shed roof there is no difficulty so you can build it without large expenses.

If you make stained glass Windows, will change any of the view, however, it is desirable to select or create a picturesque landscape. Then the shed roof will look fabulous. This option is also included in the variety of roofs of private houses with a garage. Photos show their relevance. A private garden will allow you to replace such a great view as the ocean or the lake, the forest valley outside the window. When building a shed roof it is advisable not to put the design of the house close to the fence.

Gable roof

Often this type of construction is associated with the expression “cabin roof". This is the most popular type of roof in Russia, so you can find such options even in children's drawings. Usually in landscapes it is complemented by a pipe leading out a small puff of smoke.

The Popularity of the gable roof due to its presentable appearance and efficiency during construction. Also do it may even a non-professional developer. If housing is built according to the traditional scheme, it is likely to give it a gable roof. So look a the roof of the houses. Varieties of this design can also be quite interesting. This option represents the types of roofs of private houses with pediments.

types of roofs of private houses with pediments

Sometimes the design is a little more complicated. This happens if the owners decide to improve the appearance of the roof double door made of glass or a balcony. When these elements are done correctly and accurately, the design of the house is transformed.

When making a gable roof, you can count on the fact that the consumption of wood to create the roof system will be minimal. This is used by many developers prefer this type of roof. The whole construction is simple and fast, since steps of making a little bit, but additional details are not always. The side Gables are often called tongs. You can incorporate them into window or special hole for ventilation.

Hip roof

This type of roof has on each side along the slope. This kind of roof is called a hipped roof. If the developers decided, faces, more can be done, however, in this case designers will have to produce about calculations, not only to ensure a beautiful appearance of the roof, but its high quality.

types of roofs of private houses photo

It Should be remembered that this form of the building suggests that it will be more complicated than a simple rectangle. The number of sides is usually equal to the number of scheduled roof slopes, therefore, this type of roof have to plan even before the construction of the house Foundation. Such features have not all rooftops. Varieties allow you to enjoy beautiful and interesting examples of design solutions.

Hipped roof

All of the rays necessarily fall down and have to get to the ledge. Two of them are mandatory are formed like a triangle. They perform the function of the carrier and produces the most reliable. The rest of the rays in the amount of two pieces or more are made like a trapezoid. This roof complements a variety of roofs.

Gambrel design with the correct calculations and quality of construction has high strength characteristics, has high reliability, but its much harder to do than a gable. The price is also higher than the more simplified version. Note that the hipped roof are able to visually imagine a house below its real size, so it can be applied only to really bulky and massive buildings. Corner rafter rails have to withstand the greatest load, so the cross section should be as powerful. This design represents the types of roofs of private houses with balconies. Photos indicate this feature.

Multi hipped roof

Mnogoskatnoy roof allows you to make the attic living room and also serve as a compartment for storage of certain things. Design is often done direct, but there are times when a design idea involves sloping contours of the roof. If you select straight rafters, it is appropriate to add large overhangs. They are able to protect the walls from the negative effects of precipitation, and will also help to visually make the height of the building more, without compromising its contours. This option include types of roofs of private houses. Photos show their excellent appearance.

varieties of roof of a private house

Decor Options roof

You Can optionally put the door glass, and add Windows-cuckoos, which are often used for attics. This will help to visually make the room more lit, as sunlight will penetrate most rapidly because of the height of the structure and skusenosti walls. Sometimes the form of the hipped roof make the cut. It's called a dome. Note that the production and installation of such structures will cost more than in the manufacture of standard hipped roof.

Hip roof

This type of roof is often associated with a gambrel, but has striking differences from it. Typically, such a roof is appropriate for buildings whose shape is close to a square. All faces should be tilted the same or the difference should be matched perfectly so that in the end, all the slopes were reduced to a single top point and densely adjoined to each other. This roof comes in the variety of roofs of private houses. Photos point to its excellent appearance.

The Horizontal ridge in this type of roof is missing. There is only sloping edges, located at the junction of stingrays. It should be remembered that hip roof may be ...

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