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The people of Russia every year experience for yourself, how severe may be the local winter. This leads to the need of fixed costs for the modernization of heating systems, which will allow to survive the cold much easier. And before each energy consumer for once there was a question about how to save money. When there was a vacuum radiators, to answer it has become much easier.

Vacuum radiators


As the main advantages of such solution it is possible to note a unique system of circulation of the coolant. It does not need to move up as it moves only downward of the heater. In the remaining part of the radiator is a special boron-lithium mixture. For heating one section requires no more than half a liter of hot water. Compared to traditional steel or aluminum panels, this figure is lower in 7 times. If we consider this mixture from the standpoint of heat exchange, it has unusual properties. Its boiling point is 35 degrees Celsius, which leads to fast and high-quality heating devices, such as vacuum radiators.

In addition, such battery never suffer from air locks, corrosion and slagging of the pipes. Vacuum the radiators start to work pretty quickly. It does not require a lot of energy and time. Heat transfer starts from the first minute the full functioning of the system.

Vacuum radiators reviews


Vacuum radiators, which price starts from 650 rubles per section, are characterized by very high heat. This battery can be powered by boiler, boiler, stove, solar collector. With their help, you can heat rooms larger area using boilers with smaller capacity. In this case, you do not need to heat too much coolant. However, one should not expect that you will require much less energy. You will feel the savings, but accounts still do not get rid of.


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Vacuum radiators, which show their high efficiency, began to spread quite rapidly. In this regard, we can note a number of obvious advantages such decisions:

- 80% reduces the amount of coolant used;

- the amount of heat consumed from the centralized systems is greatly reduced - this figure sometimes reaches 50%, where the benefit becomes apparent when accounting counters are used;

by 30-40% reduced consumption of electric energy;

- the process of equipment installation quite simple and absolutely no different from installation of traditional batteries;

- apparently they are difficult to distinguish from the usual devices.

vacuum the radiators are not affected by corrosion processes, there are no problems with samostatnost sections of the heating system;

- a small amount of coolant will circulate much easier due to the fact that the resistance mass of the liquid will be reduced;

- boiling boron-lithium mixture ensures high heat transfer.

Vacuum radiators price


Most of the consumers of heating devices of different types draws attention primarily on appearance of the instrument. An important criterion is and heat. The duration of the operation – this is another significant factor. Many believe that the longest it will last metal of the device. The safety of the heater – is one of the most important factors that drew attention, not so many consumers when buying. Of course, cases where the low quality of the radiator leads to the fact that its elements can not withstand the pressure of the system or the aggressiveness of the coolant is quite rare, but they are.

How not to get into trouble?

When this happens, you need to spend a decent amount on restoration. At the moment about security think only those consumers who have already faced such trouble. From this point of view, the radiators vacuum, which price is usually higher than the cost of devices of other types, are safe. This is achieved through certain aspects of their work:

  1. Minimized the number of connections. Devices not equipped with plugs, nipples, gaskets, valves Majewski and other similar elements. Structurally, it is monolithic to the housing having a pair of threaded joints for connection of the heating system. It is quite difficult to unseal such a device.
  2. Vacuum radiators are characterized by the fact that the traditional storage of heat in them is very small. Even in the presence of mechanical damage should not be afraid of the flood in the room.
  3. Hydraulic pressure in these devices there is only the bottom. Then passes through a pipe through which is fed coolant. The pressure in the battery in the area where the secondary heat carrier is very low.

It Turns out that in case of accidental depressurization of the system fails solely the device itself.

Radiators vacuum price

Battery Installation

Vacuum radiators reviews, which demonstrate their qualities, quite easy to install yourself. For this there is a certain sequence of actions, which should adhere to. If we are talking about the reconstruction of the existing heating system, then you first need to remove the old battery. However, it is important to pre-drain the coolant. Then you can mark the location of mounting of the radiators. On these sections you want to fasten the brackets, which then will be mounted on the battery itself. All fasteners should be as stable as possible. Now with the help of sealant and tow you to go to the installation of ball valves. To them then will be connected to the main pipe. As the sealant you are using the same materials.

In the end you want to test all joints for leaks. For this heating system must be filled with water. For Stripping all of the abutting surfaces can't take the abrasive materials. After they may contain metal contaminants, which pose a danger for sealing materials used and circulation pumps.

The Result of the installation of such radiators is not only the presence in your home innovative devices and energy savings, but also faster and better space heating than in conventional heating systems.

Electric vacuum radiators

How to choose vacuum radiator

Since lithium-bremena the mixture is a poisonous substance, before buying such batteries are required to check their degree of reliability and compliance with established technical standards. Quality production of vacuum radiators provides several important features:

- the battery should not be too many lithium-bromide mixture, that is, when the rocking should come the sound of rustling, and not overflow.

the tightness depends on how smooth are the welds on the radiator;

- the solvent shall not remove polymer powder paint;

- the seller must have a certificate of conformity for the product.

On the market mostly are the products of the company EnergyEco in the price range where there are suitable options for any room. Heaters of this brand are made of carbon steel which thickness is 1.5 mm. One section is characterized by the rate of heat transfer in 169 kW, operating temperature of 110 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 0.6-1.3 MPa. When high efficiency of such devices, they have one drawback-high cost. However, this circumstance did not affect the demand for vacuum radiators, which increases with remarkable speed. They were used not only in apartments and private homes but also in offices, in industries.

the Production of vacuum radiators


Practice shows that the use of such radiators in independent heating systems to cut consumption by 50% for solid fuel boilers and 2.5-3 times - for electric. This kind of devices are well replaced the old cast iron radiators, allowing you to save energy very efficiently. All user reviews testify to the high degree of efficiency of vacuum radiators compared to traditional options.


At the moment there are already electric vacuum radiators. Their principle of operation is that the flow tube was replaced with electric heater, supplemented by a thermostat.

Vacuum radiators have advantages and disadvantages, as already mentioned. It is important to note that, if necessary, to quickly heat the room they have no equal, but if the temperature is required to increase, decrease, cast-iron battery is a better choice.

Vacuum lithium bromine radiators


In the end, we can say that the set vacuum lithium bromine radiators...

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