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Screed floor for warm water floor can be arranged independently. This component of the system is necessary in order to reliably protect the pipe from damage. In addition, the presence of strong cement screed makes it easy to pack topcoat.

Preparation before installation of underlayment

screed for warm water floor

Screed floor for warm water floor must be designed according to the rules, the only way will be able to achieve the desired effect and durability of the system. Once managed to mount the manifold, which is a part of the floor, you can start to prepare the surface. For this purpose the substrate must be well cleaned from debris, in addition, one should not forget that the floor should be checked for evenness. But don't try to make the base perfectly flat, as this is not required. The need for alignment may occur only when the irregularities of the floor exceeds a few centimeters. Otherwise, the pipes will be different pressure from the ties that can cause damage.


concrete screed for warm water floor

Before being laid screed floor for warm water floor, prepare a base by the use of a waterproofing layer. It acts as the first after a levelling screed before pouring the core. Waterproofing prevents the interaction of the system of floor heating with moisture, which comes, as a rule, from the lower level. Do not forget that you will have to compensate the thermal expansion of the screed, this should apply damping tape. It needs to be put around the room, strengthening on the adhesive layer. You must use such a tape, the width of which should be approximately equal to 15 cm.


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Screed floor for warm water floor must be composed and insulating material, which not only can improve the efficiency of the system but also will prevent the loss of heat. This is possible due to the ability of the insulator to direct the heated air into the interior of the room. It is important to choose the thickness and kind of insulating layer, it will be affected by some factors, among which we can distinguish the type of finishing coating and the location of the room. So, if the room is located above the heated room, allowed to use extruded polystyrene foam, while its thickness must be equal to from 2 to 5 cm But if you have to build the floor in the room, which is located on the first floor, and under it no room which would be heated, then you should use the clay, after filling of which is mounted Styrofoam. The thickness of the latter should be equal to 5-10 cm,

Concrete screed for warm water floor has some peculiarities, if such a heating system acts as the main and additional radiators. Then the role of the thermal insulating layer must use only foil heat insulation material is laid, which is placed in a single layer. Mentioned material known as polyethylene foam.

The Need for reinforcement

screed for water warm floor composition

In order to tie had the quality of durability and resistance to different kinds of damage and effects, it must be strengthened by the use of a reinforcing frame. As it should be used steel mesh. You need to choose the bars which have a width approximately equal to 5 mm. in Addition, in the regeneration of a warm floor to the reinforcement cage quite often attach the pipe. This is done as an alternative fastener of the mentioned elements. Otherwise the pipes will have to mount through specially created for this wizard.


the minimum screed for water warm floor

The Pipe will be shipped in a rod, the total length should not be longer than 90 m. If you have to work with the overall room, you have to use two circuits, the only way to be able to quality heating. Use in the composition of the screed, in some cases, it is recommended that a corrugated pipe, which is necessary to protect the compression joints from damage.

In Addition to the mesh before laying the screed can be laid and special mats that are used for mounting pipes. Still used steel profiles. If you decide to use a grid, it is necessary to strengthen it in a free position, apply with the necessary clips. The decision to use the aluminium profiles it is necessary to fix them to the rough coating by means of dowels. Only after you proceed to the installation of pipes that are placed in a special socket. In the case of mats, the fixation is carried out by the bosses, which acts as the most convenient way, but in and out it is much more expensive than others. This is because have to use a special insulating material.

Expert Advice on pouring

height of the screed for water warm floor

Suitable for water Underfloor heating, the composition of which is described below, should not be carried out until, until the system is checked. This should be done by the method of crimping, which is performed after the strip circuit. This will allow to understand, whether pipe. This stage takes a period of limited days. In the system the coolant is supplied under pressure, which is equal to 5 ATM. If damage is noted, you are ready to screed. But the working pressure in the pipes is necessary for this period to keep. Hot water should not be supplied as this will certainly affect the acceleration of the drying time of the screed. In the end, the screed will not must gain her strength.

The Choice of material of the finishing coat

mortar screed warm water floor

Flooring can begin to mount only after 28 days after application of screed. When choosing a variety, you need to take into account the thermal conductivity of the material. The most outstanding performance has ceramic tile. It is acceptable to use wooden solid wood or parquet. If the role of the topcoat to choose laminate flooring, it is recommended to purchase one that is designed specifically for Underfloor heating. Under it is permissible to equip a more subtle tie, but it is necessary to apply an additional layer of reinforcing frame on the basis of the grid. Its placement must be made on the circuit before the development of ties.

Options concrete ties

dry screed for water warm floor

Minimum screed for water floor heating must be determined by several parameters, but you need to try to do it most subtle. Typically, its thickness is 40 mm. But keep in mind that over the surface of the pipe it should rise 30 mm, but not less. Used in the preparation of the solution recommended cement, sand and water. The height of the screed for water warm floor in the specified limits will raise the surface, which will reduce the ceiling height, it is therefore not necessary to pour the concrete more impressive thickness. This is due to the fact that concrete has an impressive weight of 1 m2 Is approximately equal to 300 kg, which is true when the layer thickness of 50 mm.

The Tie should not be thick yet for the reason that with the increase of this parameter will be harder to bring the system to a stable heating regime from the start of operation of the system.

The Solution (warm water floor screed requires kneading) should not be liquid. It is necessary to prepare such that there was a need to flatten, do not lay it too thick because the inertia of the system will be increased.

In conclusion

In some cases dry screed settling for water Underfloor heating, it allows to solve the problem with impossibility of stacking solution because of its considerable weight.


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