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In the Spring yards and gardens decorated with beautiful flowering bushes of peonies. They grow almost everywhere. Their popularity stems from the huge beautiful flowers, emitting a strong but delicate flavor. Easy care, low maintenance requirements made them an indispensable for any gardener. And the variety of colors allows you to turn any bed into a colourful carpet. Among the variety there are a few white peonies. One of them – peony FESTIVA maxima.

Description class

Peonies – perennial flowers. Among the three dozen species there are herbaceous and tree varieties. They differ in that the tree grow as a Bush or a tree, but the stems are herbaceous in winter disappear. The tree as a shrub or shrub is growing in nature in South-West China. In regions with temperate climates, more common herbaceous.

FESTIVA maxima peony

Peonies in nature have flowers with five petals pink, red or white. Only in the Caucasus are growing yellow and white. Stamens many, they are visible, with long threads of red.

Some types of peonies:

  • Medicines that began to grow first. Common in the Mediterranean.
  • Molochnicy (white, Chinese) grows in the far East. Not affected by diseases, is not afraid of difficult weather conditions.
  • Narrow-leaved with red flowers and dissected leaves.

peony FESTIVA maxima photo

The interest in studying the peony is the fact that in the early twentieth century in America was the society of pionowego. On the basis of these wild species by breeders, was created tens of thousands of varieties. They are divided into three groups:


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  • Officinalis – selected varieties of Paeonia officinalis, which includes the double varieties are red, pink and white.
  • Chinese peonies – established on the basis of Paeonia lactiflora.
  • Interspecific hybrids.

peony FESTIVA maxima description

The structure of the flower all varieties of peonies are divided into the following groups:

  • Simple (undouble).
  • Japanese stamens without pollen.
  • Removedeny with lots of staminodes (modified stamens).
  • Combed cotton
  • Terry, in which there are four groups, including rozovidnym.

There are three groups of peonies on the timing of flowering. The earliest bloom in the first half of June. Those that bloom until the third week of this month, are the average. Late flowering continues until the first decade of July.

Peony FESTIVA maxima

FESTIVA maxima-Paeonia, which has worked well over a half century of its history. It was then that France created this lovely flower.

peony FESTIVA maxima description and photo

What is the peony FESTIVA maxima? The description and photo show that peony Bush of this variety are tall, spreading. Stems grow up to 1 meter. The leaves are large, dark green. Flower rozovidnym Terry. The petals are flush with each other. Flower size can reach 20 cm petals white, the center of them with red strokes on the edges.

FESTIVA maxima – peony, which blooms about two weeks. The number of flowers is large. Flower fragrant, delicate and pretty strong odor.

Soil for peony FESTIVA maxima

Herbaceous Peony FESTIVA maxima can delight blooming in one place for about three decades. Therefore, planting it, you need to provide that in the future he received a large amount of light. Can grow in slightly shady areas. The distance between buildings shall be not less than 2 m. There they will not bloom.

herbaceous peony FESTIVA maxima

FESTIVA maxima-Paeonia who likes neutral soil. The level of acidity for planting peony pH 6-6. 5. To make soil less acidic will help adding lime or wood ashes.

Soil for growing peony FESTIVA maxima should be nutritious. But for the poor it can be successfully grown. Not feeling these flowers on the sand, so you need to dilute it with clay and organic matter.

Worse feeling peony on wetlands. Where his roots begin to rot, which can lead to death of the plant.

Planting peony FESTIVA maxima

To Transplant the peony FESTIVA maxima need in the fall, in September. To plant late is undesirable, because it may not be able to settle down to frost.

When planting spring crop is much worse than transplant. Its buds very early start to blossom, so when the division of the Lepidoptera.

FESTIVA maxima-Paeonia, which must be immersed in the earth is not deep. The top Bud should be at ground level. If planted much deeper, the shoots will be weak, the flowers will be small. The depth of pits for planting peony FESTIVA maxima must be not less than 70 cm, root Length reaches 60 cm Must remain place for further growth, otherwise they will cease to grow.

If the peony is planted too high in the spring he will be on the surface. It sprinkled the ground and transplanted in the fall.

peony FESTIVA maxima reviews

The Pit for planting peony FESTIVA maxima prepared earlier. Placed drainage layer: gravel, expanded clay, coarse sand.

Removed the top layer of soil mixed with humus, peat. Add a Cup of wood ash, or superphosphate. Placed on the bottom of the pit. Prepare the pit in advance, for six months. But not always it turns out. Earth in the hole, it should settle at least 2 weeks. If this could not be done in advance, the soil when planting peony good RAM.

The distance between the bushes of peonies should not be less than 1 m.

Caring for peony FESTIVA maxima

After planting, peonies need to be watered. You can mulch with peat or cut grass. The first two years to fertilize peonies is not necessary. They will have enough nutrients laid down during landing. Loosen the soil, remove the weeds. Do not allow the peony to flower immediately after planting. If the flower buds are formed, their pluck.

The Younger Bush shelter for the winter peat. Subsequently, he will need shelter.

Free-flowering peony FESTIVA maxima, a photo of which is here, starting from the third year. After a few years the shrub will grow, the stems will not be able to hold exactly and begin to bow under the weight of flowers. Therefore, they will need to provide support. It is set for the week before the peonies will bloom, so not to damage the flowers.

Is it Possible to make is even larger peony FESTIVA maxima? Reviews of growers are advised to remove all buds except the Central one. Then the Central flower will be larger. Faded flowers removed so the Bush is not spending power on the formation of seeds. They should not be used for breeding of peony FESTIVA maxima.

Cut flowers

Many gardeners grow flowers for the cut. But to separate them from the Bush cautiously. On each Bush to cut no more than half of the flowers. If you cut all or the major part of her young buds will be weak. Part of the stem with a few leaves also need to leave.

Preparation of peony for the winter

In late summer under a Bush peony FESTIVA maxima make fertilizer, humus and mineral. Cut the leaves, but the Bush they are not covered. This can lead to the disease Botrytis.


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