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The Modern production of furniture involves the use of a variety of materials, which allows to obtain high-quality and functional interior. A large selection of tools, fabrics and accessories attracts many buyers.

couch it


The Traditional material for making furniture is wood. Modern innovative production technology allowed to create beams with imitation of natural wood. For example, MDF or particle Board is often used for the production of furniture: closets, walls, and kitchen sets. But they also did not avoid upholstered furniture. In the decoration of furniture and her team's part there is a wood or particle Board. Glass, metals, stone and ceramics is also very popular, but most often they are used for finishing and decoration of the sofas.

mechanisms of transformation sofas


Furniture is used not only in home interiors, but offices or stores. Conditionally it can be divided into two types.


Consists of separate rigid elements. These include cabinets, chests of drawers, tables, kitchen sets, shelves, or cabinets. Modern furniture is made from different materials. Classic and durable – is an array of different wood species, more budget – fiberboard and particleboard.

Glass is also very often used for the production of such furniture. Such material can dilute the warm wood surface and lends airiness to the space.

The Right furniture maximizes functionality saves space and creates comfort.

Upholstered furniture

This type includes angled and straight sofas folding and not folding chairs, Ottomans and stools. Manufacturers of upholstered furniture are use a variety of fillers and upholstery materials. A variety of transformation systems allow you to use it in all interiors. Choosing sofas or chairs for the house and office, be aware of the possibility of such type of furniture.


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Any changes to housing and office space associated with redevelopment or new repair, causing the need to update or change the furniture. Often home owners think through such changes in advance and pay attention to each element to create the whole image.

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of furniture is the sofa. This is often the main part of the room, especially the living room.

leather sofas

Sofas: appointment

Someone is a couch in the center of the room as a soft and functional piece on which you can relax after a hard day in front of the TV. And someone sees this piece of furniture as a convenient place to sleep for the night. Designers and designers of upholstered furniture are all the time trying to make a modern sofa beautiful and versatile.

For Example, quality leather sofas are a status and luxury pieces of furniture in the interior home and office cabinets. They emphasize the exquisite taste and wealth of their owners. Classic style Lounges and restaurants will also be transformed with such a piece of furniture.

Modern kitchen sofa will beautify the space and give convenience to the residents of the house in the most comfortable room of the apartment. Designer corner options with interesting upholstery emphases in large spacious living rooms and office hallways. At the peak of popularity in the modern furniture industry are modular sofas. This type allows you to simultaneously receive and Ottomans, and chairs which can be formed as angular and linear design.


Interior Design in modern styles is most irksome to minimalism. A variety of sofas used for situation exclusive projects, and for decorating the home space of city apartments. It will be appropriate for the high-tech style and a more restrained art Nouveau – the most popular destinations in the decoration of rooms in the last time.

The Sofa – this is the most important furniture in the living room. As a rule, it is selected under the General style of the interior. But that doesn't mean you can't play on contrasts. Even for minimalist designs will enjoy the exquisite soft furnishings. Sofas for living room you can choose taking into account the overall color or considering the style of the room.

kitchen sofa


High-Quality and well stuffed sofa is not only comfortable to rest or sleep, but will last much longer. In the production of upholstered furniture is quite often used filler of the spring units, which makes it not only comfortable but also durable. Many of the springs are separate units, which, in turn, are located in separate cells. This filling system is ideal for simple travelers and for bed. More budget options spring units are bonded in a unitary construction and move synchronously.

Synthetic fillers are much cheaper, but and among them you can choose quality materials. They not only keep a good shape, but will last long enough. The most commonly used foam, sintepon and other innovative materials.


Choosing the upholstery of the sofa, should consider not only color and texture, but the quality of the material. The most popular options are jacquard and tapestry. These natural fabrics have high density and can be made in any color.

modular sofas

Especially popular Belgian tapestry that resembles velour. Tapestry and jacquard trim is perfect for large modular designs, but if properly beat coloring, they could be used for small linear sofas. The tapestry is very pleasant to the touch and easy to clean.

Equally popular and other upholstery materials: flock, velour, chenille, other quality species flock. They are quite durable and wear-resistant.

One of the latest trends in the production of sofas is the use of solid fabrics. Thus, sofa (pull-out or not folding) becomes the highlight of the interior.

Leather as upholstery is expensive, but it is no less popular material. Leather sofas have disadvantages, as it is not very comfortable for skin contact at very low or high temperatures. But this is easily solved with a soft textile covering. Kitchen sofa upholstered with faux leather very easy to care for.

The transformation Mechanisms

To increase functionality, there are different mechanisms of transformation of the couch. They allow you to change not only the position and shape but also the appearance of the sofa. Such systems enable the most convenient to fold and unfold the furniture, depending on the circumstances.

couch roll-out

The Sofa – it is a necessary piece of furniture, and due to the system transformation, it can be successfully used as a bed.

Basic types of transformation of the modern sofas

  1. Folding mechanisms of transformation of the sofa is perhaps the very first and very popular. Feature is the intermediate polulezhachee as the backrest. Unfolding occurs in two movements. This is the very first and simple book, and so popular in recent years the mechanism of "click-klyak".

    upholstered furniture sofas

  2. Roll-out or pull-out arrangements are the most appropriate for furniture that needs to be expanded very often. The simplicity of the system makes it easy to place such sofas. Roll-out mechanisms are very strong and durable. They are ideal for providing comfortable sleeping places. These include the following mechanisms: eurobook, "Dolphin", "flash", "Puma" and others.
  3. Split system designed to ensure compact when folded. Spacious sleeping place such sofas can be used for guests. French and American clamshell - the brightest representatives of this mechanism.

couch roll-out 2

More recently, in the manufacture of furniture began to use the design, consisting of separate parts. Modular sofas allow you to place a large number of guests, and look good in spacious premises.

The Sofa – is not just a comfortable piece of furniture but also a functional part of the interior.


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