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Garlic has high medicinal properties, the presence of which is due to the exceptional chemical composition. It contains more than 26% carbohydrates, large amount of protein, ascorbic acid and ARSENICAL compounds. They, together with the use of raw garlic have a therapeutic effect. In addition, its bulbs have a pronounced anti-bacterial action.

There are three kinds of this vegetable crops: winter (Strachowice and mastrakoulis) and spring garlic. The cultivation and care – the process is simple, but have some peculiarities. How to obtain a high yield of garlic, read the article.

processing of garlic before boarding

Winter varieties of garlic

  • Local Danilovskiy – mastrakoulis spicy garlic. Bulb large with 6-11 teeth, covering scales have a purple tint.
  • Gribovskiy-60 – acute strelkyushi garlic, forming a large bulb with 7-11 teeth. The color of the covering scales – red-purple.
  • Gribovsky anniversary – strelkyushi cold-resistant varieties of garlic. The weight of the bulb is about 40 g, the number Zubkov exactly 11, covering scales has a purple color.
  • Komsomolets – cold-hardy winter variety with a spicy taste, strelkyushi. Large bulb consists of 7-11 Zubkov, covered with a pink opaque scales with a purple hue.

Varieties of spring garlic

Classification is based on garlic when to plant garlic in the open ground. Planted in the fall, winter, and early spring – summer. The most popular with gardeners first. However, there are very good and tested varieties of spring garlic.


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  • Demidov – grade Ural selection, recommended for cultivation on the whole territory of Russia. Bulb of up to 47 g, Zubkov 16. The color of the covering scales-cream. Taste of the Peninsula, the shelf life is excellent - up to 10 months.
  • Elenovskaya-yielding varieties resistant to the nematode, with good keeping quality. Mass bulbs-up 23 g, formed 16 Zubkov. Taste of the Peninsula. The color of the covering scales – white.
  • Nugget & ndash; grade a large spring garlic with a mass of bulbs to 67 g, forms 19-23 cloves. The flesh, the Peninsula of taste, a white, opaque scales has the white color.

Winter garlic: planting dates

preparing garlic for planting

As mentioned above, winter garlic planted in the beds in the fall. Strelkauskas varieties, the most common form in addition to underground bulbs in the inflorescence, which then develops bulbs-bullocky.

Before you learn how to carry out processing of garlic before planting, you should find out what the deadlines should be planted. Just note that there is no specific date. Disembarkation time depends on climatic conditions. Focus on what we need to do it in about 1-1,5 month before the cold snap. During this time, teeth needs to take root and develop a good root system that will penetrate to 10-12 cm depth, but not “release” leaves. In regions with cold climate the period of embarkation starts 20 September in more southern – 14 October. If the garlic is to plant early, it will sprout if it's too late – freeze.

Preparation of planting materials

processing garlic before planting with copper sulfate

Preparing garlic for planting begins with the inspection of the planting material. Use harvest of the current year. Collect for this well dried, healthy bulbs. If they will have moisture in abundance, they will quickly germinate. Carefully separate them into individual teeth, preventing damage to the skin. Then calibrate them by size into large, medium and small.

Disassemble the bulb to the teeth immediately before planting, otherwise it can dry out the stems, and this will greatly delay the formation of roots.

Processing of garlic before planting may be carried out in various ways, some of which we consider next. Despite the differences they all have one goal – to help young teeth to weather the storm and protect them from possible diseases. The most effective are the following methods of treatment: a solution of wood ash, potassium permanganate, salt and copper sulphate, NPK.

Treatment garlic before planting in the saline and copper sulfate

what to feed winter garlic

Planting material rinse in saline solution (concentration: 3 tbsp of salt per five gallons of water) for a couple of minutes. To make it easier, you can put the cloves in a cloth pouch or wrap them in a piece of cotton and tie the ends like a sack.

The Second phase – treatment with copper sulfate. To do this, dilute with ten liters of water 1 tbsp of mixture and dip in a solution of garlic for one minute. After that, not washing teeth, drop them on the bed. This treatment of garlic before planting, copper sulfate is mainly aimed at preventing the development of various diseases. It can be used for both winter and spring varieties.

When planting follow the calibration. Do not mix large and small teeth, so you will achieve amicable shoots.

Soaking in a solution of wood ash

Quite often you can find the question about whether or not to soak garlic before planting. The answer depends on what grade you choose. If it's about garlic winter, it is better not to do it. The main purpose of soaking– to help the teeth faster to hatch. So it is true in the case with spring garlic. Prior to these keep in the fridge for months.

Soaking in the ashes – it is perhaps the oldest and most budget-friendly way. Ash is formed in sufficient quantity in the bath. Just during the winter it should be collected. For the preparation of a solution of two cups of wood ash, pour two liters of hot water. You must wait until a fine mixture is divided into layers. By this time, the solution needs to cool down, drain it white in a separate container. It should be soaked teeth of garlic for one hour.

Garlic Soaking in a solution of potassium permanganate

Processing of garlic before planting potassium permanganate – it is also very common way. In the case of winter varieties need to make it short. Enough to lower teeth for 1-2 minutes to slightly pink solution. If we are talking about spring garlic, then practiced soaking for 10-12 hours.

In addition, it is possible to conduct a comprehensive treatment. To do this, the garlic cloves are initially soaked in a weak solution of NPK (1 tbsp. of the drug per ten liters of water). After a day of planting material is placed in a salted solution for 20 min. At the end of the garlic dipped for 20 min in a solution of copper sulfate. Concentrations are the same as mentioned above.

The Cultivation of winter garlic

when to plant garlic outdoors

If preparing garlic for planting were carried out correctly, as the landing itself, and the seeds are nice and sturdy, the early spring, once in the garden the snow melts, the blossom appears. At this point, in order to prevent crust formation and to ensure the plant roots access to oxygen, it is necessary proryhlit the ground to a depth of 2-3 cm.

Watering garlic carried out from may to early July. Stop it about twenty days before the expected harvest. The volume of the water consumed depends on the air temperature. It is equal to approximately 10-12 liters per 1 m2 the Frequency of watering – once in ten days (during a very hot summer is reduced to 5-6).


whether to soak garlic before planting

Irrigation garlic can be successfully combined with fertilizer. Let's talk about what to feed winter garlic for best growth. Generally fertilizing is best done in three stages with the development of plants.

Once the garlic has formed 3-4 true leaves, pour the urea solution from a watering can or sprinkling method. The concentration of the solution – 1 tablespoon of fertilizer per 10 liters of water. That's enough for the whole bed, because the flow – 2-3 liters per 1 m2.

To feed Before winter garlic the second time, wait two weeks after the first treatment. To prepare the nutrient solution in ten liters of water or diluted NPK nitrophosphate, and the drug “Agricola” or “Fertile”. The flow rate is 4-5 liters per 1 m2.

The Third feeding aims to “keep” the plant during the formation of the bulb, and have it in the second half of June. Ten liters of water diluted with crushed superphosphate (2 tbsp). The flow rate of the solution is equal to 4-5 liters per 1 m2.

Spring garlic: planting and care

spring garlic growing and caring

Agricultural machinery spring garlic is no different from its winter counterpart. The plant should prepare a fertile soil with pre-filled mineral and organic fertilizers. The height of the beds can vary from 12 to 15 cm, the width should not do more than 90.

Swipe on any of the above method before planting, processing of garlic. Then the teeth will plant in the garden at a distance of 6-8 cm at a depth of 2-3 cm.

As soon As shoots appear, the plants should be fertilized with a fertilizer containing nitrogen. Use urea or a solution of mullein. Further care of the garlic lies in timely weeding and loosening the soil, watering. In may, the soil must be constantly maintained wet. The frequency of watering at this time of year – once a week.

When you begin to form bulbs, garlic needs to feed phosphorus-potassium preparations. It can be potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, or superphosphate. Strictly follow the dosage recommended on the package. Between pour dressing aisle in a simple wood ash at the rate of one Cup per 1 m2.

Spring garlic begins to clean up the mass after drying the leaves of the lower tier, as well as lodging and yellowing of the upper leaves. Onions are well dried and lay on the storage.

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