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What is the flower called iris? Probably many people ask this question after hearing an unusually affectionate name of a plant. Iris-flower, widely distributed on all continents and more commonly known as “iris”. iris, what flowerTo Call as it became in honour of a radiant and beautiful goddess iris, coming down the colorful rainbow to bring people news from the dread of the gods.

Flower of the past: iris

What is the flower in ancient times was the exquisite decoration of the estates of the pharaohs? What is the flower depicted on the mural, which is 4000 years old? What flower was named, meaning "rainbow" with a light hand, the Greek physician Hippocrates? From the petals of a flower on the territory of Armenia and Azerbaijan can prepare a delicious jam? what is the flower irisIris (aka iris). Flower (photo), therapeutic properties have been appreciated in folk medicine and applied in snake bites, getting rid of cough and indigestion. Extracts from the root of a plant used in the wine industry, perfume industry and the production of some confectionery. In Ancient Egypt, on the basis of irises produced dyes for fabrics.

What is the flower called iris?

Iris is the flower symbol. In Japan it is made magical for the boys, gives courage and guarding against diseases. An old Japanese legend about a certain girl whom the Japanese considered cursed by the gods for the bright hair color. Walking one day all alone, the girl came upon a marvelous flower and decided not to part with such beauty, dug it up and took with him. Home made broth from it, which washed her hair. iris flowerThe Hair become Golden brown. The villagers, seeing such a dramatic change, thought that the girl descended the grace of God, so the sun gilded her head. Since then, iris in Japan, was considered the messenger of the gods and have taken a worthy place in the Imperial garden. Its leaves are even used to prepare some national dishes of the rising sun, and in the Middle ages officials wore from the leaves of the iris wigs. A flower by any other name is iris? What looks dear? How else is the flower iris? Based on the above, it becomes quite clear that the common people in this affectionate nickname is called the iris.


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External specifications

Today, iris – the flower, which is actively used in landscape design. Thanks to the amazing attractiveness, incredible variety and the ease of care found among the gardeners in popularity. The flowers of iris are characterized by the diversity of colors: white, blue, blue, black, yellow. Breeding science have not only the elegance of forms and a more pronounced flavor, but the combination in the same flower two or more shades. Stems of iris – high (150 cm) erect stalks, branched at the top. Each of them consists of 7 to 9 large flowers, solitary or United in clusters. Flowers do not have petals and sepals represent the tubular perianth divided into 6 recurved lobes: three fused domestic shares form a kind of tube, outer three - some turned downward and often painted in a different tone. The inflorescence typically blooms in 2-3 buds. The maximum lifetime of one flower to 5 days.

The Roots shallow, fleshy, fast growing, with lace closure natural waste - thread-like or fibrous roots. iris flower photoConsists of separate parts, each of which represents annual growth with the necessary nutrients which are required for the development of all parts of the plant: leaves, buds, stems and the residual lateral buds. The rhizomes contains a valuable oil; the species with the greatest amount used in the manufacture of perfumes. Leaves ensiform, fleshy, flat, with a waxy bloom; typically assembled in fan-shaped bundles. a flower called irisThe Fruit is a three-celled box. The life of the sophisticated, unpretentious plants is 10-13 years, while the death of roots occurs annually.

Culture Conditions

Iris-flower prefers to grow in well-lit territories, tolerates shade. The most optimum are slightly acidic and neutral soils. On wet lands hold only certain types of irises (e.g. iris Kaempfer and swamp iris). Bearded varieties like loose soil, do not tolerate constant moisture and grow well on slopes. It is recommended to plant irises at a distance from each other not less than two feet; dwarf varieties can be placed closer.

For growing irises do not require large amounts of fertilizer and abundant watering; nearly all varieties hardy. In all its glory plants appear, beginning in mid-may. In July, the flowering period ends. With proper selection of varieties and their combination iris will bring aesthetic pleasure for the past 2 months.

Particular care

One of the factors of quality care is loosening the soil that are necessary forensure access of oxygen to the roots. This operation is required to be very careful not to damage close to the surface roots. Iris is desirable to feed mineral preparations in the spring, during the tying of buds in August, before laying of flower buds next year. In the first feeding, you can add nitrogen, subsequently effect of phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. Making fresh organic gardeners is not recommended.


The easiest method of propagation is division of the rhizome, which is better done after flowering or in early September, when already formed, young roots. iris flowerDo Not wait for late autumn, as the plant has time to root before the soil freezing. During the spring division of the blossoming flowers have to admire until next year. For this method of breeding should be to choose a well-developed shrub. After division, each part should have a piece of rhizome and leaves. The slices need to dry, powder with powdered charcoal, in order to avoid rotting. The underground part before planting should be dipped in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for approximately a quarter of an hour and a half sheets to cut.

Breeding new varieties produced by seed, but in this case, the plants bloom on 2-3rd year.

The Iris in the landscape design

Iris, which is characterized by the superficial location of the roots, are the great neighbors for all shrubs with deep roots: spirea, roses, dacii rough, coniferous plants, easy to get along with peonies.a flower by any other name is iris

Low-growing varieties original look as a border along paths, and also in compositions among the large stones. Irises attractive in group plantings, perfectly combined with annual plants and ground cover perennials. Tall varieties are often used to demarcate water bodies. For shallow waters the most applicable swamp irises, and on the shores can plant out Japanese and Siberian representatives. Impressive irises look iridaea – flower beds, designed exclusively for their cultivation.

Diseases and pests

Iris is quite resistant to pests and diseases. May be damaged by rot of the rhizomes if you are growing in constantly moist soils. To cure a plant is easy enough to dig it up, trim rot, disinfected with potassium permanganate or special medication against rot and planted in dry soil.what plant has a second name iris

Garden pests iris may be affected gladiolus thrips or aphids. Infected plants look depressed, stop blooming. Get rid of the pest by the use of the drug “Konfidor” according to the instructions.

What kind of flower has the second name of “iris”? The above information fully gives an explanation on this issue and also talks about the cultivation and care of such attractive and undemanding plant.

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