Chicken fleas: methods of control and prevention


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Chicken fleas – small parasites, the habitat of which is a bird's plumage. It is on the body of birds, especially chickens, such animals spend their entire life cycle, rapidly multiplying and feeding on the blood of their victims.remedy for chicken fleas the Consequences of the destructive activities of chicken fleas, resembling dark hanging growths, is the spread of various infections (plague, salmonellosis, brucellosis), reduced egg production, poor health and subsequent death of birds. If poultry discovered chicken fleas how to get rid of these pests quickly and harmlessly, while maintaining the health of the birds?

Description chicken fleas

Bird parasite body is shiny brown color that comprise a length of about 1-2 mm. In contrast to the flat counterparts living on cats and dogs, has high several sharbino and flattened laterally body, so to squash this pest is almost impossible. Extra strength body chicken fleas gives a hard chitinous cover, and vertkost and agility provide a strong and long hind legs, due to which harmful insects are very high I can jump.

Optimally comfortable temperature for the existence of such parasites is 40-41 O– a figure consistent body temperature in poultry. For this reason, the chicken flea never leaves its boundaries and accumulates in places where there is no tail: the skin of birds is most thin, just “tough” small parasite.

Causes of infection of chicken parasites

Sources of chicken fleas in poultry quite a large number. Chickens can become infected with parasites from wild birds: sparrows, chickadees, crows. If there is a poultry farm, chicken fleas able easy to migrate there. Eggs of pests can be in the straw or hay used in coops as bedding.


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Despite the huge “devotion” to his master to reproduce on the body of the chicken, the female fleas are not able to. Daily with a certain group of muscles it pushes from his calf for quite a considerable distance portion of the to bring chicken fleas in the chicken coop Emerging from them the next day, the worm-like larvae begin to feed “pasture. After a few weeks the larvae pupate. Adult transformation occurs at the same comfortable temperature +40 O, most often in the nest where a hen is a long incubation period.

The Danger of chicken fleas

Chicken fleas pose to poultry great danger and actively multiply rapidly capable for a short period it just “tear”. The chicken's suffering badly, is restless, stops eating, drinking, and may die from exhaustion.the drug from chicken fleas in addition, the bites of these parasites infecting birds with helminths, which are subsequently transferred through the meat to humans. It is therefore urgent to take measures to eliminate dangerous parasites. If the bird discovered chicken fleas how to get rid of these pests? What necessary steps should you take? How to use the drug from chicken fleas?

How to determine a defeat chicken fleas?

To Determine the presence of parasites in the chicken can be visually: insects are very often creep out to feed on exposed areas of the skin near the eyes, beak and feet. Crawling in the feathers, they greatly annoy the bird. Last, trying to scratch the irritated places, vyklevyvaet his feathers begins to rapidly lose weight. Easily accounted birds contained for grazing. Having the opportunity to leave the camp, on the paddocks, they can clean the plumage in the dust and anthills, so less likely to become infected with such parasites as chicken fleas.

How to get rid of folk remedies?

When you get rid of chicken fleas well established time-proven traditional methods. In particular, the effective action of tansy and wormwood, the odor of which quickly expel from the chicken coop small parasites. Just enough to put these plants in the corners of the room or to hang on the perimeter. chicken fleas how to get rid of folk remediesEncouraged by the positive result of the action of sagebrush poimennogo broth, filled with boiling water in a ratio of 1 to 3 and infused for 12 hours. Life-saving fluid it is recommended to treat the hen house with all its contents: walls, floors, corners, feeders, perches.

In times not so distant chicken coops sprayed with dust, the use of which in small quantities not only eliminates the parasites, but prevented their occurrence in the future. The most tested are the ash bath. chicken fleaChicken bathing in them with pleasure, simultaneously getting rid of pesky fleas.

How to bring chicken fleas in the chicken coop?

Chemicals are proven drops Beaphar. Made on a natural basis, they are designed to removing fleas from dogs. Such a transparent medium with a buttery consistency, you can successfully save the chickens: thoroughly massage into skin, avoiding its contact with mouth and eyes of a bird. The duration of the protective action – 3 weeks. Then the treatment can be repeated.

Drops Hartz is also designed to get rid of fleas for cats and dogs, but can help in the treatment of affected poultry. The contents of the tube should be applied to the back of the head and RUB well. The insecticide will quickly spread through the subcutaneous vessels and paralyse the little vermin. The effect occurs within 24 hours after processing. It is not recommended to apply this tool to the chickens because of high toxicity. A wide range of drops against chicken fleas allows you to stop the choice on any of them: «bars», Frotline, Stronghold, “Advantage”, “Given”. In strict compliance with the instructions in the application of these drugs the result will please almost immediately.

Protivopolojnuu the treatment is recommended not only in regard to chickens, but also areas where they live. For this procedure, you can use any insecticidal means used in the control of cockroaches, fleas, cockroaches in the rooms: “Tetrix”, “Gets”, “Zyvox”, “Malathion”, “.”.

Against chicken fleas – drug "Botox”

In industrial chicken coops, where the population numbers in the tens and hundreds of chickens, is an effective treatment drug “Botox”, a key advantage is the possibility of easy preparation of the insecticidal solution in significant quantities. The contents of the vials having a capacity of 1 ml is required dilute with 4 litres of water and apply to the back of the head of the chicken, carefully rubbing.Botox from chicken fleas subcutaneous blood vessels, the drug “Botox” from chicken fleas will quickly spread throughout the body and will not leave parasites the slightest chance of survival. Additionally, the tool is recommended to treat chicken coops, of which previously needed to remove all the bird.

Effective powder “Deltametrina”

In the fight against dangerous parasites of many small farmers used this remedy for chicken fleas, powder “Deltametrina”. The drug you want to spray on a bird's plumage (avoiding falling into the airway), and then carefully rubbed into the skin. If you have a special spray treatment powder can be carried out in large poultry houses. After treatment is recommended to maintain the chicken coop for a few days without cleaning to ensure that killed all the larvae of fleas. Not always succeed the first time to get rid of these dangerous pests like chicken fleas. So sometimes 2-3 weeks is necessary to repeat the treatment, giving time to the surviving pupae transform into adult fleas. During the pupal stage of the pest less susceptible to the insecticidal means.chicken fleas how to rid

Before returning the chickens should be wet cleaning, to whitewash the walls consisting of chlorine and slaked lime and thoroughly ventilate the house, clean the litter, change the litter in the cells. You cannot treat just spray tools: each bird shall be subjected to the individual treatment, which necessarily should be in a respirator and gloves.


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