Household deep pump: installation and operation


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A Submersible pump is one of the main devices to supply much needed water to the house. The equipment should be selected taking into account parameters of source water, as well as the needs of a particular user. To install such a pump can both independently and using the help of specialists.

Varieties of deep-well pumps

deep pump setting

Deep pump, the installation of which can be produced without assistance, can be a borehole, well or a drain. The first kind has the ability to lift water from a rather impressive depth, transmitting it over long distances. Well pumps are designed for installation in a well and differ less impressive power. This affects not only performance, but also on the pressure. Drainage type of pumps is used for pumping contaminated water out of dumb wells, basements and swimming pools.

Installing a sump pump

deep pump price

If you choose a deep well pump, installing this unit you will be able to do. The technology will depend on the location of the device. In order to perform installation work on the installation of the well pump to provide the house with water, to lay water pipe. It will connect equipment that is in the well, plumbing products installed inside the house. The master should be aware that the depth of the water pipes has to be more depth of soil freezing. This is an important aspect. If you decide to choose a deep well pump, installation of this equipment involves summing to the well of the electric power supply cable. It can be used to connect equipment. The wire can be placed on the soil surface in a protective sleeve or water pipes. If you decide to choose the last option, in this case, the cable will be less subject to technical influences. On the top ring of the manhole is necessary to fix the bracket designed to hold equipment. If the source depth is greater than 30 meters, for easy retrieval of the unit it is possible to make a metal mold. As for the less impressive depth, it is possible to use an ordinary bracket, to it the pump is fixed by means of metal wires.


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Final work

the cost of installing deep well pump

Deep pump, the installation of which is without the participation of an outside specialist, you need to connect with the water system. If the equipment is devoid of special valve is designed to prevent the passage of water in the opposite direction, the device should be installed additionally. The next step may be to connect the power supply. The cable must be fixed to the pipes that are located inside the well. To use this you need the electrical tape. This manipulation helps to prevent the damage that can bring the equipment to malfunction. Subsurface pump, the price of which may reach 15 000, is lowered into the well to the desired level and reinforced with a restraint device. The master would oversee the first launch of the unit. It is important to check the correct operation of the device and the maximum tightness of available connections.

Recommendations for mounting the pump in the well

deep well pump

Deep pump (price of the device varies depending on functions) can be installed in the well. This will require special equipment, the cost of which sometimes reaches 30 000. The original master will have to perform the wiring system of water pipes in the well to the points of consumption. You will need to produce piping of the pump. For equipment that is fixed by the discharge tubing and power cable. Included with the unit wiring diagram for deep well pump.

Tip of the wizard

automatic deep well pump

If you are not ready to independently carry out installation work, you can take the help of experts. The cost of installing deep-well pump can be up to 7000 rubles. It is worth remembering that the downhole pump is also not recommended for use without non-return valve, it needs to be installed on the equipment before connecting water supply.

Tips for carrying out installation work

roofing services

All the pipe system of water supply must be insulated with tape which eliminates tangling and damage. After design will be able to prepare, it should be lowered into the borehole to the required level. The unit must be fixed on the top. This element is not only the restraint for the pump, but also protection from ingress of various objects, foreign debris and leaves. Headroom – it is also the link between the water system built by the pump. To it must be connected to the Sewerage system. The master must check how properly carried out these works. Only then you will enter the device into operation.

Connection accumulator

household subsurface pump for wells

Automatic deep well pump will extend the life of the equipment. The accumulator accumulates a stock of water, and with the inclusion of sanitary products liquid is consumed from the tank, only after reaching the critical water level activates the pump itself. One-time connection of the equipment can meet the needs of users, and then re-fill the tank. When you use an accumulator you will reduce the frequency of switching on the equipment, which will increase the period of use. Automatic deep well pump reduces the number of pressure drops due to the use of several cranes simultaneously. This approach will allow you to protect the system from hydraulic shock that happens when you turn on the device. The accumulator will be impossible to mount without pressure switch, it is triggered when the minimum water level in the tank. Roofing services there is a need to make much less with this addition. To install the pump in the borehole or well simply. As a basic condition in this case acts as correct equipment selection and advance preparation of additional materials, namely, non-return valve, connectors and extra wiring.

Recommendations for operating deep well pump

The Deep pump well must be not only properly selected and installed, but used according to the rules, which are set by the manufacturer. Before selecting and purchasing this unit it is necessary to obtain data on power supply voltage. It is important when choosing imported models. Everything that comes from abroad, meets the industrial norms of the country of origin. Thus, for the German pumps allowable voltage is +6 to -10 %. This rule must be considered, even in the case when the equipment system has built-in functionality of protection. Power surges will affect the life of the engine. In this case, you need to provide a regulated voltage protection in the control Cabinet for three-phase pumps. This is true for defective modes of operation. Choosing deep pump for well, you have to remember that 85% of breakdowns are due to failure of electric equipment parts. The main reason for it is the winding short circuit the stator windings. This may result in hydraulic overloading. Such unpleasant moments can be avoided if you install current protection.

If domestic deep pump for wells to use in improper conditions, it is possible to deal with the need to spend more on pump lift and its repair. The price will be equivalent to the cost of the engine. You will have to pay for the re-lowering of equipment and its commissioning. As practice shows, the final amount may be more than the cost of a new unit.


If the cost of installing deep-well pump, which was mentioned above, for you seems to be unacceptable, then such work can be performed independently. However, it is worth considering the point that the equipment in this case may not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.


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