Kalanchoe pinnate - description of the species, medicinal properties and application


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In the modern world there are plenty of plants that are used to treat various ailments. Many people today know that Kalanchoe pinnate has healing properties. This flower is widely spread among gardeners and is often found on the windowsills of city apartments. But if this plant can cure diseases? Let's try to understand this question.

Truth or myth?

Kalanchoe at home

Kalanchoe pinnate widely used in folk medicine. Specialists began to use the healing properties of this flower only in the 60-ies of the last century. The experiments confirmed that the plant really can be used for the preparation of drugs. Kalanchoe juice is taken as a main component for the preparation of ointments for burns and wounds.


Before considering the treatment of Kalanchoe Cirrus, it would be nice to know what is this flower. It has a straight stem with oval leaves. They have small notches on the ends. Many gardeners are interested in how flowering Kalanchoe pinnate. The plant appear purple or red blossoms.

Useful properties

As previously mentioned, Kalanchoe pinnate has many healing properties.

The leaves of this plant contains the following components:

  • Ash;
  • Tanning substances;
  • Polysaccharides;
  • Kaempferol;
  • Quercetin;
  • Vinegar;
  • Malic acid;
  • Citric acid;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Vitamin P;
  • Magnesium,
  • Aluminum;
  • Iron
  • Manganese,
  • Potassium.

It has been proved that the juice of this species of Kalanchoe has a styptic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, tonic and wound healing effect. Drugs with its contents can be used in the treatment of burns, ulcers, boils, varicose veins, cracked skin, inflammation of mucous membranes, diseases of ENT-organs. Medicines, which include Kalanchoe juice, are used in dentistry for gum disease, periodontal disease, gingivitis. Another use of this miracle cure – otolaryngology. Kalanchoe juice is effective in the treatment of tonsillitis, otitis, sinusitis. In ophthalmology, it is of great help for corneal erosion, inflammation of the eyelids and keratitis. In addition, the juice of Kalanchoe produces an excellent effect in the treatment of trophic ulcers, purulent-necrotic processes, ulcers.


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Folk medicine

Kalanchoe in a pot

Is it Possible to apply Kalanchoe pinnate? The therapeutic properties of this plant are widely used today in folk medicine. For the preparation of drugs usually taken ground part of the plant. Stems length can be up to half a meter. For the treatment of diseases can be used in different parts of the plant. As a rule, the crushed leaves or juice.

Juice medicinal plants

Can be used As Kalanchoe pinnate? Pharmacognosy have long been studying the healing properties of this culture. In folk medicine, Kalanchoe juice is recommended to take inside and drip into the nose and ears. It can also be used to prepare medicine against stomach ulcers and tuberculosis. You can prepare the juice of Kalanchoe pinnate at home. It is necessary to cut the leaves and stems, wash them well and leave for a week in the fridge. After this time, harvesting can grind and squeeze the juice from them.

The resulting composition is left on for a couple of hours in the fridge. When the juice has settled, it will need to drain. For the treatment of ulcers the prepared medicine should be taken 20 minutes before meals three times a day on a teaspoon. Tuberculosis juice diluted with water in ratio of 1 to 3 and take two times a day for half a teaspoon. Medication stored in a refrigerator. Kalanchoe juice in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is recommended to take three times a day on a teaspoon. For the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity need rinsing juice.

You Can also prepare special eye drops. For this purpose, two tablespoons of the juice of Kalanchoe pour 250 ml of hot water and boil for three minutes. The resulting broth rinse the eye. When inflammation of the ears also recommended to use the juice of the therapeutic culture. It is instilled three times a day, two drops. Helps the juice of Kalanchoe and chronic rhinitis. For the preparation of medicine the leaves are crushed, squeezed out of them pus and filtered. Received drops should be instilled into the nose four times a day. Prepared medicine can not be stored for long periods. It is recommended to do every day a new part.


leaves of Kalanchoe

It is Worth noting that people who are prone to nose bleeding, you should not use the pure juice of Kalanchoe. The composition should be diluted with water in proportion 1 to 1. For children drop out all ready for other recipes. The younger the child, the weaker the broth needs to be done. Enough to take a few leaves of Kalanchoe, fill them half a liter of water, bring to the boil and infuse for an hour. This broth has a mild effect on the mucous membranes and good for clearing the respiratory tract. Each day, a child needs to prepare a new composition. For the treatment of young children the juice of Kalanchoe should be used with caution because it can cause serious complications.

Is it Possible to add plant food?

It is believed that the leaves of Kalanchoe contains substances that strengthen the immune system. Therefore, in some sources it is recommended to eat in exhaustion, and regeneration after severe diseases. You can find even entire recipes of salads, which are the leaves of Kalanchoe pinnate. Fill a snack can with lemon juice or vegetable oil. Kalanchoe it is recommended to chew with angina.

Growing medicinal flower in the home

medicinal Kalanchoe

Is it Possible to grow it on the windowsill Kalanchoe pinnate? The home care for this flower does not require much effort. As a result, you will not only get a plant with lovely decorative features, but drug. Pinnate Kalanchoe originates from such a warm country like Madagascar. This is a fairly undemanding houseplant. It's easy to grow at home. It is enough to observe a few simple rules. If you properly care for a flower, he will delight you with bright pink flowers.

Reproduction, appearance

Looks Like Kalanchoe pinnate? Description of view may look as follows: it is an herbaceous evergreen perennial plant of the family Crassulaceae.

A Feature of this plant is considered an amazing ability to reproduce. As shares Kalanchoe pinnate? Reproduction in the home can be performed and pieces of leaves, and cuttings. In addition, on the edge of the leaf formed brood buds. They do maternity leaves can form new shoots. It is for this reason Kalanchoe relates to pseudowords plants.

How to throw?

Kalanchoe in folk medicine

Degremona Kalanchoe and Kalanchoe pinnate originate from warm tropical countries. But despite this, the plants do not tolerate excess moisture. The roots can start to rot and will suffer the whole plant.

How to water the Kalanchoe at home? Experienced growers suggest using the following irrigation scheme. Summer flower watered with cool water so that it does not hit the stalk. The fact that the stem of Kalanchoe does not absorb moisture, and the ingress may begin to rot. Water the flower it is necessary moderately. The soil should be moist, but in any case not wet. We need to make sure that the water does not escape. If you accidentally poured, the pan must be free from liquid. And remember: no underfill in this case is much better than excess moisture. The plant is tolerate no watering for a couple days. It has its own supply of fluid. Autumn flower should be watered less often than in summer. Water in the pan in no case should not remain. To implement watering is only as needed. Wait until the soil is completely dry. For irrigation use pooled water at room temperature.


flowering Kalanchoe

How to place in the room Kalanchoe pinnate? The care of this plant necessarily involves creating the right lighting. Flower constantly in need of sunlight. In the morning and before lunch time the culture can be kept on a windowsill with direct sunlight. After lunch we recommend that you move on...

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