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It is Not necessary to say how important and needed the bathroom in the house. It is used more than any other room in the house. But here's the problem: most of them are not many can boast of a large area of space occupied this room. So, what to do if you have a small bathroom? What are some ways you should use to make it visually a little more. Small tub

The Main thing is to organize everything

Even if the small tubs make it easy to place it just everything you need, and still closely, to help in this case will be competent layout of the room. Provided that you organize everything correctly, you will not have space in the bathroom, which is, so to say, “walk”, you will be able not only to accommodate, but make it so that a small bathroom will be very comfortable. When planning before beginning repairs, decide where you would like to place all equipment. To worry about it today do not have design solutions can help to arrange the furniture outside the box, to make everything as comfortable as possible and most importantly - convenient to use. Small bathroom will look a bit more if all the plumbing, the bathroom, the sink and the toilet placed at the corners. You can even use mini-sanitary ware, which in this case can be called optimal. Small bathtubs with showerToday, increasingly, there are small bath with shower, their use, incidentally, is more convenient. This option takes much less space and will help to visually enlarge the space. Once you make a choice in favor of one or the other type of plumbing, need to consider how you want to decorate your room. So, the small bathroom should not be decorated using tiles of dark color or using any of large size drawings. It is easy to guess that the maximum light tones will make the room visually larger, also this effect will help to achieve the mosaic. Another secret that can be used in this case is the use of mirrors. small tubsThanks to them you can achieve the effect of the depth of the room. The mirror can take place not only over the sink, but to be the size of the whole wall. The only thing you need to do is to allow the use of mirrors on opposite walls. About the bathroom furniture can only say that it should not be too much. Otherwise, you can greatly clutter the space. Of course, you can use different accessories for the bathroom, but again, one should be very careful not to overdo it. Of course, as you can do in the bathroom with no shelves. Today, you can find a variety of options, shelves in the bathroom can be made of wood and plastic and glass. The last option is the most popular and widespread.

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