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What is a parquet Board, to explain is not for everyone. Flooring from wood of natural origin have become widespread in recent years. However, the market today is rich with different materials that are offered by many manufacturers. Production Is not in place, and the customer gets a serious problem of how to choose the floorboard. To do this, you first need to learn the pros and cons and then to go to market.


The parquet Board consists of three layers:

1. Facing. Usually it is made of such wood species as oak, birch, maple, walnut, cherry and beech. A number of firms uses some exotic species: Jatoba, merbau, wenge and to choose the floorboard

2. The middle layer. It is made in the form of a high strength plate, or from multiple layers of softwood glued together. With the latest version adheres to a strict technology: fiber of each layer must be perpendicular relative to each other. It eliminates the premature deformation of the structure of the Board when humidity or air temperature.

3. The bottom layer. Most often made from fir wood.

If you decide to buy flooring Upofloor, for example, the first note on the thickness of the product. This figure depends on the parameters of each individual layer. Mainly on the quality of the Board is affected by the thickness of the upper layer. Due to the large supply of wood, the Board can many times be subjected to grinding. The best option – 13 to 15 mm. In this case, the thickness of the top layer is 4 mm. This flooring is ideal for homes. And for public institutions it is better to choose the most durable.


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buy floorboard upofloorThe Production of hardwood timber – Polish:

Boards are coated with varnish or special oil at the factory manufacturing stage. Before the coating procedure, upper layer sealer, then primer layer to secure the upper part. Then scrape the wood, i.e. it is cleaned from unnecessary elements. In the end, the Board is ready to varnish, the number of layers reaches seven. Then is hot pressed.

If the manufacture of parquet boards have been complied with fully, the material will last a long time, he will be a solid base under my feet, which soon will need to change. It remains only to decide in advance How to choose flooring for themselves.

However, remember that whatever the thickness and strength of the parquet, the use of chairs and armchairs on wheels provide the appearance of chips and scratches.

How to choose a floorboard according to the degree of gloss

production of parquet boards

You can pick up Board for your home, based on the gloss that will appeal to you most. There are semi-gloss, glossy and matte coatings. It all depends on the taste of customers, so specific recommendations do not exist.

How to choose the floorboard, paying attention to the material:

  • Product of any kind must not be in thickness less than 9 mm.
  • Wood Species plays an important role. To explore this question. What kind of wood its characteristics are more suitable for you.

In order to use the floorboard for many years, it is important not to violate the rules of operation. Use high quality adhesive to secure the panels together. Always watch the level of humidity in the room. If you are using a system of floor insulation, it is important to check that everything was evenly distributed over the surface. And in the first month of use "warm floor" should include their max at half power.

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