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If the area that you plan to use for the construction of his house, turned out to be swampy soil, should not get upset. Modern technologies easily make it possible to lay the Foundation, even in difficult conditions. The basic rule will be the correct choice of Foundation type. You can't go wrong, because this will depend on the life of not only the Foundation but the whole building.

What is a marshy soil?

foundations in the swamp

Before starting to build the foundations in the swamp with your hands, you should familiarize yourself with this type of soil. It is a heterogeneous multilayer structure, which includes the presence of:

  • Sandstone;
  • Peat;
  • Clay.

The Bog is always saturated with moisture and has a fine-grained particles in large quantity. They are quite weakly resist compression. The soil unstable, so to determine the limit load is difficult.

Boggy ground is one of the most difficult to conduct construction. Before you can determine the depth of Foundation, type of Foundation and structure area, it is necessary to study the geological environment.

Features of construction on wetlands: geological survey

screw piles for the Foundation

If you decide to lay the Foundation on a swamp under the house, the first stage is to carry out geological studies. They needed to identify indicators of the soil. Will need to find out what is the volume of soil water, to what level is the frost, type of soil, and surface proximity of underground waters.

For the selection of soil you need to use a manual probe. On a plot of drilled wells, which are located at the corners of the future Foundation. To make the study better in winter when soil is most saturated with water. The soil sampling allows to obtain the following information:


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  • The thickness of the layers;
  • Physical properties of soil;
  • Depth of the formation.
  • Change the soil in recent years.

For a wooden house drilled a 5-metre borehole, whereas if you are planning to build a stone or brick house, then the depth of the well should be increased to 10 m.

Before you begin construction on the wetlands, should determine the depth of soil freezing. If the Foundation is laid at insufficient depth, then this could be the cause of its destruction. As a result of engineering-geological studies, you will receive information that will allow you to determine the type of soil.

What Foundation should I choose?

swampy soil

The Most time consuming and expensive process in building a house are the works on arrangement of Foundation. The cost of carrying out these manipulations will be 1/3 of the total estimated cost of construction of the building. Few years from any base in the swamp begins to break down, but only if it does not reach the depth of seasonal freezing.

On the South side of the base starts to bulge, if the work was performed incorrectly. In order to design lasts as long as possible, it is necessary to make the drainage system. It will drain from the site excess moisture. On marshy soils are three types of Foundation one is a pile.

This design is most suitable, as it has the following advantages:

  • Relatively low cost;
  • The possibility of construction in any terrain;
  • High durability;
  • High stability and durability;
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.

Screw piles for the Foundation to begin setting in any weather. Construction time is very short. Foundation you will be able to complete in 2 days. If you use pillars of different heights, you will be able to smooth out the surface irregularities.

The Main part of the basement is a pile that can be installed in the ground vertically or with a slight slope. Unite supports using the grillage, which is a cushion in the reinforcing frame.

Screw piles for the Foundation are one of the varieties used in the marshland supports. Against corrosion, these products are protected by a zinc coating or mastic. Drilling is carried out using a special lever. Piles can be concrete, they are slaughtered manually Koper. As alternative solutions are a complex combination piles that are placed in the casing. They are extracted after the installation of the supports and concreting platform.

Construction of the Foundation based on piles

construction on the wetlands

The Foundation on a bog can consist of bored piles. It is being built on one of several technologies, among them:

  • Waterproof
  • Permanent form;
  • With removable formwork.

In a drilled well installed covers that are welded polyethylene film. The walls are laid with roofing material, and inside poured concrete. When you create a pile you can use a removable formwork made of metal or plastic. 2 hours after pouring the concrete strength will be sufficient to preserve the design. The timbering is withdrawn after solidification of the solution.

These supports have one drawback, which is expressed in the fact that they do not have protection from moisture. But the impact of the frozen layer can be offset by using a cushion of sand.

The Foundation borsalini on stilts in a swamp can be created by the third method, when the formwork is not removed. In this case, it will perform the function of waterproofing. The technology involves the use of pipe of the following materials:

  • Cardboard
  • Etc;
  • Metal.

This method allows you to protect piles by eliminating height differences and creating a layer of sand between the supports and the walls of the well. Prior to installing construction water pumped from the well pump. The lower part of the pipe, which serves as the formwork is filled with concrete waterproofing on the height meter.

This Foundation is in a swamp requires increasing the strength of the support. For this purpose, frames of metal 1,2-cm rods. You can use a triangular design.

Should you choose a slab Foundation?

foundations in the swamp under the house

One of the most expensive, but reliable is the slab Foundation. He is able to endure heavy loads and extreme temperatures. The weight of the building will be evenly distributed over the entire area of the structure that will eliminate the possibility of sagging. Under the plate is a sand and gravel pad, which transmits ground water, preventing damage to the Foundation.

Construction on the wetlands. Slab Foundation - if?

foundations in the swamp with his own hands

If the territory is marshy soil, you can build a slab Foundation. In the first stage, dug a shallow pit, and after it was drained by pumping or drainage. On the bottom of stacked layers of sand and gravel that is well compacted and covered with several layers of roofing material.

For concrete installs formwork and the reinforcing frame is constructed from 1.2-cm rods. Prepared area is filled with a solution, and after left for a few days to dry out. You can then dismantle the formwork.

This Foundation is in a swamp filled at a time, from the top you can set the strip base. It runs on their own, durability, and shrinkage prevents walls from cracking. This technology is relevant for those who want to have in the house basement.

Alternative – low-depth strip Foundation

strip Foundation on a swamp

Strip foundations in the swamp is one of the cheapest, but is relevant only for structures of a metal frame or a wooden bar. Such a Foundation requires good drainage system, so as to lay the design of above-freezing ground. The tape should be monolithic, it provides the ability to resist heave of the soil.

The Design will be uniformly raised and lowered together with the soil. The ribbon will need a sand cushion and insulation of the Foundation. This Foundation is in a swamp can be filled independently, observing technology. The work is not too complicated.

Construction of strip Foundation

If you decide to build a strip Foundation, then first you must dig a trench the desired shape. At the bottom of the falls pillow of sand, and then reinforcing cage is installed.

If the bottom of the water appeared, it should be removed by the method of construction of the drainage. Next, set the formwork and poured the mixture, which should be left until cured. When everything dries, the surface is covered with waterproofing.

In conclusion

The Peat bogs and marshland are some of the most difficult terrain for construction. Wetland soil is saturated with moisture and prone to unstable sand. In winter this soil is subjected to frost heave and spring-erosion. The solid layer lies at a considerable depth, which eliminates the possibility of using certain types of foundations.

For the wetland...

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