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The Division of the bathroom into functional areas is performed using partitions. They are made of various materials and are easy to install yourself. Partition for the soul can be glass or plasterboard, folding or sliding. The use of different materials allows you to decorate this room as competently, to comply with a single style and artistic composition.


The Optimal solution for any bathroom is a glass partition which effectively divides the space into zones, not concealing it. However, such structures to establish his own hands will not work – as a rule, their installation is performed when decorating a bathroom. Glass partition for the shower is good because it can be decorated with a film of a different color. Accordingly, the design space can be performed individually.

partition for the soul

Glass partitions are foldable, sliding, radial, overhead, compartment, and transformers. Thus, it is possible to determine the size and characteristics of the specific bathroom. Since the production of such structures using tempered glass, it is completely safe.

Glass partitions

Making partitions for the shower is on the basis of aluminium, products of which are coated with a special powder coating. The advantages of glass varieties in affordable cost, mobility, ease of installation and decoration in different ways. Particularly harmonious, they look in bathrooms, where the door is also made of glass.


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manufacturer of partitions for the soul

Partition for the shower of glass may be without a frame, that is, without the carrier element. In this case, bonding is performed on the fixed surface of the fittings, clips and connectors. And that the design was durable in use, complemented by high-quality and reliable hardware. By way of opening walls of glass often sliding or hinged – this saves the space available.


partition for the soul photo

The simplest installation partition for shower made of plasterboard. The material is perfect to create structures of different shapes and configurations. Ease of design is due to the structure of the material, which can be bending and cutting. Besides, to make such a fence by yourself. The sequence of operations in this case would be the following:

  1. First, create a frame based on metal profiles. They are attached to the floor, ceiling or walls by dowels or screws.
  2. To enhance the design uses load-bearing profiles.
  3. If the partition complex design, also using the profiles, create niches, which are cut out of the canvas of drywall the correct size.
  4. Is the covering of the frame. This is also used drywall, it is better if he leaves. In this case, the partition for the shower with their hands will be faster and more convenient. The sheathing runs vertically to install in different places, as long as the mount was robust and durable.

Polycarbonate: for and against

This material can also be used to create partitions. Such designs on the principle of attachment resemble glass, and the main installation requirement – the use of quality accessories. Due to its strength and versatility, this material is increasingly used for installation in bathrooms.

partition for the shower with their hands

A Stylish addition bathroom decor can become such a partition for a shower. The photo shows that the leaves can be covered with vinyl tape or paint depending on the characteristics of interior decoration. Design based on polycarbonate demand due to quick installation, easy processing of metal, good light transmission, high impact strength and high flame retardant properties.

Partition for the shower can have a different height panels, the length of the rails, so the dimensions of these structures are selected in accordance with the individual characteristics of each particular room. How to choose the material depends on what the design space after the final finish.

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