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A Range of household means of maintaining the household includes a lot of high-tech devices. On the market today, you can find functional devices for cleaning floorings, and devices for microclimate, and all sorts of devices for the care of kitchen utensils. On the one hand, this technique requires considerable costs, but on the other – time savings and convenience to the user to compensate for financial investments. Not so long ago a list of useful tools Housewives joined and automatic window cleaner, which makes it easy to take care of the glass surfaces outside the house. The latest models demonstrate the effectiveness of care not only for window panels, but also with other surfaces, including the floor.

automatic window washer

The Principle of operation of devices

At this stage of the development of this technique there are two device concept. One of them is design with suction cups. Such models, in particular the development of the brand Hobot. Device robot of this type includes work from the network and, accordingly, has a high power consumption. In terms of saving much more profitable auto window washer on a magnetic base. He has a more simple structure, high functionality, but also some limitations. The fact that the members of this class, especially on the thickness of the glass. Magnetic devices are almost noiseless and can be applied irrespective of the source of supply. They are supplied with batteries, so the distance from the outlets for them are not fundamental. Gradually developed and other technological device concept and existing ones become more complex. While companies that manufacture window washers, not so much.


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window washer Karcher

Reviews of the cleaner Hobot

This brand was released the first model in the world, designed for automatic dishwashers. Series device 168 is a multifunction machine that is able to provide effective cleaning of surfaces. As noted by users, ergonomics and quality of work – the main advantages that distinguish window-cleaner Hobot. Reviews, in particular, emphasize the benefits of remote control and flexibility of operation. The device is positioned on the work surface and operate it from home. In stay models on the market from owners, there have been crash reports on the device. Secure contributes a thoughtful retention mechanism, but even if he can't handle the load, then the insurance will perform with a nylon cord.

automatic window washer reviews

Reviews about model “cleaner”

The European manufacturer also offers high-quality models with different functionality and ergonomics. In particular, positive feedback has window washer “cleaner” in the modification of the WV 50. In this case you should mark the container with a spray and a little white sponge, which is easily removed and washed. According to the calculations of users, the contents of the can of cleaning fluid for this model is enough for 10 standard Windows.

Also, the owners of praise greaterdetail device – is a compact but powerful vacuum cleaner with a rubber tip. Thanks to this device it is possible to remove not only contamination on surfaces and detergent residues. Plus, celebrated the autonomy of the robot. The model is supplied with a battery, which also lasts for a cleaning at least 10 Windows. However, there are also disadvantages, which has window washer “cleaner”. Reviews criticizing the device for its high cost and some limitations on some surfaces.

automatic window washer Karcher

Feedback about the cleaners Ecovacs Winbot

The Seventh series of robot Ecovacs Winbot embodied a lot of positive options from the representatives of this segment. It should be judged about the brand in General. So, according to the owners, the device copes well with wet and dry cleaning, no noise during the work, eliminates stains, smoothly moves on the glass with the motors, and protector, as well as different attractive designs. The features of automatic window cleaner Ecovacs Winbot 7, includes a rounded housing and the ability to work with frameless glass. If we talk about the shortcomings, the owners talking about the short cable, the length of a cleaning process and a weak battery. The latter is due to the fact that the manufacturer is not expected to provide a model of a battery with the purpose of permanent supply. The battery is provided as an element of supply in the event of an accident. In General the model is reliable, but the nuances in the controls and minor bugs in the design still make many criticism to accept this option.

Feedback about the Vax cleaner

For those who need a budget, a compact and inexpensive device, is to recommend a model from the company in the version of Vax H86. As noted by users, the device has the minimum functionality, but the quality of his work remains quite high. For city apartments with a small workload, this option may be optimal. Of course, on the background of the possibilities, which includes an automatic window washer “cleaner”, the potential of the device from the Vax looks pale. However, its range of options includes a liquid inlet, a container for dirty water and the battery, allowing the device to work up to 30 minutes, Again, according to the Housewives, the unit well fulfilled its immediate objectives. But unlike the same model “cleaner” is two times less. Affordability coupled with quality work enables the washer to have success in the budget segment.

Reviews about the model Windoro

window washer reviews

The example of the family WCR-I001 is possible to estimate another unusual approach to the technology of maintenance Windows. The system consists of two modules, which are fixed on both sides of the surface and proceed by the navigation device. Users run the model using the remote control. It is the system of monitoring and control is the main advantage, which has automatic window cleaner. Reviews, for example, note the ease of starting the process of cleaning one button, then you can use other settings. For example, the operator can vary the speed and movement of the device and to specify different degrees of intensity of washing.

A set of cleaning items and other accessories makes the process not only convenient, but also effective. True, the cost of such a device is quite high. Model Windoro often used by professionals, but also in everyday life will not be superfluous. By the way, window washer “cleaner” has a similar quality characteristics, but is more expensive. So fans of German quality it makes sense to pay attention to the robot in the performance of WCR-I001.

Advantages of window cleaners

window-cleaner hobot reviews

Automatic washers undoubtedly are a useful addition. Of course, operation of such devices requires time and effort but that's nothing compared to the ones consuming manual cleaning. The only drawback of such robots – price, which can reach 20 thousand. What will justify such a sum automatic window washer? First and foremost, it's washing quality. No divorce, crystal clear and shiny surface – a prerequisite for even entry-level models. Followed by security. For the owner, and for glass, and for the robot. Manual cleaning of the loggia outside the window – the risky event, and auto washer makes the procedure completely safe.

What are the qualities you should choose a washer?

Not to be disappointed in the process of operation of the window washer, we should immediately determine the requirements for it. To start is to think about the working area. Dependent on the dimensions of the functional bodies of the device and its capacity. Here's the type of food. The presence of a half-hour of batteries suitable for Windows standard odnushki, but for home or multi-room apartments it is better to prefer a device that is powered from the mains. You should also outline the possibility of equipping with additional options that can have a window cleaner. Reviews, for example, appreciate the benefits of rasseivatelei detergents, wipes with improved cleaning, as well as the possibility of the device on non-standard surfaces.


automatic window cleaner ecovacs winbot 7

Fashion in automatic window washers went from other equipment operating on a similar technology. In particular, the same principle of operation is provided in the vacuum cleaner performing wet cleaning. The automatic window washer has to work in more severe conditions on the vertical surface. Otherwise, these devices repeat the functions of a modern vacuum cleaners. And the producers have to go – and improving communication apparatus user, and problem solving with batteries, and possibly embedded...

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