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The Seventeenth century was marked by the fact that the buffets purchased this appearance, which has come down to us. Back then a pantry for the kitchen to keep expensive dishes for the meal, it could be silver or porcelain utensils. It is noteworthy that before the buffet was so functional, it was a shelf, which also kept the utensils. Only with time they began to add cabinets and a countertop that something was intended.

Translated from the Latin word “canteen” means “slick table”, “brilliant” that, in fact, reflects the essence of his mission. This furniture reflects the income of the family or, at least, served as a place where they put all the most expensive and valuable.

For Example, the French, who were the progenitors of the modern look of the cupboard, kept in the locker of his homemade grape wine, the Germans put in a snack bar beer mugs and decorative vases, but the Slavs considered it his duty to put a samovar, a kettle or basin for jam. In the end, the exhibited items were not only a measure of wealth, but also decorative elements which adorned and ennobled appearance of the premises.

Cupboards for the kitchen and their appearancebuffet for kitchen

Classic sideboard for the kitchen – this is a massive Cabinet with opaque doors, and over to her locker, which also has doors, but they can be glass or stained (depending on the style of the room or the buffet). They are connected by a wooden wall, which is attached to the rear parts of both the cabinets, and the top outdoor tables can serve as a countertop, on which is placed the dishes or vases with flowers or fruit.


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The Material for such furniture – this tree is usually expensive varieties, decorated with carving and various figures, which can even burn out on the wooden doors and along the rim of the Cabinet. However, for today's interiors, these products can be made of less expensive and heavier materials, such as particleboard or fiberboard. It should be noted that, if necessary, a buffet can be artificially aged paint, or perform in the technique of crackle. Here, of course, it all depends on the wishes of the customer or the style of the room in which to stand and a sideboard.

The buffet and the interior

For each interior, you can pick up your buffet. So, country or ekostil involves a buffet for kitchen from a natural tree, which is not varnished. It may consist of different sized cabinets and shelves.furnitureFor kitchen in modern style suitable canteen, which will be made of plastic or acrylic. As a decoration it can be used tinted glass. You can also use the entire set of pantry, and its lower part, which is called a serving buffet.

cupboards for kitchenOf Course, to put such beauty into the kitchen or dining room, you will have to shell out a tidy sum, but it is possible to save. Buffets can be purchased at flea markets or online auctions old things. They stand there also not cheap, but still less than in stores, and the quality of materials is better, especially if you decide to purchase a wooden piece.

buffet made with your own handsYou Can look for a piece of furniture from your grandmother or her friends. Received the sideboard can be put in order, clean, painted or artificially aged. And here you have in the kitchen or in the dining room appears almost masterpiece of handicraft is valued much more expensive than the bought thing. After all, made a pantry for the kitchen will bring a bit of soul and creativity in your interior.

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