How to make a kennel for the dog with their hands: highlights


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Question: "How to make a box for the dog with your hands?" worries almost every owner of a private house and four-leg guard. Deciding to take this step, you should decide, first of all, with the location of the booth. The kennel should stand near the owner's house on a relatively empty plot of land. This will allow the dog to "control" the territory and see everyone and everything, why it will feel like full-fledged party going on. Take for house the location where the soil will be wet, and the wind won't blow it from all sides. Of course, it is easier to buy a ready-made kennel, but in how to build a kennel for the dog with your hands, there are no special difficulties. The materials depend on the region, its weather and how much time the dog will spend in their home.

how to make a kennel for the dog with their hands

Depending on these conditions, the box may be made either temporary or fundamental structure. The best option - universal house, adapted to any climate.

How to make a box for the dog with your hands: construction stages

The Whole process of building a doghouse can be divided into 4 main stages: the choice of dimensions, frame Assembly, inner and outer walls, making the roof ceiling. Additional work: insulation, waterproofing and roofing.

How to build a kennel for dogsHow to make a box for the dog with their hands: measurements

Swipe the measurements of the animal and write them on a piece of paper. Define the height at the withers, stick to it 10-15 cm - get the height of the booth. In the spare inches includes the height of the pad or litter. For the following figure, the dog should be laid on its side and measure the length from tip of front paws to the withers, to allow 10-15 cm, it will be the depth dimension of the booth. The booth can be divided into 2 zones - the entrance and sleeping space, which will consist of the width of the kennel. The size of the entrance from the growth at the withers to take 5-9 cm - this is the height of the entry, chest width plus 5-8 cm is the width. The size of the "bedrooms": length from the tip of the dog's nose to the coccyx plus 10 cm This highlights the question of how to make a house for the dog with your hands relating to the dimensions of the booth. In your house the dog should be comfortable, warm and free. This means that sitting in it, she must head to touch the ceiling, lying on his side, could pull the upright legs easily and freely, without effort to be able to enter and exit the booth. However, it is not necessary to do "mansion": the dog in them will freeze.


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How to make a house for the dogs with his own handsHow to make a box for the dog with your hands: tips

According to available standards make a drawing outline of a future home and prepare all the necessary tools and materials. Better to use a softwood, but may be something simpler. The main working materials: sticks (sizes 40x40 and 100x100 , 100x50 mm), boards, plywood, shingles, nails, roofing material, shingles (roofing), asphalt (interior trim), Board, mineral wool (insulating walls), an antiseptic coating. First do the bottom, then frame the walls, then make the lining of the walls and build the ceiling. The roof box can be by the ceiling (which is suitable for boxes, standing under a canopy or in an enclosure), and roof over it. In this case, between them is formed a space (mansardato). In any case, the roof should sit up in case of assistance dogs. It is also good to include a hole where you can put the dog's toys, medicines, plates. The bottom of the box should not be contaminated with soil between them must be a layer in the form of a Foundation or a deck. So it will not accumulate precipitation or debris. The external surface of the booth should be treated with an antiseptic solution, but the walls inside varnishing, painting categorically, so as not to poison the dog. More can be done with heat insulated roofing, waterproofing of walls - if you build a solid house. That's all the main points in the question: "How to make the box for the dog with your hands?" With drawing materials and desire a dog house built in one day!

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