Cedar of Lebanon: description, distribution, use and cultivation at home


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Today, we offer to get acquainted with a magnificent representative of evergreen trees – the Lebanese cedar. We learn about how looks like this flora, and also about where it can be found, and its significance and use by man. In addition, we will answer the question about whether it is possible to grow this tree at home.

Lebanese cedar

Tree a cedar of Lebanon: description

In Latin, is a coniferous plant called Cedrus libani. Cedrus libani is a species of coniferous trees belonging to the pine family. Under favorable conditions it grows to forty or fifty meters in height. The diameter of the tree when it reaches two meters and a half. Young Lebanese cedars crown is conical, but with age it acquires a wide and umbrella-shaped form. The color of the needles vary from green to gray-blue-green color.

These trees produce Fruit twice a year, ranging from 25-30 years of age. The Lebanese cedar has light brown cones are cylindrical in shape whose length is 12 inches and width – 4-6 inches. The seeds are edible, resinous and spread by wind. Their length is 15-18 mm, width-5-7 mm, and the wing reaches 25 millimeters. The bark of cedar of Lebanon is dark gray and scaly. Wood has a red color and is durable, pleasant scent, lightness and softness.

Cedar of Lebanon grows slowly. It can tolerate low temperatures down to minus 30 degrees Celsius. These trees are light-loving, drought-resistant and undemanding to soil. However, they do not tolerate excessive moisture.


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Lebanese cedar in the Crimea


As the name implies, trees of this species grow in Lebanon. They usually meet at hard-to-reach areas at an altitude of from one thousand to two thousand meters above sea level. Unfortunately, because of years of uncontrolled felling of Lebanese cedar, as well as due to the significant deterioration of the ecology in areas of natural growth, it was almost completely destroyed. To date, the homeland of this magnificent conifers there are only six small cedar trees.

In Addition to the homeland of this tree, today, you can find cedar of Lebanon in the Crimea, on the coast of the Caucasus and in Transcaucasia and Central Asia.

Lebanese cedar tree

Additional information about the Lebanese cedar

By the way, this tree is the main national symbol of Lebanon. His image can be seen on the flag, emblem and currency of this country. The highest state award of Lebanon is the national order of the Cedar. Also in this country, is the Divine cedar forest, a UNESCO world heritage site and protected by this organization. Here grow trees whose age is two thousand years.

Applicability and value of this coniferous tree

The cedars of Lebanon have long been used in construction and shipbuilding. It is believed that its wood is very indifferent different insects. The first mention of the use of cedar of Lebanon have roots in Ancient Egypt. The wood here is made coffins for dead pharaohs. Also cedar has been made and the funeral of the famous Solar boat, which is now located in one of the pyramids of Giza. These trees were used to decorate palaces and the construction of religious buildings.

Cedar of Lebanon have been applied in Europe. So, the world-famous Venice-city on water - was built on piles of this tree. Also the famous Phoenician sailors plied the waters of the Mediterranean sea on the ships of the Lebanese cedar.

This plant has healing properties. So, the Lebanese cedar oil has antiseptic effect.

Lebanese cedar in the home

Cedar of Lebanon at home

This magnificent plant has for centuries cultivated by the gardeners of Europe. So if you want you can decorate your home in a Lebanese cedar. Importantly, it should be borne in mind that the worst enemy of the plant is too dry and hot air. Therefore, to place a small cedar of Lebanon is required away from the warm battery. Thus, if in winter you have saved the plant from the negative effects of heat, in February and March it will give the young shoots pale green color.

Lebanese cedar in the home can be called a rather exotic object, which will decorate any interior. You can buy it in specialized centers for the sale of plants. By the way, in southern regions the price is often very symbolic (we are, of course, the young seedlings, but not on perennial trees). Alternatively, it is possible to grow the cedars of Lebanon and from seed. However, this process is very long, and not each person has enough patience to bring case to the end.

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