Expansion joints for polypropylene pipes: purpose, characteristics, and installation methods


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Utilities today lend themselves to self-installation by the masters-professionals and self-taught. On sale for this you can meet the necessary components that are installed on the principle of design. If you know their technical assignment, such work can be easily run, taking into account the requirements. In this regard, it is possible to talk about expansion joints for polypropylene pipes in order to figure out what they need, what to install and what characteristics are.

The purpose of the compensators in the system of polypropylene pipes

expansion joints for polypropylene pipe

Increasingly, today for plumbing installation used polypropylene tube. With their help it is possible to arrange hot water in places where the temperature of the coolant is greater than 90 °C under a pressure of not higher than 10 atmospheres. Polypropylene products have many advantages. They are resistant to corrosive chemicals, have a low weight and high durability.

The Manufacturers claim that these pipes serve for 50 years without requiring repair or replacement. Pipelining, experts note that such pipes do not bend, but for the formation of the bends using fittings. With their help it is possible to change the trajectory of the highway. Using manual soldering irons special purpose, craftsmen perform welds using the same fittings. They may have fused the metal thread, which allows you to combine the metal elements with the highway.

Polypropylene products has one drawback, which is expressed in the fact that their coefficient of linear expansion is high enough, it increases when the temperature increases. Over time, pipes begin to elongate and SAG, so in those places where it is necessary to collect the road in 10 m or more, apply expansion joints for polypropylene pipes.


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Important to remember

PP tube

These elements constitute the connecting structures which have a flexible shape and appearance resemble a wrapped loop. This item performs an important role: it compensates for expansion when the temperature rises inside the piping system or increased water pressure. Conventional expansion joints for polypropylene pipes are low cost and their simple design allows you to easily install the device in the pipe system. This ensures system reliability and prolongs service life.

Characteristics of different types of expansion joints

classification of joints

In the sale today, you can find expansion joints of different types, but all are designed for use in water supply system of polypropylene pipes. For example, a bellows axial elements, which are produced under the labels of CSR and surge arresters are installed in different ways, however, installation of the last lends itself to easier because they have mounting rails sites. They function as fixed supports, so install them easier.

Another kind of – shift compensators, which are used for motion compensation in two areas relative to the Central axis. Design can have one or two corrugations that are made of stainless steel and bonded to the connecting fittings. The following variety – the rotary elements, which are intended to eliminate extension in the zones of rotation of the tubing. The elements at the same fixed angle. Used PCB items where there is a need to change the direction of the highway at a right angle.

Universal products possess three degrees of the stroke, namely:

  • Axis;
  • Cross;
  • The corner.

The Most frequently used items such where you want to gather a small trunk or there are restrictions on the use of bellows expansion joints. Expansion joints for polypropylene pipes can be rubber flange, these are used where it is required to repay a shock wave formed by the increasing internal pressure. Apply rubber bellows elements it is possible to compensate for inaccuracies of the axis of the duct system.

Methods of installation of expansion joints

polypropylene bellows compensator

Today, there are two varieties of mounting of compensators, namely, flanged and welded. The latest technology involves fixing element firmly. The ends of the compensator and the pipes soldered welding. To ensure sealing of the seam should certainly make sure that the diameters of the two elements coincide, as the internal cross section and wall thickness. Using these settings, just to calculate and find a suitable bellows element.

Expansion Joints for polypropylene pipes can be installed at the flange method, which involves not the attachment to the pipe, and the counter-flange. With such a method provided by the plug connection. In the event of an emergency, it allows you to replace technical components.


compensator Kozlov

When the PP-tubes are assembled by means of compensatorsfor the flange method to perform these operations quite difficult. So this mount is only available to professionals.

Installation instructions

loop-shaped compensator for polypropylene pipes

When set polypropylene bellows compensator, it is important that the master was familiar with the peculiarities of the installation. To establish such element is necessary at the straight portion. Before installation it is necessary to carry out calculation of linear expansion and to choose the specific kind of device. Before beginning work to verify that the characteristics of the used pipes and expansion joints. They should be mentioned in the project pipeline.

Before mounting make sure that the node has no damage. If the model was defective, then its use should be abandoned. When you install PP pipe with bellows expansion joints, between the fixed bracket can be mounted only one such element. Before welding specialists suggest to wrap the node with asbestos cloth. This will eliminate the contact with metal splashes on the surface when performing welding operations.

More about assignment

universal joints

The loop-shaped compensator for pipes is used in certain areas. It is installed on a system hot and cold water and on pipelines of heating buildings razlichnogo destination. This should include commercial institutions, residential apartments and industrial premises. In this regard, it can be argued that these parts are universal.

Technical characteristics and cost of the compensator Kozlov

Compensator Kozlov is a development of the technical Director of the company «Alterplast”. These devices typically are used to compensate for thermal expansion when laying out tubing used polypropylene products. They may be unreinforced or reinforced. Apply these products may in water supply systems and heating. This design is suitable for pipes, the diameter of which ranges from 20 to 63 mm.

Perhaps the connection using the appropriate adapter. These universal joints allow you to effectively remove the temperature and of linear expansion, and exclude the deformation of pipe while protecting it from the damaging destruction. The product has a unique design which takes up much less space and is not capable to spoil appearance. If to speak about possible compensatory ability in compression for a 20 mm polypropylene tubes this value is equal to DN25, when using a 25-mm product, the rate increases up to DN32. Working pressure is 16 atmospheres, with the maximum working temperature reaches 100 °C.


Classification of joints has been presented above, however, whatever it was, their use is necessary when laying pipes. To configure the data nodes on vertical and horizontal pipelines, which allows to increase the life of the system. To mount the element on a flat area between the fixed supports. However, in the market you can find special elements that eliminate and extinguish linear expansion of pipes on the corner curves.

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