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The Birth of a baby is not only a great joy and a lot of positive emotions. It is also a lot of shopping. Necessary and not. Cot and pram is the first thing parents buy for their newborn child. Some decide to buy a changing table and a dresser. As for the highchair, the purchase of this stuff seems absolutely a waste of money.

“why does he chair? - I believe parents looking at baby, a tiny and defenseless. ─ Maybe later. But now it is certainly not necessary”. “Then” occurs very rapidly. The first five months fly by as one day. And now the kid goes to his first adult dish. And the parents starts "gay life".

Do I Need a high chair?

Anyone who has ever tried to feed porridge five─a six-month baby knows how it is hard work. And it's not even that to hold with one hand sitting on his knees pretty well-fed toddler is difficult. Few of the children sitting quietly and obediently opens his mouth for the next spoon of porridge.

The Baby wriggles around, trying to take the spoon or reach out your hands to standing on the table plates. Should parents be distracted - and now the bowl of porridge lies on the floor. Having suffered a week, parents come to the conclusion that it is time to buy a highchair.highchair antilop IKEA

Highchair ANTILOP

Among the many highchairs on the market, highchair IKEA emit unusual design and distinctive appearance. Smooth plastic seat on high thin legs - that's the whole chair. There are two options: with counter and without it.

In the first case, the chair is equipped with a worktop and seat belts. The second option is cheaper. High chair is sold without countertops. It in case of need can be purchased separately. On request it can be supplied with a special support pillow and cover "PUTTY". According to parents, the kids love the chair "IKEA". Photos with its images presented in this article.IKEA highchair

Comments about ANTILOP

Despite a rather ascetic appearance, chair IKEA reviews is the most enthusiastic. The fact that the child is sitting in it really comfortable. This is despite the fact that he is absolutely hard, there is no stand for the legs. However, it is really not needed.

It rarely happens that footrest for your child fit. Usually it is located either too low and reach it. Or, conversely, stand too high, and the knees of the child rests on the countertop.

A Chair mounted on long thin legs. They are somewhat similar to the thin legs of an antelope. Hence the name – ANTILOP. Disassembled very compact. Assembly takes only a few minutes. You just need to insert the legs into the grooves and fasten it jumped in the hole with pins. Then attach the table top. All. The chair is ready to use.

According to parents, the creation of the company "IKEA" – high chairs for feeding - different absolute stability. A child sitting in the chair can spin all you want, be bent in different directions and never fall out. The resistance gives somewhat unusual legs. As if they are placed in different directions. On the ends of the legs fastened plastic tips. So you can easily move the chair without the risk of spoiling the floor.

Advantages of high chair ANTILOP

It is easy to wash. The smooth cast surface of the countertop has cracks, which could be leftover food. The tabletop, by the way, you can not use. Chicco high chair. So you can just move it to the table and put it on a plate of food. The usability of tabletops is that a child sitting in his high chair at the table, is not able to reach the adults meals.

The Low price is another reason why parents go to the store to buy IKEA - chair. The cost of a chair is 3-4 times lower than cost of similar models from other manufacturers. And it with excellent quality! It is also convenient that the chair can be purchased without the countertop. So it will cost very cheap. If the operation turns out that the countertop is still needed, it can be purchased separately.

Despite the relatively compact dimensions, the child to sit in the chair quite comfortable. To get out of it the baby will not work. So the risk to fall no. In addition, to use the high chair can years to three. However, in the opinion of some parents, a high chair was placed and four children who wanted to sit in the chair a little brother or sister. Products IKEA - highchair ANTILOP - is durable and able to withstand heavy loads.

Universal assistant

Due to the simple design and light weight high chair is a great acquisition to the country. It is also convenient to road travel. Traveling with a small child often is complicated by the fact that the baby, accustomed to its home high chair, refuses to eat in other places. Taking with him in a cafe highchair "Antelope" ("IKEA"), you will be able to feed there child. In addition, it fits easily in the trunk of the car. The development of the "IKEA" - highchair ANTILOP - offers the convenience and versatility. If you want you can even take camping, hanging on the backpack.chair IKEA reviews is very good

Thus, the chair "IKEA" ("Antelope") can be considered a very profitable acquisition. It combines comfort, convenience, safety, low cost and, moreover, very popular with the children.

Highchair LEOPARD

In addition to the above models ANTILOP on sale is another creation of the company "IKEA" ─ highchair "Leopard", which reviews are very mixed. It is a solid product. There are seat belts and removable table top. Has a fairly compact size. The height is sufficient to move the high chair to the big table. Thus, the child has the opportunity to eat together with other family members.

IKEA highchair leopard reviews ambiguous

Advantages of high chair LEOPARD

The advantages of chair is the fact that it is very easy to clean. If necessary, you can just put in the bath and wash under the shower entirely. The appearance of the chair is also quite attractive. Have white and black options. And black with a red seat. Product IKEA - chair - LEOPARD would look good in any setting.

IKEA baby high chairs

The Chair is very stable and is completely safe for the baby. Since the product is completely monolithic, there is nothing to Unscrew, tear or chew off. The top fastens securely. Not bent or wobbly. There's a handy stand for the legs.

Disadvantages of the LEOPARD high chair

chair IKEA photo

The disadvantages of the high chair include a fairly compact size. According to parents, a two year old average built into the chair has closely. And this despite the fact that the manufacturer is positioning the product as intended for children three to four years. In addition, the price of the model LEOPARD is quite high.

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