Ornamental flowering shrubs. The most popular types


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When making the infield will be an indispensable decorative flowering shrubs. Today the range of plants of different species is quite wide, the main thing-do not get confused by the abundance of and choose. What you need to pay attention to? First, the fact that the Bush did not require special growth conditions or specific care. Second, to ensure that it is fit for your climate zone (also note the site location and soil type). Thirdly, of course, pay attention to decorative effect – the longer the wristwatch flowering ornamental shrubs, the better.

decorative flowering shrubs

Now let's talk about the types of plants. Even though the most common and popular ornamental flowering shrubs to list quite a long time. But some of them still need to be mentioned. This hydrangea, spirea, lilac, rhododendron, rosemary, honeysuckle, elderberry, wild rose, acacia, willow, and many others. Modern trends in garden design can create a very interesting composition, in which the use of flowering ornamental shrubs, perennial flowers and large stones. Usually pick plants with different shape of crowns, foliage color and flowering periods. This gives you the opportunity to make the most of the long period over which such names of ornamental shrubsCompositions look bright and attract attention.

Names of ornamental shrubs and their brief characteristics

Very nice different varieties bereskleta. They bloom in late spring - early summer, have a beautiful openwork crown, and with the beginning of autumn are transformed to glow in different colors from lemon yellow to wine red-purplish. Popular ornamental flowering shrubs like hawthorns. They look great in the spring during flowering, and then in the late summer, when ripe colorful fruits, and (the final chord) in the autumn – their foliage turns a variety of bright colors.

The decorative, perhaps, is evergreen shrubs. Agree, very attention grabbing greens, peeking from under the snow. Cameo all year encouraged bright green glossy leaves, but it is especially attractive during flowering: its flowers resemble roses. To grow outdoors in regions with moderately severe winters. For areas not characterized by mild winters, you can put the cameo in large pots and in the winter entered the room. Even some evergreens-junipers. Their feature – needle-like or scaly needles. These trees and shrubs are very beautiful in single and group plantings, in addition, many have a pleasant fragrance. Very interesting to look at their fruit: small blue-purple berries stand out against a green or bluish needles.

flowering ornamental shrubs

Not to mention such ornamental flowering shrubs like rhododendrons. The brightness of color and the variety of colors they can compete even with the Queen of flowers-rose. They add attractiveness and a bright green smooth as glazed tiles. Popular for many years different types of lilacs and spirea. Their species diversity makes it possible to choose plants for each area and region.

A Very distinguished early ornamental flowering shrubs. On the background of General greyness and only the awakening of nature attract the bright yellow flowers of forsythia. These shrubs are pleasing to bloom for 20-25 days. Often used in planting different varieties of barberry, mock orange and Japanese quince (Japan quince), a popular dog-roses, roses and willow. The list could go on and on, but to choose then it will be even more difficult.

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