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All gardeners and gardeners try to decorate their land, that was a pleasure to spend time there. A considerable role played by various in form, color, material and decorative fences for the garden. The first thing you see everyone who comes into your home. Fences to front gardens should be expressive and different from the neighborhood. Will see what they are, and you will be able to choose the appropriate option for your site.fence for front garden

Wood fences

This is the most common version of fencing of front gardens. They can be so diverse that easily and seamlessly fit into any design, on any area of the garden. The most familiar is the wooden fence to front garden consisting of vertical slats. Fence with wide horizontal boards suited to the rustic style, like the shape of the intersecting elements. For the manufacture of such fence use birch, bamboo, willow, walnut. Self-install wooden fences for the front garden is not that difficult. They are easy to install with long sharpened poles.


If you want your fence to front garden served for many years, you must treat the wood to protect from moisture, rot and mold. The most common ways of such protection is coating them with drying oil, primer or special impregnation. More sustainable effect gives the epoxy, but it is necessary to cover water-repellent oil-based paint, since the resin does not tolerate UV radiation.

With proper care, wooden fences for the front garden will serve you for years to come.fences for front yard photo

Metal fence

This is a very beautiful fence. If your site is already wrought-iron exterior elements, such a fence in the front garden would be appropriate. Such a fence combined with brick or stone looks quite respectable. Its only drawback-a rather high cost.

The wire-netting

The Most inexpensive fence for your garden metal – from the grid-rabitsy. It is affordable, easy to install. For long preservation of original appearance of fencing take care to protect the metal from corrosion. For this approach the primer, gloss paint or chrome plating.

To the front garden to install such a fence is very simple – at an equal distance kopite in the ground metal or wooden posts, and between them pull the nets. Lately, especially for suburban areas produce colored netting. From its use your garden will benefit.fence for front garden with their hands

Such a fence is good for the fact that plants planted along it, beginning to curl, thus turning the grid into an element of decor. In addition, such fence does not interfere with the sun rays, and the plants receive light and heat in the right amount. Hedge is one of the most original ways of fencing. The grid can grow ivy, sweet peas, honeysuckle, clematis. In addition, hedges may be rose bushes, boxwood, sedlabanki etc. Such fences for the front garden (the photo you see in this article). The fact is that due to improper selection of plants such fence may die. For example, santabanta loves the sun, and boxwood - shadow. To hedges well grown and properly developed, it needs to be regularly cut, watered, fertilized.

Artificial fence

Plastic fences that mimic natural shrubs such as boxwood or other plants, have become very common in recent years. Such fence “bloom” all year round. It is not necessary to fertilize, to water. I'm sure many will ask who needs such fences? Why go into nature to admire the artificial plants? The answer is simple: a fence for front garden-ideal for Allergy sufferers. For example, the person loves roses but smell them he starts having an Allergy attack. In this case, the solution may be artificial shrubs. They differ in splendor, easy to install, easy to install in the ground, quite safe and not flammable.wooden fences for the front garden

Mesh PVC

Today, a large spread of polyvinylchloride mesh. Fences of her was appreciated by many gardeners and horticulturists. They are popular not only because of the attractive appearance. They are durable. Mesh is made from polyethylene and polypropylene. To install such a fence is quite simple.Columns to make it from a shaped tube. The section of fence attached to the posts by hooks or tear-off nuts.

Wicker fence for garden

Many gardeners and horticulturists interested in the question of how to make a fence for the front garden with his own hands without any cost. There is a way. For this you will need a cane, the vine, the branches of willow or hazel. Fit branches, and other trees. Install pegs on a distance of one meter from each other. For this fit the dry branches with a thickness of 30 to 50 mm. Stakes hammered into the ground to a depth of 300 mm along the markings. Start “weave” the fence with the bottom row, setting the stage for branch with the snake on opposite sides of the supports of the fence. Subsequent series are weaved the same way. For the strength cord thread wire on columns. To increase the service life of such a fence should be covered with antiseptic.decorative fences


Original and stylish look of the fence of stone. They are called perdoname. They come in different heights. For gardens and flower beds more suited to a mini-pergoly. Such a fence is a galvanized lattice boxes with various fillings – from natural stones, colorful glasses. They can be combined to create original patterns and designs.

Fences made of PVC

In recent years become particularly popular beautiful durable plastic fencing. They are made in different versions. It can be light and elegant fence for fence or impenetrable six-foot fences.

The advantages of plastic fence

The Undisputed advantage is their durability, frost resistance, strength, visual appeal. These fences are resistant to chemical and mechanical influences. When strength test to break the fence of PVC is superior to analog from a tree. He does not let electric current and practically does not burn. Plastic does not rot, corrosion. It will not harm rodents, mold, and fungus. Plastic does not need special care. Such fences do not need painting. After the rain it just wipe with a damp cloth so it shone like new. What sort of enclosure would be best? There is now a huge range of building materials complicates the selection process. So to finally make the decision after you decide which fences to front garden will be combined with the style of the main buildings on the site with their color scheme. If you make the fence only for beauty, be creative in your pleasure. If the fence is done to protect the plants, it is better to build from a more solid and sturdy materials.plastic fences

A Beautiful front garden – the pride of the owner of the cottage. It would be desirable to show to friends and acquaintances. A significant role in the design plays directly to the fence. It will help protect beautiful plants from the invasion of Pets, pranks of young children.

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