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Why not just come up with different people to arrange the room. Even in large cities the man wants once in a while to take in the healing steam and relax. But much nicer if steam – private. And you can use it at any time convenient for you.

Apparently, so anyone who bought a plot of land after building a house immediately think about how to build a steam room. But what if the site is small? In this case, you can use this surprisingly simple but very useful invention, as a barrel, which testify to the convenience, beauty and economy of this device.the Bath barrel with your hands


In recent years, many specialized companies, in addition to the construction standard baths, also offer and manufacturer the bath barrel, carried out at the cooperage technology. This means that, possessing all the qualities of the model, this steam room is constructed in a very original principle. All the bath room, built like the most common barrels for bath procedures, although it looks as the household equivalent, surrounded with the extremity of the metal hoops. This is done for strength and reliability.

Hot tub, photos of which demonstrate its similarity to the ancestor, differs from it only in size. It warmed up just twenty or thirty minutes using conventional firewood or briquettes. Some models are working on other types of energy. In the floor are technological ventilated holes provided for water drainage.


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hot tub photoIn many Nations for quite a long time there are analogs of this device. Most often in the literature referred to the Japanese bath barrel, owner reviews which are mostly positive. This option is especially suitable for those who prefer a steam bath of small volume, as well as constant exposure to water and the presence of bubbles. However, the Japanese bath barrel, which many of us have seen only in the movies is not a good solution for giving: in bad weather it cannot be used.

If our country this design is considered to be know-how, it is absolutely customary for Finland and other Scandinavian countries. In fact, this small log cabin of the original shape, built of coniferous wood, inside of which is installed the furnace for a bath. Barrel bath, as a rule, are equipped with steam generator.

This Finnish design is very simple going. It is not necessary neither the Foundation nor the long process of erection of walls. Just three hours you are ready to install the barrel on the wooden beams to make it to the drain and to bring electricity. However, in our country while actively caught some other variation of this original washing.

Russian sauna

the Bath barrel ovalOval design, which we often see in suburban areas, – this is our domestic version of such an original steam room. They say that the Russian love of a good structure. No exception and our country has received in popularity, massive compared to Finnish or Japanese version, hot tub. Drawings of these structures provide all of the functionals, which is in a normal steam room: no dressing room, shower, oven, shelves, doors and Windows.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Main advantages of barrel baths are:

  • Mobility – they can roll or move on the car in another place;
  • The speed of warming – 20 minutes, average;
  • Compact & ndash; often a bath tub, drawings which testify to its small size, takes no more than 10 square meters;
  • Original design.

True, it is a miracle of architecture in the construction market lot: 200 thousand rubles. That's why many are trying to build a steam room, a barrel with their hands. The more that to build it is much easier than, for example, the design of cinder block. And will cope with this task even a person far from the tub blueprints


Construction of capital bath - fun is not cheap, and on terms it long enough. Hot tub with their hands – a budget option for small steam rooms. This design can be done yourself in just a few days. Any need for exterior finish disappears if you create a steam, like a hot tub. Photos show that she had initially has an attractive and unusual appearance. Hot tub itself is so unique and stylish that requires no jewelry or additional decoration.

Selection of materials

An Important step in the construction process is the choice of quality raw materials. Hot tub – with their hands whether it is made or with the help of professional carpenters – is built of well dried and correctly sawn wood processing machines, special blanks - boards in the thickness of 45 and a width of 90 millimeters. It is important that wood there was a connection of tongue-and-groove: when a single part is a special recess milled recess, which is closed comb left on the following details. Itthis design and allows for multiple Assembly-disassembly of barrel steam room. In addition, this method is possible to obtain the maximum stationary durability and reliability combined with durability and longevity.

hot tub owners reviews

Once the master, who undertook to build such a structure, a barrel, your hands, need some steel hoops. The latter will additionally fix a circular design around the perimeter. All these and many other special materials for this sauna is offered by the manufacturers working in the field of similar goods and services.


Depending on the height of the design on a prepared flat ground from a bar going shields for future walls. Wood material need to fit possible more densely. Then the shield must lock screed.

The Number of boards, as well as the final weight obtained of steam depend on the volume of future construction. Usually this sauna oval or round. Their length varies from 2.5 to 5 meters. In addition, they can be supplemented by the addition or a porch, canopy or terrace and so on.

Draught steam is being built as a simple fundamental design. Defining the approximate center of the shield, on its outer surface need to draw a circle of the required diameter, which will correspond to the height of our round or oval bathhouse. The excess ends of lumber material cut with a chain saw. While on the face side surface of the obtained disk it is impossible to prevent chipping and irregularities.

Manufacturer of sauna

Floor and drainage system

He who was interested in the question of how to make a bath, a barrel, knows that it is structured in a special way. In particular, it concerns a floor construction which should be placed at an angle, so it was most convenient for the natural flow. While the bath is provided with special holes in the bottom through which wastewater flows directly into the ground. Of course, if desired and able, it is possible to arrange plums in a centralized or local Sewerage system drainage.

In addition, in a mobile steam room needs to be organized good area for bathing, where you can take a shower, cooling the body after the high temperatures generated by the stove and the steam generator. It also connects to a local or centralised water supply system.

Internal structure

As in any bath, in a barrel must also be installed lighting devices, if desired, the furnace and other equipment and apparatus. Therefore, after the completion of construction, which was carried out independently, should invite a qualified electrician for wiring. To this end, in the process of building the sauna in its roof and walls need to write special openings and holes. In addition, following safety precautions, you need to carefully insulate the electric wires that will be in a humid hot environment.

Inside, as in a stationary bath to increase the comfort you need to install wooden benches and shelves. They also need to cover harmless antiseptic composition, which increases the service life and enabling you to preserve the attractive appearance. When choosing a wood stove owner will need to additionally equip the chimney and vents.

How to make bath barrelCare

Wood building material in itself creates the optimum conditions inside the steam room, and outside it only needs to cover the fire-and water-repellent compositions. Care bath-keg in the summer months is a good full ventilation of the internal space after each procedure. To do this, for a long time to open wide the doors with Windows. In the cold period of the year should take care of quality and efficient work of the ventilation system.

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